30 June, 2013

Showing Off

Excuse the face on it!  But I thought I had shown this jumper off already but seems I haven't.  I actually finished it a couple of weeks ago.  It's another Greyson like the one I did for DJ recently.  I loved it so much I had to do another.  This time I used Sirdar Smiley Stripes though.  It's a bamboo/wool combo & feels so nice.  I did think though while knitting that it was going to look horrible on it's own so hunted down some plain blue to match.  Not an easy feat, but managed to find Sirdar do a plain bamboo/wool & got hold of some in the hope the blue would blend.  It did!  Well I thought so anyway, & really set off the jumper.  BJ wanted green but he's not really a green boy so the blue was better & he was happy enough with it.  

It didn't take long either.  For me anyway!  lol  Working around the cuffs while I waited for the blue I didn't get held up too much so that was good.  

29 June, 2013


What's with that subject heading I hear you ask?  Well everyone else uses silly things like that!  So I will too...  Only mine is End of Financial Year Finishes!  Yay!  

Well it is the end of the financial year as the silly adverts keep telling us here with their EOFY sales etc etc...  

I figured I might show you what I have been up to to finish stuff!  Actually I have had a productive couple of weeks I guess.  I have been knitting mostly!  It's fun.  I am hugely inspired by Ravelry at the moment.  Are you on there?  Look me up won't you.  I'm Fell4u on there too!  

I am also hugely sucked in to the yarn at work.  It's yarn season.  I am addicted to using it right now.  Addicted to helping people buy it & happy to see when they come back in to show me their finishes!  

Last year... yep, last year, I started my cardigan.  Yes it's a cardi I suppose.  But it's OK.  You can buy young folk cardis in shops so anyway, I really liked this one enough to want to make it for myself.  I started it last year & pretty much finished it then except for the sewing it together bit.  It's been sitting about taunting me from behind other stuff when I go to do other little things.  I stopped thinking about it & just got in last weekend & did it though.  Joined it, picked up a billion stitches & did the front bands, found 5 buttons in my stash of buttons that all matched & worked.  Yay for that!  I only needed 4 on it really, but I thought I was being a bit clever & I stuck the fifth one on the seam inside.  I sewed it on.  I didn't put it in a little plastic bag like the shops do.  And now if I lose one I know where to find a spare don't I?  I thought that was smart thinking.  It makes more sense than leaving the last lonely one in the button jar (1 of 5 jars at that!) to look through in the case of needing the replacement!

Well I finished it.  Soaked it.  Took a few days to dry out & I even wore it yesterday to work.  It's OK.  A good thing I left it as long as I did probably as I will wear it now.  I feel quite clever.  It's not perfect by any means, but I made it.  I am quite pleased with that rotten little lace edge.  Don't ever knit an edge like that on bamboo needles!  You will be sure to break them.  lol  They didn't like the backwards work required to get the edge as cute as it is.  

Anyway, that's one.  Might show a few more things tomorrow.  This is the main finish at least.  Now it's out of my way I can sit & start something else for me without much guilt.  

11 June, 2013

Little Bit More Lego Party

Well with the Lego party we needed a Lego cake of course.  I think we cheated a little lot but BJ really loved it.  I had made a whole bunch of Lego brick chocolates over a period of a couple of weeks prior.  I could only do so much in one hit & with a few different colours had to do them in batches.  Plus you will notice I didn't make the bricks the full Lego bright colour.  I just can't bring myself to keep adding more food colouring!  I can't do it!  So for the icing on the rest of the cake, chocolate seemed like a great solution too.  Phew...  food colouring overload averted!  I got the moulds for the bricks on ebay.  Also the Lego minifigure man mould.  I found them at at great price as they are over priced at most places.  

We really do like our "Robber Lego".  Here they are trying to steal the gold.  

& of course the jack hammers are finding the bricks!  lol  
The kids were excited about taking the bricks to eat.  I think they ate them more so than cake.  I know kids never eat cake at parties!  lol  

The party bags.  These were fun.  When I do party bags I prefer not to put lollies in usually.  But this time I had a bunch of Lego men & bricks in chocolate left that I didn't end up putting on the cake.  So each bag had a couple in it.  

Also I had stickers.  I got some A4 sticker pages from an office supply shop.  The Lego website has fabulous stickers available for printing up there.  So the kids got a sheets worth of Firemen or Police stickers.   That was a good job for Stuart to cut them out of an evening.  He was chief cutter-outterer.  lol  

The little packet leaning against the yellow bag is a stationery pack.  I picked these up months ago.  The original packaging didn't fit in the bags so I repacked them to fit.  The bags themselves were from Spotlight.  I used a couple of bags out of the packs to make the dots.  In comes "Chief Cutter-outterer".  Some double sided foam tape to boost the height of the dots on the blocks.  I printed out the little tags from the lego site to write the thank you message from BJ.  I only ended up with 2 colours of bags as they were big packs & I didn't need that many bags!  Would have loved some red & green ones too though.  

The masks were also from the Lego site.  They have some cool fun stuff there.  

The Lego heads that I stuck on the straws were from here.  They have other cool stuff available too but I didn't use any thing else from there.  

Well I did enjoyed that fun.  Party planning over for that one at least.  The next one at least is easy for another year or 2.  Party in a few weeks that will be pretty quiet for the to be 2 year old.  He will like some attention & having a turn at what his big brother did already!  

10 June, 2013

Lego Day

Well the day has come & is almost gone.  It's been quite a lead up to a Lego party!  I guess I have been preparing for at least 3 months!  Yeah, I like it.  It's fun making stuff .  The more I can do the better as far as I am concerned.

This morning we had to wait for the littlest one to wake up which was quite a chore for the new 5 year old!  But it was worth the wait I think.  

We gave him a big Lego amongst other things.  Never is he going to save up enough to get one like it.  lol

I had all sorts of things that I discovered through Pinterest & elsewhere.  I made the kids all masks so we got almost a whole group shot of the boys in them.  Looks pretty funny.  

We had a balloon board.  The balloons had legos in them & some lollies too.  They each took turns to pop a balloon & got the stuff that fell out of it.  Kind of a cheating pinata I guess, but it made it nice & fair so they all got a turn & all got pretty much the same sort of stuff to take home.  I had bought a mixed box of Lego blocks in a sale a few months back & only used a few from that.  The boys will score the rest eventually I suppose.  But a nice party treat for the kids too I think.  

He got the most awesome storage box!  His Grandad made it for him on a whim I believe!  I think it was only started within the last week!   It's awesome & to scale I believe!  (I did advise them that another would be necessary before too long for the little one who is into Lego almost as much as BJ is!)  So there you go, an awesome storage box for his Lego!

I recently made a bunch of bunting too.  This was fun.  You know, printable fabric, applique & voila!  Bunting.  This here is the short one.  I did 2 with 2 different sets of figures.  This is the Lego City workers.  The other one is a range of minifigures.  

Fruit boxes decorated with coloured paper, & circle dots raised!  Straws with Lego Men heads on them.  & Lego Men heads as table confetti.  lol  

 Lego block party bags too.  

Ok, I will pop back in with some more details on some of the bits...  Like the insides of the party bags!  Oh & the cake...  lol  

03 June, 2013

Can You Believe It's Winter

We had a great little school excursion the other week.  I got to hang out with the big boy & his friends.  

The little guy wasn't so thrilled obviously!  His body language says so much these days.  He is trying desperately to talk.  Slowly but surely...

I have been doing a spot of stuff in between.  My new colours for the squares are here.  Included in this will be black.  Mostly for the joining.  Not sure though about the colours yet.  Still haven't grabbed me as much as the last blanket did.  Oh well, I have to just go with it.