25 October, 2012

Looking Very Red Today

I had no intention of doing the advent calendar today, but I had to pick something from the pile while the big boy had a turn on the computer.  (there really are some good games for kids online!  & some not so good!)   I didn't actually feel like sewing hats!  Now there is a surprise.  So as this was on the machine table I decided to start putting pockets on.  Done!  Then I decided that although I didn't have my big quilting table out with the machine on the dining table, I would try to quilt it on the small space that is my Horn sewing cabinet.  Luckily this isn't all that big so it turned out to be quite manageable.  It's quilted & pocketed!  Woohoo!  The binding is ready to be pressed into folds & sewn on.  (After which comes that lovely job of hand stitching the binding on the other side... always something to dread, though at least it isn't big so I should get it done pretty quickly - but one step at a time...)

It seems everyone likes hats!   I have to make 8!  Yes, 8!  I had the boys out in their dinosaur hats yesterday.  Someone wants a dino one like it.  OK, if I can get more dino fabric.  Yes I can... so that makes 8.  These red shark ones there are 4 of all the same.  I didn't quite have enough for 3 of the brims though!  Darn that.  So I will just grab some plain blue tomorrow I think to do the brims all the same.  Will keep them a bit more interesting to have something under there a bit different.  I hope so anyway!  So that's all good.  Plus 3 ordered for Christmas gifts.  Who would have thought huh, when I started that one hat only 3 weeks ago or so that I would end up making about 20!  lol  

I have decided today though that I really need the insert for the top of the cabinet.  Would have been quite useful today.  Must measure up & put in an order I think.  

Don't forget about Blogtoberfest!  It's nearly done!  & I am still hanging in there!  Phew!   

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