01 August, 2011

Wow, I Made This!

I am quite proud of myself! I knitted this jumper BJ has on! Woohoo! Is that clever or what. It is done in Aran 10 ply wool. It's lovely to knit up but is like it is felted so will pull apart if pulled too hard, which was a pain when sewing it up! But it is nice & it is warm I expect. I managed to read & decipher the whole pattern pretty much but got stuck on the picking up stitches bit to do the placket... I hadn't done that before & it turns out the way I tried it initially was right. I felt quite clever. I even figured the collar bit out & it looks ok. So how about that then. About the only problem was that it took me a month to finish it off since DJ was born & in that time BJ grew almost 2cm so the body is probably a little bit shorter than I would like on him but it will do for the rest of the season now. DJ will get to wear it later on. The best thing is the pattern I did was the smallest size so I can make bigger ones now too! It really wasn't a hard knit for the most part so I will probably attempt it again later on. But we'll see... lol