31 March, 2013

March Reflections

Happy Easter!  

But can you believe another month has gone!  That makes one quarter of the year is over already.  

March has been a busy month.  The calendar is taking a beating this year already!  

The start of the month saw me whipping up felt finger puppets again.  I think I ended up with 39 of them but one made his way to BJ's collection.  I did some of these last year but this time cut corners with less stitching & move glue.  I also added a rabbit to the list.  BJ's rabbit included a basket of eggs as he requested.  The group of puppets were for the school fair.  BJ is in school & the fair is early in the year.  I was roped into helping on the Devonshire tea stand.  But I added to the list with these little puppets too.  I think they almost all went too as I saw only a couple left not long before the end of the fair.  

Note to self - next year offer to help in only a set time frame of about half an hour.  An almost whole day on one stand from really, really early in the morning to much later is not necessarily a bad thing, but leaving the 2 young ones with dad for the fair was a bit hard on him I think.  So until DJ is bigger & in school I will do small portions!  

I have been crocheting still too!  Here are a few of the most recent squares...

Almost done with that blanket.  I need to do 2 more I think.  That will be the end I think at this stage.  

Also whipped up a new project bag the other day just so I could use this fabric!  We have it at work.  I think I took the long way around with the bag construction though.  Next time I will change methods.  Then it might look better.  

I also got my visiting knit finished.  This is my Sonnentau shawl/scarf that I started at the end of January as a visiting mum in hospital knit.  It was a good one to carry around.  It came up quite well, though I am sick of looking at it. I will do this one again for sure.  I enjoyed it!  

It's been an interesting month on the home front.  BJ is growing up too fast now with school.  DJ is growing up too fast just copying BJ in everything!  

Stuart is fine - now.  He had a night in hospital which was a bit of a shock.  Nothing serious but bad enough for them to keep him in when he went to the emergency section!  But again that was dealt with & a lesson learnt & he's well again.  

Me?  Well somehow I keep afloat & on top of all that needs doing much of the time.  We've just enjoyed a party of 12 for a light Easter lunch.  That was nice.  These days I prefer to have things like that at home as go out to eat!  You can make some yummy food yourself at home!  Work is fine!  Family are fine!  What more can I ask for!  

So that's March!  Done & dusty!  

Hope this finds you well too!