31 December, 2012

Summer Holiday Fun

There's been bike riding on the new bike from Santa down in the park.

There has been fishing with Daddy with the new fishing rod from Gran & Grandad.

We had a great time catching up with my cousins & their children!  Well not all of them but a few that were home for the holidays.  Amongst them are a family from Finland.  The boys were lucky as there was a surprise gift of Angry Birds lollies & bag tags all the way from Finland from where Angry Birds originate.  My cousin lives just up the road from the Angry Birds office & it seems there is a park & all for them now!  Maybe we will have to go to Finland for a look!

Plus some backyard cricket!  I don't think I have ever seen my mum play cricket before.  But today it was Grandma playing games with the boys outside & that some how turned into a game of cricket.  It was a bit of a struggle though as you can see.  There was usually one of us being tackled by the squirt!  He isn't familiar with the different games yet obviously!  He'll learn about AFL before too long I guess.

It's the end of the year!  Wishing you all a Happy & exciting 2013.

30 December, 2012

Train Calendar

Yay!  One done!  This is really cute!  It's not perfect but it's acceptable (unlike the last one!)  It is a nice advent calendar so it will be nice to put it to use next year.  I won't be able to leave it a year later like I did with BJ & the other calendar.  DJ wants whatever BJ has got.   So he will need his own.  

I hope I can get the other 2 calendars finished soon that I have got started.  One only needs the binding on. One needs the pockets on but I need some more misty fuse to stick it together better.   I really don't want them half done until next Christmas!  

Have a good day!

28 December, 2012

Special Sewing For Christmas

We did a few gifts that we couldn't show earlier!  BJ did some of his own fabric drawing.  That was good fun!  He went into quite some detail with his drawings.  I got him to put his name on them too.  I also dated them.  I must admit I stole the idea from Sally when her kids did the aprons.  I had to come up with something we could do too!  What a fabulous idea!  Thanks Sally!

This was drawing day.  (I interrupted his lego play to do the drawings!)

I turned them into oven mitts!  I was excited as once again I could use up a bit of fabric in the cupboard!  Was very cool.  He had fun doing this & he was excited to give them to the grandmothers & honorary Aunt on Christmas Day.  He told them all they were so they didn't burn their hands when they were cooking.  But I didn't really pad them up much so they are really only for warm things!  That's just the way I made them.  Using cotton wadding off cuts as well as fabric!  Yay!  I just had to buy a little bit more to get enough fabric for bias cutting the bindings.   

I need to do another one now.  For me!  Silly me didn't do one for myself at the same time!  DOH!  I definitely need one of these for posterity.     

I actually think these are a great idea!  I think every kid should make something like this!  They are great for mums & grandmothers for Mother's Day!  I will have to think about what else we can make! 

Have a good day!  Back to work for a rest for me!  

27 December, 2012

Celebrating Christmas

It's done!  It's already 2 days ago!  That means it's 363 days till the next one!  Better get cracking!  

Here are a few pictures from our day.  Santa did drop in at some point on Christmas Eve.  He must have snuck in the front door to put the little parcels of pjs on the boys beds.  BJ was suitably impressed with his new summer Angry birds pjs.  Poor DJ only ended up with boring Winnie the Pooh pjs.  I  Santa couldn't find decent ones with something like Thomas Tank or even Mickey Mouse.  He is still in size 1 so they are limited in the baby section unfortunately!  

Bit of food prep.  We had a small gathering of 7 grown ups & the boys.  DJ was in bed over dinner which was handy for me as I got a peaceful lunch too.  Lunch was a breeze though.  I love doing it.  It's nice to be able to do this for the parents & friends after so many years of eating at their places.  

My creation on Christmas Eve.  We all highly recommend this White chocolate, marshmallow & raspberry Cheese cake!  It wasn't sickly.  It wasn't heavy. Complete with raspberry coulis it was awesome!  

BJ has been about with the camera again in the afternoon.  (my red nail peeled at lunch.  Think I caught it with a knife or something...  so excuse the one daggy nail!  Ekkk...)  

Juneau had her own presents including a pet Christmas cracker with her ball in it.  She was too hot though to play much.  

Some cooling down activities in the afternoon with a present from last Christmas!  The bubble sprinkler is awesome.  Bubbles are so attractive to kids aren't they!  

It's terrible but I don't even have a picture of BJ with his new bike!  We went to the park on Boxing Day for a ride with both boys but I forgot the camera so I was very annoyed with myself.  We have had an awesome couple of days though & Boxing Day was so lovely & restful!  I don't think today will be much different! 

Enjoy your post-Christmas days!  

23 December, 2012

Summer Snow

Well not real snow!  Not here, right now.  

But if you were visiting & had a glimpse of this you would wonder!  

We have this white stuff just floating all over at the moment.  It's been fairly breezy too so you can just watching it floating around!  (& causing bad hay fever!)  It's amazing to see really.  

These huge trees are the culprits.  There are only two of them thank heavens as the fluff would be really thick otherwise!  Plus they are actually next door so I can't do too much about it!  They are lovely trees though so I wouldn't like to see them get cut down!  (& yes the sky really does look as bleak as that today, though it's not cold at all!)  

This here is the snow fluff!  
They are funny little umm... seed pods I guess on a stalk & they burst into fluff!  You can see the one on the top of the stick nearest my finger.  It makes me think of cotton.  I imagine this is what cotton picking is like.  (so I must never try that as the hay fever would be really bad!)  

Well I hope you are having a pretty snow than I am if you are in a snowy place!  Or are keeping cool if you are in a stinking hot place!  

2 more sleeps!  

22 December, 2012

Advent Calendars

I'm having an Advent Calendar blitz!  I showed you the train one the other day.  Well here is a tree.  Then there is also the mantel piece to come.  I'm doing all three at once!  Stupid I know but it was just as easy to cut, iron, wad, iron, then chain piece all the pocket tops.  That was fun actually!  Just put some invisible thread in the machine & away you go!  Seriously... is anyone going to look at what I have sewn it together with?  Nope.  Not when there is chocolate in the pockets!  

This particular calendar is an engagement present!  I gave it to my brother a couple years ago at their engagement party!  I told them I was going to make it for them.  There is no rush as they haven't settled anywhere yet, still just flitting all over the place.  But while I was on a roll & in the mood I am sewing that along with the train & mantel.  The pockets are on this one now.  I might just whip around with the binding tomorrow as I can do some hand stitching sometime maybe.  But I'm not so bothered right now when they get finished!  

Did you have an advent calendar growing up?  I didn't!  I don't recall ever knowing what one was until I was big!  I am sure there were those ones in the supermarket back then too, maybe.  No idea.  But had I seen them I wouldn't have had a clue what it was so wouldn't have asked for it.  Do you have them for your family?  Last year we were given 2 for the boys - the shop ones with the doors you open.  BJ forgot about it for the most part so after Christmas we had about half still.  DJ was still a baby so us big kids got to have a go at his!  But that's not such a good idea as the chocolate is rubbish!  Have you noticed the numbers on an advent calendar?  Some go up to 24 & some up to 25!  Is there a rule, a right or wrong?  Or do those shop ones just put in that extra one depending on the design as to whether they have some room they need to fill?     I wonder?  Enlighten me if you know.  

I'd better stop sewing & playing & get to bed.  Only 3 more sleeps!  

19 December, 2012

WIP Wednesday

It's been a busy sewing week.  I really have had fun though as busy as it is.  

I have just finished sewing up some presents that I can't show you.  I'm really excited about them but it's really not up to me to show them off either as they aren't mine.  I was just helping someone else!  Bummer...  anyway, I will show you those after Christmas!  Hey, that's a week away you know.  This time next week it's Boxing Day here!  That will be nice.  I always enjoy the quiet times of that day.  

Anyway, having sat this afternoon for a bit (watching Days Of Our Lives - but don't tell anyone!) after finishing up the secrets, I felt like something else to do so I got this panel out.  I love it.  Absolutely love it!  It's an Advent Calendar for DJ.  We have one that I made a few years ago - before children.  That will by default be BJ's.  It to is beautiful.  When we got this panel in at work I knew this had to be for DJ.  He's to young yet so I was in no hurry to do it for this year & maybe next year he will be too.  No doubt though with a big brother to help him along it will be necessary for him to have his up then.  I have the backing, pellon, interfacing for pockets & binding all ready to go.  So I have just cut it out & pressed & pelloned & got it ready.  Yay!  I think I even have a hanger for it already since I got one for that calendar I did a few weeks ago but ruined really.  I won't let that happen to this one!  

So that's my project for the rest of the day.  But I won't sit at the machine until 10pm tonight to do it either.  I feel quite a relief that the other things are done!  I think I'm ready!  Bring on Christmas!  

Oh & just one more had to show you.  This is cute, even on my big boy!  & even if it clashes with his red shirt.  

Linking up with these guys again!  

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Only 6 more sleeps!

18 December, 2012

Sewing Up A Christmas Storm

It was a productive Monday!  That is a relief as I felt I just wasn't getting on to the little projects I needed to do!  

Well here is one.  This is from scraps!  I saved these scraps earlier in the year from work before they ended up in the bin.  This is exactly what I had in mind for them.  Except I cheated a bit.  I bagged it & quilted it instead of  quilting & binding it.  I didn't have anything to bind it with so would have had to get something at work but it needs to be delivered!  But it doesn't look too bad as it is.  Actually considering I don't  really like the Bittersweet fabric by Nancy Halverson much, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!  Excuse the dicky end though!  lol  

I especially love the back.  I am really drawn to this fabric!  Just like the backs of old postcards!  So much detail on there.  I think I need to get a bit more now.  I actually had it for the back of something else but decided to use it here instead.  So now it is a reversible table runner to if the recipient wants it to be!  Always nice for a change!  Actually I was really pleased with how simple it was this way.  I used a medium weight pellon inside as I had an off cut that was big enough too so that is what I went with.  It just fell together nicely which is always a nice thing when you have a crazy busy time of year like Christmas going on!  

&... drum roll.....

Hat 40!  Yep you read right!  40!  This is quite cute this one.  Really beachy so will hopefully be a good one for someone this summer.  Bit too small for me or else I would have to keep it!  

Off to sort out the boys & get going!  

17 December, 2012

Hats On Top

Yes I am still sewing hats.  
They are proving to be very popular.  I guess it is a good time of year here for hats to be wanted.  
I have done a few new ones lately but also a bunch of repeats that I haven't show you at all.  
The dino on the left is the same outside as before but I have had to use a different yellow inside.  The gold on the others was a lot better but I can't be fussy when there isn't a fabric available.  
I'm really please with the middle one.  Owls are popular still these days so I am sure it will go to a new home soon.  
The little birdies on the right are cute too.  I had that fabric in my stash.  But it was only half a yard.  Bother.  Turns out there is just not quite enough for a second side in a yard!  Grrr...  I wonder if I will find a smidgen more ever!   Oh well, now I have more scraps I guess.  
I'm glad I found that out though before I get around to buying any yardage online.  Not that I should really but there are so many nice fabrics out there.  
I have a bunch of other sewing to do but probably won't be able to show it until later.  Hopefully that is not because it isn't finished until after Christmas!  

I think DJ is all better now so I hope today is a good one for me & I hope it's a really great one for you!  Only 8 more sleeps!  Ekk.....

13 December, 2012

Christmas Tree Fix

If you read here the other day, you would have seen my tree.  I wasn't happy with it. I really should have used the same gold stars in it that I had on my tree.  But as a quick fix I got some size 6 Mill Hill beads & put them on in the middle of the green star.  It's still not great but it just gives it a bit more bling that it needed.  Much better.   Not entirely but better...

12 December, 2012


Oh why do I browse on line & find more ideas!  Sunday I got it into my head to make mice!  32 mice later....  

But they are cute!  I wondered what I would do with 32, but decided to take them to playgroup to give the kids.  

BJ had to have a pink mouse.  We put him on our tree the other day.  Next to his Hallmark ornament for the year.  Mickey & Minnie enjoyed the company.  

I went into playgroup early & hung them on the tree there so they were on when everyone arrived today.  The looked cute!  Certainly brightened up the tree.  All the kids were excited to get one.  Santa had left the children gifts under the tree while they were all playing outside.  Wow, he's good isn't he?  Anyway, the kids got their gift & a candy cane mouse.  Lots of happy children.  Probably extra happy from the sugar high after the party food first up!  

Want to make your own Mice?  Visit Martha!  

Playgroup is now done for the year.  No more crafts!  But this week I made angels!  Lots of angels!   The kids just had to decorate them.  They had a blast.  This is BJ's angel on top of our tree.  Again very lightly glittered.  Some kids had glitter catastrophes!  There wasn't much plate showing on some of them.  They are quite effective really considering they are paper plates!  For more info on how to visit the blog where I got it from.  It's one of the best places!  So much to inspire!  

OK, have a great week won't you!  Preparing for Christmas or whatever you do!  
Also check out the ladies over at freshlypieced for more inspiration on WIP Wednesday! I will be able to do some of my own crafts next week!  Woohoo!    

10 December, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

It's the silly season isn't it!  For sure!  Where has the time gone.  
I have been making stuff behind the scenes!  It's just they are becoming very repetitive!   So I have had nothing new to post yet.  

Another batch of melting snowman cookies!  It was another Christmas party on Saturday.  This afternoon I have to make cookie dough for yet another batch.
I have been whipping up more hats too.  Up to no. 34 now.  Have another 2 to make for sure.  Then I might make a few more for a shop in town.  BJ wearing one is good advertising as it turns out!  :-)  

I have managed another Christmas tree!  I finished it yesterday & I tried to get a picture but it was just gone sundown so it was too dark for a good shot.  Actually looking at this one it doesn't look like a good picture either!  lol  I had this fabric in my stash.  It was left over from something I had made for someone in these colours they requested at the time.  So, I figured these colours are going to match their decor for Christmas extra well.  They aren't Christmas fabrics exactly but they are the right colours!  The only thing I had to buy for this one was the star on top!  Cool huh?  I don't think it is sparkly enough though.  I just haven't been able to find something suitable for sparkling up the centres.  I think I will need to get some no 8 or 6 Mill Hill beads to put a gold one in the centre of the stars.  Either way, that's another gift done!   Another handmade gift!  Woohoo!  I do have fabric for another tree but I don't know who else to give one too yet!  I just want to make it!  That too is done with fabric from stash.  

Can you believe how fast Christmas is coming around though!  I try not to look at the calendar.  I am ready though.  I sorted stuff the other day.  I needed to check the hidden stash to see what was what.  Yay, boys are done!  That's it.  That's all I am concerned about.  For the rest, if it happens it happens.  The grown ups won't care either way!   But the boys are sorted so that is a relief!  

Have a good week won't you!  

05 December, 2012

WIP Wednesday

If you are a Pinterest fan no doubt you will have seen plenty of pictures of these Melting snowmen cookies!  

Well this is my version!  & this is pretty much the extent of my crafting today!  I made the dough Monday night.  A double batch.  One lot is in the freezer waiting for the end of the week.  Cookies were baked Tuesday night.  I used my go to recipe for that bit.  I know it is a good one for rolling & cutting shapes.  I didn't roll these but I know they are going to hold their shape nicely.  They weren't meant to be perfect for the melting snowmen to sit on.  

This morning at 7.45 I was icing, zapping marshmallows individually in the microwave, & dressing them up.  Last night Stuart drew the faces on with my groovy edible ink pen.  So this morning I had a good laugh as I pulled them out of the container to put them on.  There was even a pirate!  Unfortuantely the pirate mallow went a second too long in the microwave & smooshed on the cookie badly!  Gee they are fussy in the microwave!   

We took these to school for the Christmas party this afternoon.  They were a hit.  Well I didn't have any to take home so that was a good sign.  BJ did sit on the floor telling all his friends around him that they were melting snowmen that mummy & daddy made!  

I haven't picked up the knitting since Sunday when we had a Ravelry group meet up!  Knitting in the Vineyard no less!  Very posh!  Was lovely really!  But no knitting since as it's been full on kid craft organising & baking!  Oh & some work thrown in there too just to add to the challenge!  

Linking up with all the talent over at Freshly pieced for WIP Wednesday!  

03 December, 2012

Re-purpose Ornaments. Or Not.

I've been trying to think what to do for craft this week at playgroup.  I took a chance & went by an op shop for some ornaments.  They had loads.  That's strange!  It must be the season for them or something!  Cool!  So for a few dollars I had a pile of ornaments that needed help.  So I spent the afternoon making a mess really!  So what did I learn?  
  1. The glass ornaments that break don't like having glue on them.  The old paint will come off under it & make a mess of whatever type of paper you are trying to stick on it.
  2. Tissue paper is pretty mucky to try to use & you have to be really fussy if you want it all nice & tidy & neat.  Not going to happen with kids aged 2-4.  
  3. Crepe paper is just as bad but the colour comes off on your fingers & takes a little while to come off! Also not good for kids!   
  4. Acrylic paint is good.  Works well.  But messy too.  Lots of fun for kids but will take too long to dry on that stuff.  
  5. The glittery balls cover over with paint quite well which surprised me!  
  6. Once painted though what can you decorate them with to jazz up the paint!  Needs to be the following day or something anyway once the paint is dry.  
  7. Rice paper works great!  But I only had a really small piece I found in my stuff & it worked nicely but I haven't seen any around in stores for a long time.  Looks like great decoupage.  
  8. Regular printer paper also does not work though.  Too hard for little fingers to work as it needs loads of soaking in glue to get it soft enough to work nicely.  
  9. Fabric tied around with ribbon at the top does look OK.  But not a craft for kids to do as it's boring!  
  10. Don't pull the hangers off them first thing.  No matter how awful they are, leave them on as they hang up to dry more easily with a string.  Put a new string on later.  
  11. If there are broken glass ones, take out the hanging tops from them & use them in others.  They are handy as the old ones had good wire hangers in them too.  If they are loose you can glue them on later!  
So there you go.  I will ditch that idea for playgroup for now.  I now have a pile of ornaments I guess I will have to paint & decorate myself sometime!  

Tomorrow night I will have to spend the evening cutting out instead!  

02 December, 2012

Did You Decorate Yet?

December 1st has been & gone!  Did you get your Christmas decorations up?  Or don't you bother yet as it's too early?  Or did you do it last week?  I can't believe how many times I heard this week that you can't do it before the 1st as it's bad luck!  Bad luck from what?  I don't do that luck stuff .  Growing up I think we only decorated the week before or not much earlier as that is when the real trees were for sale at the petrol station!  I was in my own little world then not having a clue that people decorated earlier than that with a fake tree!  Ekkk... fake trees?  I love them now!  So easy!  

Yesterday we couldn't put it off any longer though.  BJ has been waiting for decorating day for about 5 months!  lol  I just have to get used to not having a modern, trendy decorated tree.  I get the kid decorated tree!  BJ said it was so beautiful!  & you know!  He's right!  It's not perfect!  It has his ornaments on it that he made at playgroup & kinder.  It has a bunch of non-breakable stuff on it for DJ to play with, as I know he will.  It has the boys Hallmark ornaments on it that have become our tradition.  DJ hasn't got one for this year yet though.  We fixed that yesterday & ordered it online.  Lucky for me I have a sister in law in New York that I could have it shipped to as they don't ship out of the USA.  They have loads more ornaments over there than we have released here in Aus.  It was hard to choose!

I also got my other tree finished!  
If you read here on Wednesday, I was cutting fabric for a tree & ran out.  Well I did get more on Thursday & finished sewing this together that day.  But I still couldn't decide what to put in the centre of my sections.  I  have loads of little things in the cupboard but not 10 of anything matching.  So Friday I took it to work & just got these other star buttons.  I finally got them on last night & it's done!  Yay!  It's pretty cute!  It was an easy make.  Just a little fiddly.  But I can cut corners if I have all the embellishments handy at the start.  Next time I will.  I enjoyed making it & am thinking of who I could make one for for Christmas.  I have a couple of people in mind.  We'll see.  I have to dig in my cupboard to see what fabric I have plenty of.  

Enjoy your Sunday!  I sure will!

29 November, 2012

Thirty One

I went for just over a week without making a hat!  But here is number 31!  A friend wanted a couple for her girls.  She has a great fabric supply too so she picked the main fabric.  So this one was getting butterflies!  It's got sparkly bits in it too!  I matched the fabric with something at work.  I was hoping they didn't mind the purple inside as pinks looked awful with it!  Really, really bad!  Horrible even!  The purple looked really pretty.  Lucky for me the little girl loved it & wore it most of the morning at playgroup where I gave it to her!  

That's rather a lot of hats in just two months!  I had a rough idea but went through the blog pages & counted!  

28 November, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I was keen today to cut out & sew a Christmas tree.  Unfortunately there wasn't quite enough to get my triangles out of.  Bother.  So I have to either wait until Friday when I am back at work or go in Thursday when I am near there. I think I will probably wait until Friday.  Oh well!  But I did start off with what the pattern said so I don't know why it didn't work!  At least I have some triangles ready.  I could start sewing.  I'll see if I feel like it later when the boys are in bed.  I probably will knowing me!  

I also got to watch the children at playgroup this morning do some sticking with the Santa pieces that I spent ages cutting out last week.  I used the printable of this Santa, that I found on Pinterest.  But I turned it into pieces to glue on the page instead.  I printed up the blue pages with the numbers & then cut out 5 pieces from templates I made for the Santa head piece.  I think the kids liked them.  I know BJ did as shown here in deep concentration with a glue stick!  We had to do them this week so they had them ready for the 1st December of course.  

Linking up again with Freshly Pieced for Work in Progress Wednesday!

27 November, 2012

How Did We Manage In The Olden Days?

I haven't been able to blog for a few days.  Nope.  Been stuck on dial up speed!  Arghhh!  How did we all manage in the olden days of the internet?  I don't think we have used our quota up like that in ages, but we did a bit more quickly this past month.  I guess that will teach us huh?  

We were a bit busy too though!  Not with crafty things though.  Boo!  
But with painting interiors!  Yay!  
Stu suddenly realised that if he wanted it done before Christmas he had better do it now as time was running out fast before then.  The diary is quite full for the coming weekends.  It's exciting for me though!  I like painting.  Fortunately he did the ceiling on Friday & Saturday while I was at work.  I can't do that.  But walls!  Yes I can do walls!  Especially when I get to cover over the attractive orangey colour that was there. The really sad thing was that it was the same colour almost on the ceiling!  Ekkkk!   But we have lightened the room up quite a lot now we think.  It was pretty dark.  I also got my way in having the rotten timber shelf pulled off the wall by the stove.  It was just a grease catcher & I didn't like stuff on it cos it just turned greasy.  So it's gone! It didn't even leave massive holes in the wall to remove it so that was a  relief!  

We did just do one wall a bit different!  It isn't as green as I was hoping but it doesn't matter for it's only a small wall & I could do it easily again if needed!  lol  I just didn't want it the light colour as it's the main traffic wall so will get really grubby I expect!  In any case, the orangey wall is gone & that's the important factor in this project!  lol  

Have a good day!  

21 November, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Following on from my Back to Basics yesterday, we have done our Christmas trees at playgroup!  It was actually the busiest craft we have had in ages!  I got tissue paper yesterday & tore it & wadded it up.  They are easy for the kids to stick on with child friendly glue & they more or less stay with glue that isn't really gluey!  lol  There was also a LOT of glitter involved.  BJ's tree is quite naked in the glitter department compared to some!  I saw loads of trees leave the building though so that was good.  

I started my sleeves yesterday too!  Yay!  & I am giving 2 at a time a go.  So far so good.  Hasn't got me all tangled & mixed up yet!  I will be glad when this is done!  

Come on over to Freshly Pieced for some more WIPs!  

20 November, 2012

Back To Basics

Can't get much more basic that a toilet paper roll craft can you?  hehehe...  This is my demo tree for playgroup tomorrow.  Not that the kids will get buttons to glue on.  They will get glitter & tissue paper wads & whatever else I can find in the cupboard there.  I have done the prep.  The green tree circles with a  bit missing are ready with the loo rolls.  There is left over yarn ready for them to do something with.  The parents can help them make a star if they want a star on top.  

I did find this craft idea on the net somewhere via pinterest!  But now I can't find it.  It was one somewhere in this lot of 400 ideas!  Go & have a look there!  It's interesting!  You will find loads of things to suit all ages!   

19 November, 2012

Hat Trick!

So here are 2 more.  I did the pink one yesterday.  Started the blue one but finished it off this morning.  These are done with Batik fabrics on the outside.  I am rapt with how they came out.  So much so that I think I will keep the blue one.  They are meant to be Christmas presents but I think the blue one is too big.  So I will do another.  It's really cool this fabric.  The picture doesn't show it's vibrancy well, but it's really pretty!  I thought I was done with making them for a week or so but maybe not.  Need to do another one at least now, oh no, make that 2!  A mum in the park this morning said my boys had very impressive hats.  One in dinos & one in pirate sharks!  lol  

Pirate Sharks

The weekend flew by!  I'm sure we had one!  

It was productive though.  It was a 5 hat weekend!  lol  One more of the black dinosaurs like the other day. All those just disappear.  I don't have much of the dino fabric left!  

We got this new Shiver Me Timbers fabric at work the other day.  I did say that I had a terrible feeling that some of it would find it's way into my bag on Friday.  Well I can hardly leave it there when I have a 4 year old shark & pirate fan can I!  Yes, the sharks have pirate patches on!  lol

So I made 3 of them.  Yep 3!  All the same.  That's OK.  One for the model as pictured, one for his little brother later on down the track & one for work.  This one I used the 2 prints for so it is reversible without being plain on the inside like most of the others I have made.  BJ was funny as he had his on inside for a while & every time I saw him he had turned it the other way!  He loves it obviously!  That might be his hat of choice for the week. 

 I did one more after these 3 but I will show you that along with the next one that is almost finished.  They are different again & so pretty that I think I will need to keep the one that's almost done!  

Time & again we prove at work that you need samples to sell patterns.  On Friday I took 2 hats to show my co-workers.  I did sit them out on the bench.  In the morning I sold 2 of the patterns for the hat!  Yep!  That's cool!  So it really isn't wasted time & effort to make up the samples in the first place that's for sure.

16 November, 2012

This Was Thursday

The morning spent at the playground & beach with Uncle Chris!  Gorgeous day!  Windy enough to need a jumper on though as well as a hat & sunscreen.  

The afternoon during nap time I can be very productive.  I did 2 of the top one.  Yet another black dino hat which is ordered.  The bottom one I managed to do on Wednesday afternoon.  So 3 today isn't too bad!  My hat model is enjoying his role.  Lucky for me his favourite colour is pink at the moment.