23 September, 2011

A Sneak Peek

This is my current project that I am naming my Spring in September blanket. It is the hexagon pattern from Attic24 & it's pretty simple but very effective I think. I am only using 5 colours & did you know that if you use 5 colours on a 4 round project you will get 120 different pieces using all different colour combinations, but only using each colour once per piece. Got that? I thought I was pretty clever working that out myself with my little family tree type diagram to work out my colour list. But then I was given a very handy link which does that working out for you & even lists the combinations for you. So handy so save it won't you. You will be glad you did. Maybe not right now, but later on. I need to save it as I will never remember the word permutations to ever do a search for it. So that's what I have been playing with lately. I have all 120 pieces done up to round 3 so I am pleased. Just trying to find time to do a bit of round 4 & round 5 the join as you go one! It's fun watching it grow! I still don't know how big it will be or if I will need to add a couple more hexies.

In between times we just watch these 2 growing up so fast. DJ is 12 weeks already!

Happy Weekend!

09 September, 2011

No More Cake Thanks!

There's been a whole lot of this going on lately! Time for a cake break though. You kind of get over it after a while!

Cupcakes at the top are Red Velvet. I don't know what the big deal is with the current trend of these right now as it was really just cake. I sure wasn't going to keep adding red colour to it either to get it any redder! Cream cheese icing was great though.

The next lot were Cappuccino cupcakes. They were a hit but not enough flavour to me. I am getting fussy! The top is interesting as it is baked cheesecake on top instead of just a cream cheese frosting. Good fun to try!

& someone had fun blowing out each candle! lol

07 September, 2011

I Have Been Giraffing Around

I have been doing some craft! This giraffe is for DJ & is from the same pattern book as all the animals I did about 2 years ago for BJ! I am not particularly happy with Hoff, as I have named him. But he's ok. I actually finished knitting it weeks ago, but some days with a couple of kids just doesn't give you a chance to sit & do a thing like this so the sewing up of each bit took a little while too get done. One day I will look at it & think I didn't do a bad job of it after all, even though the legs aren't really in the right place. The most impressive bit is the mane, which is actually knitted in that loopy style! Very clever! For the rest, I don't like the pattern as I don't like how the increases look like holes. I don't like the bottom of it's body which I ended up weaving some extra yarn around to try to fill in the holes, else I expect he would have leaked stuffing in no time. Oh well, he's done & DJ now has one toy too.

I have finally decided on a couple of new projects as I haven't got anything simple to just pick up & do without thinking. For the little time I have in the evenings between getting the boys to bed & my crashing out (very early) it is nice to just be able to pick something up & do a little & feel a little creative. So below is my current little splash of colour this time using Heirloom Bamboo Wool blend. There are lots of little centres all over the place at the moment & that's about all.

For the rest there has been much focus on the family. DJ is growing way too fast. He is cute as ever though. He was sleeping on Daddy yesterday & squishing his little face up in all sorts of cute ways.

If that baby fix doesn't do anything to make you smile then check out these wee ones we have over the fence. We have 6 little lambs in the paddock - not ours, they just spend time eating our grass! They provide a great deal of entertainment, jumping all over the place & chasing the chickens that also come over for a play. They are cute in little black socks & faces, & one is stripy & one has spots! So cute!

Well, it's been a busy little month, but hopefully I will get a chance to do a couple of other things. I have a couple of things in the works at the moment, but getting the sewing machine out is going to be a night time activity I think! So stay tuned for more!