29 June, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • The safe arrival of my new nephew!  
  • A very happy & excited new mum & dad already thriving on parenthood.
  • A bit more extra work.
  • Busy days at work.
  • More eggs from my chickens.
  • Fun party planning.

27 June, 2017

Secret Party Business

Some bias tape making.  

Bias tape turned into lanyards, thanks to hunting down plastic card holders.  I didn't want to have to fork out more for the ready made lanyards or belt clips which weren't cheap.  At least not for a kids party...  lol  So well, after looking at options I just sewed the lanyard to the card holder.  Done.

I was really excited to find this website with Pokemon Trainer Cards.   Personalised & printed & glued to a thick card makes a really fun treat for the kids I think.  I hope DJ loves them.  He hasn't seen these yet.  I have to try to keep something as a surprise I think.  

26 June, 2017

Work Knitting!

I realised I didn't post this last week.

I had been knitting this for the previous 2 weeks for at work.  This is a "kit" consisting of 6 25g balls of yarns graded in colour & a pattern for a simple shawl.

Hopefully now that it's hanging at work it might help sell some of the yarn packs.  They are pretty.  Not many people here wear shawls like it though which is a shame.

Guess we have to lead the way!

25 June, 2017

Lolly Free Bags!

Let's get the party started!

Or at least the party bags!  Got to love ebay!

  • Pokeball stress ball.  
  • Pikachu keyring.
  • Pencil.
  • 2 packs stickers.
  • Some mini figures.  
Ok, that's not bad really!  Lots of crappy bits that aren't totally useless.  Not the sort of thing that will be broken & binned in an hour.  Mostly useful & fun.  

Not a lolly in sight!  Yay!  The kids will all be devastated.  Mind you, DJ hasn't complained about no lollies in there.  

Taking Stock - June

Making :  party things
Cooking :  as little as possible.  But eggs.  Need some new egg dish ideas. 
Drinking :  not enough water, too much coffee.  Apple cider vinegar at night with honey.
Reading:  Major Pettigrew's Last Stand.
Trawling: ideas for a Pokemon party.
Wanting: lolly free party bags.
Looking:  at ideas for things to go in a party bag.
Deciding:  who to invite!
Wishing: that yes, we could invite the whole class!  
Enjoying:  my little chicken flock.
Waiting:  to win Lotto...  
Liking:  my new yarn pattern.
Wondering: how all those people in London are coping with the wait to find & identify their loved ones. 
Loving:  that we have passed the shortest day!  lol
Pondering: the minds of those that choose to become a terrorist/suicide bomber.  It's unfathomable.
Listening:  to the boys fight!!!  
Considering:  birthday ideas...  
Buying:  birthday presents hopefully.
Watching:  War on Waste - ABC.  New Tricks.
Hoping:  the boys grow up to be good friends of each other.
Marvelling: at going to Spotlight & only buying the one thing I went for!  hahaha
Cringing: at the cold
Needing:  not as much as some people do so I won't & shouldn't complain.
Wearing: lots of hand knits.  
Knowing: the fights are coming over the Ipad usage.
Getting: a bit more work for a few weeks.
Disliking: birthday balloons.
Feeling: clever, having treated a chook so far successfully all by myself!  Go ME!
Celebrating: BJ's birthday
Embracing: celebrating birthday's at a museum!  

24 June, 2017

Party Prep

The almost 6 year old has had a Pokemon party in mind for some time now.  Lucky I had some warning as I have been able to source some cool Pokemon things in time.

First things first though & that is the party bag to put them in.  I didn't have enough fabric so had to make a quite trip to Spotty for more.  Lucky there was some waiting for me.  I took all of what was left.  (impressed too as I only bought that while there!  Nothing else!  Not even a pin! )

Party bags are "The" thing!  I think that's all the kids wait for.   They could be disappointed with these then.

I may need to do a couple more.  Depending on the RSVP situation.  There is still a day to go.   So I am waiting on hearing from 3 more.  If it was me & I wasn't going to a party I would advise them of such things.  But I think these days if they aren't going they think they don't have to bother.  Mind you, we have had it also in the past where they haven't said either way & turned up too.  So I may need to have one on hand all the same.  Darn it.  It's tricky though when manners are a thing of the past.

22 June, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • Gifts of handed down clothing for the boys.
  • More extra work.
  • Good work days.
  • Nice customers.  
  • A boy that is willing to have extra help from mum & dad to learn more stuff.

15 June, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • A 9 year old boy.
  • A compromise on a "party" that was a success.
  • Lots of interesting history to see that made the "party" perfect.
  • Extra hours at work.
  • Good work days.

12 June, 2017

New Neighbour

This little guy is hanging on our roof.  Just outside our back door these days.  Wasn't bothered by us underneath.  Only a little one!

11 June, 2017

Birthday Party-ish

BJ's birthday party wasn't your average kids party.  He didn't want one.  

So having told us that a few weeks ago we came up with some other ideas on what we could do together instead.  

He chose the Queen Victoria Museum.  It was going to be a big day anyway, so it turned out OK that we didn't do it on his actual birthday in the end with him under the weather still then.  He wouldn't have enjoyed it at all.  

So today we had a road trip & quite a few hours at the museum.  

We had done a bit of research on what was being shown at the moment.  He was really keen to see the World War 1 display & also the ship that sunk.  Mostly he was interested in "The Blacksmith Shop".   Lucky for us, being there on a Sunday, we got the tour of the blacksmith shop which was good.  He was really pleased about that.  

A great time there & then lunch at a place in the area that he also loves so that was the makings of a great birthday!  

Oh & I must not forget the party bags which was actually a few things we picked at the Museum shop, so both BJ & DJ got to enjoy those bonuses.  

10 June, 2017

He's 9

What turned out to be a quieter than expected day...

He hadn't been well & was still a bit weary from his cold, so we chose to stay home today instead.  He didn't mind.  He of course had new presents to play with.  Even a present from the dog & another from the chooks.  See if you can guess which ones they were!

He was quite spoilt of course.

He chose pizza for tea which included his grandparents that were available.  A great day even if not feeling 100%.

07 June, 2017


I'm excited to finally be finished this pretty socks!  

I did have to play "yarn chicken" to finish them though!  Ekkk...  It was rather close.  I only had the 2 heels to go.  I had 13 grams of yarn left.  Was it going to be enough?  


Yay!  I still had the little bit of 3 grams left.  

Quite pleased with my first attempt at cable patterned socks.  They weren't hard at all.  & quite effective.  

Socks # 8 - 2017

05 June, 2017

Little Bit Of Play

I've been around about!  Just been knitting stuff.  Lots of stuff.  

But I did squeeze in a couple more pillows today.  My little neighbour girls have birthdays coming up, so I saved myself time & did them both at the same time.  Not quite what I had in mind but they look pretty & cute for little ones as they are.  

Pillow Presents 9 & 10