05 November, 2012

Long Weekend

What a bonus!  Don't you love the day when you don't have to rush around & do all that other stuff as it's not on because it's a holiday?  This morning was such a great feeling...  ahhhh....

We've been to the park.  

Done loads of washing.  

Made a huge batch of these for playgroup on Wednesday.  I hope they last until Wednesday!
These are some of my favourite cookies to take to places.  They are tasty, have potential to change the flavour about for those that don't like the ginger or anything like that.  

Add a cotton ball a day - once his beard is full, it's 12.24! aw this is so cute!
Image from here

I've been working on this Santa for playgroup for in a couple of weeks.  Another one I have seen through Pinterest!  We need to get this done in November so they have it at home for the 1st December!  I'm going to do it differently though.  This is a printable to just print it as is.  Not very crafty...  so I am going to cut out a bunch of the face bits so the kids can stick them on the pages I printed with the numbers & poem on.  At least that gives them something to do for it.  

If you are looking for ideas for craft for kids at Christmas there are some great ones here... this is a link to a bunch of links...  

Have a great week!


Bron said...

Oh Thank you thank you I am beginning my Christmas craft next week at playgroup ...we finish in the first week of Dec so running fast out of time ...I have been making a fresh batch of playdough for this week.

I also like to do a mural of some sort to make a record of the kids in each of our three sessions.....better get a right move on . xxx

Sally said...

Yep. Public holidays are the best.
Loving that Santa. On impulse I bought my kids some tacky advent calendars from Big W. They're full of cheap chocolate so they'll be well loved... but oh so tacky.
(but I suppose the bonus is that I won't be tempted to eat the disgusting cheap chocolate!)