23 September, 2011

A Sneak Peek

This is my current project that I am naming my Spring in September blanket. It is the hexagon pattern from Attic24 & it's pretty simple but very effective I think. I am only using 5 colours & did you know that if you use 5 colours on a 4 round project you will get 120 different pieces using all different colour combinations, but only using each colour once per piece. Got that? I thought I was pretty clever working that out myself with my little family tree type diagram to work out my colour list. But then I was given a very handy link which does that working out for you & even lists the combinations for you. So handy so save it won't you. You will be glad you did. Maybe not right now, but later on. I need to save it as I will never remember the word permutations to ever do a search for it. So that's what I have been playing with lately. I have all 120 pieces done up to round 3 so I am pleased. Just trying to find time to do a bit of round 4 & round 5 the join as you go one! It's fun watching it grow! I still don't know how big it will be or if I will need to add a couple more hexies.

In between times we just watch these 2 growing up so fast. DJ is 12 weeks already!

Happy Weekend!


Sally said...

Oh my gosh... you worked out all the permutations - that is so clever. I love love love your spring in September blanket. Gorgeous.

And your boys - too handsome.

Taylor Made said...

That is amazing...they take some time to do but the outcome is looking fabulous......How the little guy has grown!