14 October, 2012

A New Project!

Uh Oh!  I have busy looking around all the blogs from WIP Wednesday &  I found the Hello Sun Quilt along! Ok, I am a bit late in the quilt along bit but it's still possible to make it even with out along-ing!  It's really quite cute & a bit different. 

I've already pulled out some scraps & started cutting & sewing strips.  

It's been a bit of a mixed day of crafting again.  I had lunch out with my Ravelry group of locals.  Lovely lunch again.  Did a bit of crochet while out.  I was intending to knit.  I started a cardigan yesterday.  Cast on what felt like fifty billion stitches.  Started row one of the lace edge of the cardi.  Got part way through row 2 & my needle snapped.  My lovely little knit pro needle tip!  So the stitches started falling off at the broken spot.  I didn't even have any straight needles to use in the size to try to save it.  But it was a lost cause.  With all the yarn overs & 2tog's I had no hope.  So undo it all!  Oh well, it's not meant to be yet!  


Bron said...

Eeek that would have been enough for me to throw in the project too... xxx

Sally said...

Oh NO! Your needle just snapped like that. Naughty needle.
Loving this sunshiney quilt - loving yellow - this is going to be awesome!!!

Marion McClellan said...

How fun that you found April's Hello Sun. April is a dear friend of mine and that bom is SO darn cute! :) Your blocks are beautiful!!! :) You have inspired me to get caught up with mine :)