11 June, 2013

Little Bit More Lego Party

Well with the Lego party we needed a Lego cake of course.  I think we cheated a little lot but BJ really loved it.  I had made a whole bunch of Lego brick chocolates over a period of a couple of weeks prior.  I could only do so much in one hit & with a few different colours had to do them in batches.  Plus you will notice I didn't make the bricks the full Lego bright colour.  I just can't bring myself to keep adding more food colouring!  I can't do it!  So for the icing on the rest of the cake, chocolate seemed like a great solution too.  Phew...  food colouring overload averted!  I got the moulds for the bricks on ebay.  Also the Lego minifigure man mould.  I found them at at great price as they are over priced at most places.  

We really do like our "Robber Lego".  Here they are trying to steal the gold.  

& of course the jack hammers are finding the bricks!  lol  
The kids were excited about taking the bricks to eat.  I think they ate them more so than cake.  I know kids never eat cake at parties!  lol  

The party bags.  These were fun.  When I do party bags I prefer not to put lollies in usually.  But this time I had a bunch of Lego men & bricks in chocolate left that I didn't end up putting on the cake.  So each bag had a couple in it.  

Also I had stickers.  I got some A4 sticker pages from an office supply shop.  The Lego website has fabulous stickers available for printing up there.  So the kids got a sheets worth of Firemen or Police stickers.   That was a good job for Stuart to cut them out of an evening.  He was chief cutter-outterer.  lol  

The little packet leaning against the yellow bag is a stationery pack.  I picked these up months ago.  The original packaging didn't fit in the bags so I repacked them to fit.  The bags themselves were from Spotlight.  I used a couple of bags out of the packs to make the dots.  In comes "Chief Cutter-outterer".  Some double sided foam tape to boost the height of the dots on the blocks.  I printed out the little tags from the lego site to write the thank you message from BJ.  I only ended up with 2 colours of bags as they were big packs & I didn't need that many bags!  Would have loved some red & green ones too though.  

The masks were also from the Lego site.  They have some cool fun stuff there.  

The Lego heads that I stuck on the straws were from here.  They have other cool stuff available too but I didn't use any thing else from there.  

Well I did enjoyed that fun.  Party planning over for that one at least.  The next one at least is easy for another year or 2.  Party in a few weeks that will be pretty quiet for the to be 2 year old.  He will like some attention & having a turn at what his big brother did already!  


Bron said...

Awesome...i am intrigued about the lego mini figure mould??

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job, and so did Stuart with all the cutting out. The banner is beautiful too with all the lego men on there.