29 November, 2012

Thirty One

I went for just over a week without making a hat!  But here is number 31!  A friend wanted a couple for her girls.  She has a great fabric supply too so she picked the main fabric.  So this one was getting butterflies!  It's got sparkly bits in it too!  I matched the fabric with something at work.  I was hoping they didn't mind the purple inside as pinks looked awful with it!  Really, really bad!  Horrible even!  The purple looked really pretty.  Lucky for me the little girl loved it & wore it most of the morning at playgroup where I gave it to her!  

That's rather a lot of hats in just two months!  I had a rough idea but went through the blog pages & counted!  

28 November, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I was keen today to cut out & sew a Christmas tree.  Unfortunately there wasn't quite enough to get my triangles out of.  Bother.  So I have to either wait until Friday when I am back at work or go in Thursday when I am near there. I think I will probably wait until Friday.  Oh well!  But I did start off with what the pattern said so I don't know why it didn't work!  At least I have some triangles ready.  I could start sewing.  I'll see if I feel like it later when the boys are in bed.  I probably will knowing me!  

I also got to watch the children at playgroup this morning do some sticking with the Santa pieces that I spent ages cutting out last week.  I used the printable of this Santa, that I found on Pinterest.  But I turned it into pieces to glue on the page instead.  I printed up the blue pages with the numbers & then cut out 5 pieces from templates I made for the Santa head piece.  I think the kids liked them.  I know BJ did as shown here in deep concentration with a glue stick!  We had to do them this week so they had them ready for the 1st December of course.  

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27 November, 2012

How Did We Manage In The Olden Days?

I haven't been able to blog for a few days.  Nope.  Been stuck on dial up speed!  Arghhh!  How did we all manage in the olden days of the internet?  I don't think we have used our quota up like that in ages, but we did a bit more quickly this past month.  I guess that will teach us huh?  

We were a bit busy too though!  Not with crafty things though.  Boo!  
But with painting interiors!  Yay!  
Stu suddenly realised that if he wanted it done before Christmas he had better do it now as time was running out fast before then.  The diary is quite full for the coming weekends.  It's exciting for me though!  I like painting.  Fortunately he did the ceiling on Friday & Saturday while I was at work.  I can't do that.  But walls!  Yes I can do walls!  Especially when I get to cover over the attractive orangey colour that was there. The really sad thing was that it was the same colour almost on the ceiling!  Ekkkk!   But we have lightened the room up quite a lot now we think.  It was pretty dark.  I also got my way in having the rotten timber shelf pulled off the wall by the stove.  It was just a grease catcher & I didn't like stuff on it cos it just turned greasy.  So it's gone! It didn't even leave massive holes in the wall to remove it so that was a  relief!  

We did just do one wall a bit different!  It isn't as green as I was hoping but it doesn't matter for it's only a small wall & I could do it easily again if needed!  lol  I just didn't want it the light colour as it's the main traffic wall so will get really grubby I expect!  In any case, the orangey wall is gone & that's the important factor in this project!  lol  

Have a good day!  

21 November, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Following on from my Back to Basics yesterday, we have done our Christmas trees at playgroup!  It was actually the busiest craft we have had in ages!  I got tissue paper yesterday & tore it & wadded it up.  They are easy for the kids to stick on with child friendly glue & they more or less stay with glue that isn't really gluey!  lol  There was also a LOT of glitter involved.  BJ's tree is quite naked in the glitter department compared to some!  I saw loads of trees leave the building though so that was good.  

I started my sleeves yesterday too!  Yay!  & I am giving 2 at a time a go.  So far so good.  Hasn't got me all tangled & mixed up yet!  I will be glad when this is done!  

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20 November, 2012

Back To Basics

Can't get much more basic that a toilet paper roll craft can you?  hehehe...  This is my demo tree for playgroup tomorrow.  Not that the kids will get buttons to glue on.  They will get glitter & tissue paper wads & whatever else I can find in the cupboard there.  I have done the prep.  The green tree circles with a  bit missing are ready with the loo rolls.  There is left over yarn ready for them to do something with.  The parents can help them make a star if they want a star on top.  

I did find this craft idea on the net somewhere via pinterest!  But now I can't find it.  It was one somewhere in this lot of 400 ideas!  Go & have a look there!  It's interesting!  You will find loads of things to suit all ages!   

19 November, 2012

Hat Trick!

So here are 2 more.  I did the pink one yesterday.  Started the blue one but finished it off this morning.  These are done with Batik fabrics on the outside.  I am rapt with how they came out.  So much so that I think I will keep the blue one.  They are meant to be Christmas presents but I think the blue one is too big.  So I will do another.  It's really cool this fabric.  The picture doesn't show it's vibrancy well, but it's really pretty!  I thought I was done with making them for a week or so but maybe not.  Need to do another one at least now, oh no, make that 2!  A mum in the park this morning said my boys had very impressive hats.  One in dinos & one in pirate sharks!  lol  

Pirate Sharks

The weekend flew by!  I'm sure we had one!  

It was productive though.  It was a 5 hat weekend!  lol  One more of the black dinosaurs like the other day. All those just disappear.  I don't have much of the dino fabric left!  

We got this new Shiver Me Timbers fabric at work the other day.  I did say that I had a terrible feeling that some of it would find it's way into my bag on Friday.  Well I can hardly leave it there when I have a 4 year old shark & pirate fan can I!  Yes, the sharks have pirate patches on!  lol

So I made 3 of them.  Yep 3!  All the same.  That's OK.  One for the model as pictured, one for his little brother later on down the track & one for work.  This one I used the 2 prints for so it is reversible without being plain on the inside like most of the others I have made.  BJ was funny as he had his on inside for a while & every time I saw him he had turned it the other way!  He loves it obviously!  That might be his hat of choice for the week. 

 I did one more after these 3 but I will show you that along with the next one that is almost finished.  They are different again & so pretty that I think I will need to keep the one that's almost done!  

Time & again we prove at work that you need samples to sell patterns.  On Friday I took 2 hats to show my co-workers.  I did sit them out on the bench.  In the morning I sold 2 of the patterns for the hat!  Yep!  That's cool!  So it really isn't wasted time & effort to make up the samples in the first place that's for sure.

16 November, 2012

This Was Thursday

The morning spent at the playground & beach with Uncle Chris!  Gorgeous day!  Windy enough to need a jumper on though as well as a hat & sunscreen.  

The afternoon during nap time I can be very productive.  I did 2 of the top one.  Yet another black dino hat which is ordered.  The bottom one I managed to do on Wednesday afternoon.  So 3 today isn't too bad!  My hat model is enjoying his role.  Lucky for me his favourite colour is pink at the moment.  

15 November, 2012

Yarn Along

I'm excited as I am getting through the front pieces of my cardigan quite quickly now!  I finished one side & am half way up the second!  Even the lace edge went quickly this time!  That's good when I still have to do it for the sleeves.  I am wondering whether to knit the sleeves at the same time as each other.  I haven't done that before & wonder if I can stand the confusion of 2 at once.  I guess I should try it once & see how it goes.  Do you do 2 at a time of anything?  

I am reading an assortment of things lately!  Last night it was Smiley Shark which I picked up yesterday at the school's book fair.  I could have got a load of stuff, but had limited money on me.  Probably a good thing!  

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14 November, 2012

Ahhh... The Fragrance!

Wish you could be at my place right now.  I have had these in the oven & the house just smells of cinnamon! Some early Christmas scent coming to town already!  

This morning we had playgroup.  This morning I made 3 batches of this dough.  Sadly there weren't many at playgroup this morning so I still have a batch left & managed to pass on half another.  We do have this lot of ornaments though.  I took them home to bake as it's easier as you have to leave them in the oven for a while after turning it off.  There are marks on the trays about who owns which ornaments.  Pencil lines & writing made that bit simple.   I did do a bunch of extra trees too for next week when the children who weren't there this time can finish them off with painting or just a string.  I think they look quite nice like this & some of them have glitter on them as there was glitter on the table that was left stuck from previous crafts!  All good!  It is an easy recipe though & I think I will be making a few more tomorrow when I have some more time to use up that other lump of dough.  Or maybe I will have to find some more children to give it too!  

Also on the agenda today is this hat.  BJ has a birthday party on Saturday.  We don't know this boy well, so a hat was a good idea I thought.  He hasn't had a hat at school that I have noticed, so this might be appreciated!  It will be unique anyway!  I have an order from the teacher for one now so these are proving to be a hit!  Not bad at all huh?  So the hats are lining up.  I have fabric to make 4 for Christmas presents for family friends of ours so that will be an in between job too.   Eventually I will get one made for me!  lol  

Playing here again!
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10 November, 2012

Old And New

The last few days have been lovely with the boys.  They have been a pleasure & agreeable in all things which has been lovely!  

This morning I was out & about on my own!  Only for an hour but still!  Yay!  I stopped at a garage sale & found a bag of toy soldiers - you know those little green men stuck in one pose forever?  BJ knows them from the Toy Story movies where they move about the house.  lol  This bag of soldiers had cars, trucks & ambulances, planes & missiles! We even found a couple of Indians & cowboys!  BJ & DJ had a play together though BJ did get upset about DJ adding the red car which "doesn't match!!!"  (sounds like me!)  Once DJ was down for a nap BJ had a fine old time playing with them for a few hours.  Definitely got my $3 worth already today!  Don't you love that!  Sutart & I did laugh while sitting in the room listening to him play.  He put the couple of red figures in the corner of the table & said they were having a party!  hehehe...  as you do.  The rest are yellow & green.  Bad ones & nice ones as it turns out.  

Yesterday I went to the post office!   Quite something for me these days.  Since I had no boys with me as I was on my way to work I stopped for a quick look at the books as they do have some interesting things in there at times.  I found this book "How the World Works".  It looked really cool.  Lots of pull tabs, opening out leaflets, & these pop ups!  This is right up BJ's alley.  He is a curious kid that seems to be quite scientific minded at times, so this was going to be fun.  We had fun reading it this morning!  Well looking at the bits that Mummy had a clue about anyway.  There are some bits that are Daddy's department I'm afraid.  Even reading it will confuse me!  But we had fun looking at the pop ups, checking out the things that fly about in space, pulling out tabs that made the earth move so make earthquakes or volcanes!  All very cool to a young boy!  Definitely worth the $15 from Aussie Post!  

08 November, 2012

More Dinosaurs

made yet another hat today.  Special order.  Both boys wanted to model the hat this time!  lol  
Ever since I made their dino hats they have worn them in different places & everyone comments on them & a couple of people have asked for hats now!  BJ is more than happy to tell them that :"Mummy made it for me".  So nice.  He is quite happy with mummy made stuff still!  I have a couple more years before he needs name brand I think!  Yay!  

07 November, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Wow, Wednesday seems to come around fast doesn't it?

Well I have got my back!  Well actually here DJ has it.  I told you last week didn't I that DJ will sit on something as soon as I put it down to take a picture!  Anyway, this is a terrible picture I know, but how do you photograph a back side?  lol   It's done anyway & I just did the lace starting rows for one of the front pieces.  Yay!  That took forever on the back.  Of course the front is half the stitches so went more quickly!  Plus I had a clue about what I was doing this time!

So that's me...  knitting away.  Watching the final of Big Brother tonight & knitting away!  That's the plan anyway & anything could happen between then & now to change that plan!  There will be a chapter of Adventures of the Wishing Chair in the somewhere though.

Jump in & play with us this Wednesday won't you?

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05 November, 2012

Long Weekend

What a bonus!  Don't you love the day when you don't have to rush around & do all that other stuff as it's not on because it's a holiday?  This morning was such a great feeling...  ahhhh....

We've been to the park.  

Done loads of washing.  

Made a huge batch of these for playgroup on Wednesday.  I hope they last until Wednesday!
These are some of my favourite cookies to take to places.  They are tasty, have potential to change the flavour about for those that don't like the ginger or anything like that.  

Add a cotton ball a day - once his beard is full, it's 12.24! aw this is so cute!
Image from here

I've been working on this Santa for playgroup for in a couple of weeks.  Another one I have seen through Pinterest!  We need to get this done in November so they have it at home for the 1st December!  I'm going to do it differently though.  This is a printable to just print it as is.  Not very crafty...  so I am going to cut out a bunch of the face bits so the kids can stick them on the pages I printed with the numbers & poem on.  At least that gives them something to do for it.  

If you are looking for ideas for craft for kids at Christmas there are some great ones here... this is a link to a bunch of links...  

Have a great week!

04 November, 2012

Play On Words

I finally got to give the little brother his sort of birthday present that I had been planning for a while.  He returned this week & we had dinner planned with family.  Nothing fancy, just a local place where there is a good play thing for the kids.  Nice easy relaxed atmosphere even with boys tired from the show.  
He said being 40 isn't bad so far though.  The kids out with us didn't think so either as they got to take a share of the lollipops home.  BJ enjoyed his Melody Pop today - do you remember the whistle ones that the stick pulls in & out to play a tune?  He thought that was really cool fun!  Thank goodness there is only one of those left!  

03 November, 2012

Show Day

The local show is really quite small in our town.  Actually, it looked about half the size of last year!  Not a good sign of things to come.  It started off a bit raining but it didn't stay so that was a good thing!  

BJ had a great ride in these boats that I had never seen before.  Dodgem Boats?  Very cool!  He did really well driving it.  DJ is behind him in the green jumper.  He so wanted in there!  

BJ had a major haul when his aunts treated him to a show bag.  They wanted to treat both boys but DJ at one year old doesn't need one so he missed out!  (Sorry DJ, but no doubt they will make up for it when you are older!)  BJ was so proud of his bag that was nearly as big as him!  It was so cute seeing him walking back to us very proud of his Hot Wheels bag which had a hat inside!   

DJ had his first ride on something.  Quite fitting that it was Thomas as he is turning into quite the Thomas fan. We spend a lot of time at home looking at Thomas books with him.  

Finally home with two very tired boys & BJ is proud to show off his Hot Wheels haul!  

01 November, 2012

It's Done - Not Happy

I finally sat & managed to finish hand sewing the binding on the advent calendar today!  The weather was so dreadful this morning that we weren't venturing out anywhere so I had a good chance to do that.  Plus I needed to get it finished anyway!  

I'm not at all happy with it.  It's OK but the quilting has made it pretty wavy.  I also shouldn't have put a border at the top & bottom.  It is really long & skinny now & I don't like it.  It is meant to be a present.  It still is I guess but I'm not sure who is getting it if anyone!  I need to get a hanger for it too.  I did get one of mine out to take a picture on the wall but it was too small.  That made it look worse!  

As soon as I put it out on the floor someone came over & plonked himself on it.  He seems to do that sort of thing anytime I put something out on the floor.  It's usually a job for when he is in bed as a result!  But he plonked himself down & proceeded to read.  I had to wait a few minutes for him to get bored & move away.  

So there you have it.  One advent calendar, regardless of how bad it is!  Poo...