19 November, 2012

Hat Trick!

So here are 2 more.  I did the pink one yesterday.  Started the blue one but finished it off this morning.  These are done with Batik fabrics on the outside.  I am rapt with how they came out.  So much so that I think I will keep the blue one.  They are meant to be Christmas presents but I think the blue one is too big.  So I will do another.  It's really cool this fabric.  The picture doesn't show it's vibrancy well, but it's really pretty!  I thought I was done with making them for a week or so but maybe not.  Need to do another one at least now, oh no, make that 2!  A mum in the park this morning said my boys had very impressive hats.  One in dinos & one in pirate sharks!  lol  

1 comment:

Sally said...

Oh my lordy. You've become a mad-hatter. (sorry! - couldn't help myself... in my defence it is late)