31 August, 2016

Quilt Squares

Three more done...  three to go...

29 August, 2016

Jurassic Park At Home

Sunday morning started with the boys playing Jurassic World.  They were hunting around the house.  Like this....

I thought it would be fun instead to send them outside to hunt for dinos.  So I found all the toy ones ( we can't remember if there were 14 or 15!) &  I made some "tickets" for them to enter Jurassic Park.  

After finding half, the little girl next door spotted the boys & wanted to be out with them.  So she came to hunt for dinos too.  They had good fun all morning outside together.  

We were outside till mid afternoon actually in the end, burning all our tree rubbish.  So lots of play, toasted marshmallows & mud.  Was terrific fun.

BJ then surprised us with his own hunt that he made for us.  He came out with pages he had managed to set up with images & all.  I'm still super impressed he figured out how to put images on a word doc all by himself - after watching the teacher...  so Stuart & I went hunting for Minecraft critters in the garden later on.  He was rapt with doing one & even more rapt that he figured out the picture thing himself.  Not as impressed as we are!  

28 August, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

Dinosaur hunting in the paddock was a hit for both boys today...

26 August, 2016

Gold Fish

Another applique square done.  

25 August, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • For rescuers in Italy, working hard to try to find survivors.
  • For people safely sheltered from tornadoes in the USA.
Nothing at home seems relevant when you see the results of nature in these countries.
  • All embracing Bookweek fun.
  • Teachers that are terrific for both boys.
  • Boys that love & appreciate the craft I do for them.
  • Sure signs of spring.
  • Good days at work.

24 August, 2016

Book Week

This event seems to come around very fast.  Kind of like Christmas really!

Anakin Skywalker.

Emmet from the Lego Movie.

22 August, 2016

Stitching Fun

So a couple of these pictures found them selves stitched already.  It's a nice change to do them by hand after all the Town & Country squares which I am mostly doing by machine.  Must say I rather like the castle.  BJ likes the castle too.  He has asked for a castle.

21 August, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - A book for his birthday with children's science experiments in it had him out trying a few different ones.  This was cool watching the balloon expand.  

DJ - engrossed in science experiments this week at school too & now at home, he came to me in the pose asking me to take a photo.  So funny.  I had to get it quick, this serious scientist face!  lol

20 August, 2016

No Wi-fi = More Craft

Phone line issues have meant 3 days of no internet.  It's really quite amazing what you can get done without it.  

So on the weekend I started a new project.  Although it isn't new new.  It's actually been in the works for a couple of years.  In 2014 I did a group of embroidery cartoons pieces that were the start of a quilt for DJ.  This is the second step, the appliqued squares.  Only 9 of these which isn't so bad.  It's been a long time coming as I couldn't really decide what way to go with the colours in the quilt.  But now I got started it has kind of evolved & come together anyway.  

19 August, 2016

Week 33 & 34

Caught up again... well, up to date really.  

18 August, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Interesting learning ideas that keep the boys both so interested at school.
  • Great displays put on by teachers.
  • Some time for me to have some quiet!
  • Great displays of sportsmanship at the Olympics that should be highlighted over medal results.

17 August, 2016

Science Week

Science week has been a big deal at school this week.  There was even an expo held with all the schools science work on display for everyone to visit.  It was really good.  Very well done on the part of all the teachers.  

Months ago however, BJ was working on a writing piece for a competition as it turns out.  It was a statewide competition writing something about "Drones, Droids & Robots".  That was the theme I think & they even had some drone experts come to school to talk & demonstrate a drone!  How cool!  
Anyway, turns out BJ got an encouragement award in that writing comp.  We were pretty stoked for him.  

The Kinder class even had some work on show & some hands on experimenting that people could try.  Robots were fairly big throughout the year & DJ had a picture of his on the wall.  

Spotted another piece of his under the "How Things Move" section.  

It was all very cool.  Such interesting things to do in class.  Lucky them.  It seems like a lot of fun.

15 August, 2016

New Socks

I've been working on these for weeks.  My in between project, carry in the car project.  Some yarn I bought from someone that is unidentified.  It's really nice though.  Nice to knit.  Wish I knew what it was.  Anyway, these are for Stuart.  I decided he needed some new ones instead of me.  They are on my feet in the picture.  Too big.  Lucky for him.

14 August, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

Why is it that at 4.30pm the boys decide to get dressed & go outside to play!  It's almost dark!  Oh well, a bit of energy used up is good...  

13 August, 2016

Bit Excited

What better way to start a Saturday than with a sleep in.  Did some house work - put the washing machine on.  Then the rain started.  So umm...  what to do but sew the next round on.  I'm a bit rapt.  So pleased to have another one done & to be up to date with it again.  It's 60" now!  Rather big.  Three rounds to go.

12 August, 2016

Getting Close

Last one for this round.  Stay tuned....

11 August, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • The coming end of school swimming weeks!!!
  • Inspiration for Father's Day stall.  Phew...
  • A little bit of time to watch Olympics!  Boy I love it.
  • Watching my boys at school swimming, they are pretty good listening & doing all that is asked.  Quite a relief really!  lol
  • Getting to know some newer school mum's better.

08 August, 2016

Taking Stock - August

Making :  so many things, quilting, knitting, embroidering...  
Cooking : well it seems this week I have to make cupcakes for the RSPCA cupcake fundraiser at school!  
Drinking :  herbal tea
Reading:  The Tenderness of Wolves - Steff Penney
Wanting:  More time to read, more time to make, more time to play games with the boys!  lol
Looking:  At ideas for the school Father's Day stall.
Enjoying:  the recent calmness in my big boy.
Wondering: how bad the next power bill will be!
Loving: old episodes of The Bill on iview
Listening: audio books from the library website.
Considering: options.
Buying: just groceries really!  
Watching:  Olympics of course! 
Hoping:  no harm comes to anyone in Rio during the course of the Olympics.
Needing:  sleep
Smelling:  freshness after some rain
Wearing: a lot of layers
Noticing:  Spring is on the way
Playing:  lots of games with the boys after tea time.  Too Many Monkeys, Pop to the Shops, Sleeping Queens,                     Skip Bo, There's a Moose in the House.
Disliking: having colds
Helping:  kids at school learn to knit.
Hearing:  BJ practice piano.

07 August, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - pj day & some piano practice.  Coming along with some tunes now.
DJ - A few games today.  It's good game weather.  "Pop to the Shops" is a current favourite.

06 August, 2016

Week 32

I am pleased to be able to say I have finished this weeks squares.  One more to go to complete this round!  Stay tuned for a new reveal of an even larger quilt next week!

05 August, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Spring like moments.
  • Some much needed outdoor play time.
  • Good consult with a special person.
  • The help of a friend.

04 August, 2016

Week 30 & 31

Here are 2 weeks worth.  For a rather boring round of gardens there are some interesting bits in here.  I have had fun doing rather a lot of embroidery on them.  A lot of flowers to create.  A couple of adjusts again to the original designs.  The white picket fence is my plan.  The water tank I love.  I love my corrugated look.

Caught up now.  Woohoo!