26 October, 2012

My Baby Brother

This is him.  Christopher.  

He's 40 today!  

Thank goodness he doesn't fit in that green vest or hat anymore!  (actually it's a wonder he fit in that vest then!  He was a fatty that one!)  

Here I am with Chris being totally gorgeous at the caravan park where we went camping every summer!  (all the way on the other side of town where we lived!  )  

This isn't a good look but it is supposedly cute to see little kids drinking beer & stuff.  This is probably the moment that put him off beer forever as he doesn't drink it anymore!  Check out the antique high chair!  This would be so far from Australian Standards now!  lol   Look how red his arms are!  Uh oh!  No sunscreen in sight in those days!  

We have a few memorable moments!  

We had our own Kiss fan club for a while!  Yes, Kiss the music group!  Our fan club ran for a while, yes.  Maybe a whole afternoon!  We made badges & all you know.  On a piece of paper with a safety pin on the back.  

We used to hang out most of the school holidays at our grandparents place.  We played schools on the stairs a lot!  They were really cool stairs for sitting on & playing stuff!  

He has to thank me for reaching this milestone you know!  Apparently I saved him from drowning in the bath!  The story goes that I was screaming & screaming & holding him by his foot.  I think his face was in the water but well, the screaming obviously brought a parent into the bathroom in a hurry so he was saved! 

Here he is now!  This was actually his birthday last year.  (with the cake & candle for the sake of BJ!)  We won't see him until next week for his birthday when he gets back here.  In the meantime, have a Happy Birthday today Chris,  even if you are stuck at work in the back of nowhere!  


Bron said...

Oh my I am sure he will be thanking you for sharing all those pics with the world...especially the first one. xx
PS We grew up in the same era..I have photos of a similar high chair just not drinking the beer.

Miss Prudence said...

Those pics are priceless! Love the pearler with the beer - your mum must try and hide that one! We have one of me swigging on a cinzano bottle as a toddler - I bet I didn't have sunscreen on either!