21 November, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Following on from my Back to Basics yesterday, we have done our Christmas trees at playgroup!  It was actually the busiest craft we have had in ages!  I got tissue paper yesterday & tore it & wadded it up.  They are easy for the kids to stick on with child friendly glue & they more or less stay with glue that isn't really gluey!  lol  There was also a LOT of glitter involved.  BJ's tree is quite naked in the glitter department compared to some!  I saw loads of trees leave the building though so that was good.  

I started my sleeves yesterday too!  Yay!  & I am giving 2 at a time a go.  So far so good.  Hasn't got me all tangled & mixed up yet!  I will be glad when this is done!  

Come on over to Freshly Pieced for some more WIPs!  


tartankiwi said...

Aw! How cute is that Christmas tree?

Bron said...

Glitter is the most popular part about kids craft....I don't mind the mess they make if they are having fun. The tree are great. x

Sally said...

Two at a time! That is so fancy.

... and yes BJ is clearly a glitter minimalist.

Cindy said...

The tree is adorable. I remember doing crafts with my children and all of the Girl Scouts in my troops. We had loads of fun and made a ton of messes but it was all more than worth it.

Cindy said...

Oh, and one more thing . . . thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Susan Being Snippy said...

must admit, it was the tree that drew my eye amongst all those thumbnails on the freshly pieced link up! must read back a few posts to getfamiliar with your writings as it is my first time here!

Chez Roo said...

Two at a time! Very brave. I would probably have to cut myself out of the mess I would make doing that!

Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Awww, that's so precious!
How have you been since Blogtoberfest? I just wanted to let you know that I'm hosting another (albeit gentler and more introspective) blog challenge over the month of December called #reverb12. Would be so rapt if you joined us!
There's a little giveaway too. :-)
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Take care,
Kat xxx