02 October, 2012

This Quilt Book Is A Must Have

Bright & Bold Cozy Modern Quilts

Lucky you if you have this book already.  I just discovered it today at work when I unpacked it.  I did manage a minute to look through it too which was impressive in a crazy day...  It really is good though.  I couldn't believe the simplicity in some of the designs.  I have a couple of ranges of fabric that I am looking for the perfect pattern for.  

But is there a perfect pattern?  It is what you make it isn't it?  Some people can see a quilt in chosen fabrics so easily.  Others can only see it in the colours that are presented to them in the pattern.  I think that would be difficult to not be able to see past what is in front of you.  I am amazed at customers sometimes when they need what is there in the book or even on display with samples we have in the shop of different things.  It becomes a problem too when all those craft magazines out these days keep turning up with a customer & they want the fabric that is in the magazine so they can recreate that quilt exactly.  Unfortunately it usually turns out that the magazine is a few years old.  That means the likelihood of finding said fabric is really slim.  I think we can be a bit behind the times where fabric is concerned in these parts but it is funny as the customers are even further behind it seems.  

In any case, I think I have found the perfect book with a couple of patterns that I can certainly envisage for some funky orange, pink & white fabric that I have.  The patterns are really easy to follow with great cutting guides, block assembly & quilt top assembly.  In fact it was so easy that the patterns usually only were on 2 pages!  & that was with good pictures in it too!  Well, this is definitely one for my wishlist.  Do you have this book?  Which one have you made from it?  

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