09 May, 2011

A Quilt in a Week

I have been working away on this quilt in little spurts over the past week. It is another panel that I can cheat fairly quickly with. It would have easily been done in a day but I didn't have the chance to sit for all that time in a day to do it completely. So it was a bit a day really. The fabrics are from Benartex called Baby Geniuses Speak Up. Click on that link to take you to another place that has it so see the fabrics & panel more clearly. I got it at work of course & the quilt will go there tomorrow for a while. It's a pretty fun panel as it is a sounds quilt. Like "What sound does a phone make?" or "What does the clock say?". Good fun plus it is bright colours which young children like to look at. So there you go. I have been doing stuff, just not much on the computer which makes a nice change. Knitting & crochet are cruising along right now with the cold & frosty days we are having. Not much better than sitting under a big blanket you can work on at the same time.