28 November, 2016

Week 48

Woohoo...  feeling quite chuffed as I am up to date with this weeks.  I really don't want to get a few weeks behind right now.  Had some time today in between doing ordinary things like weeding!  Ekkk!  lol  I do occasionally do stuff like that.

27 November, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - We finally made it to the monthly childrens fishing session.  Both boys caught something but BJ was the most impressed!  Nice bit of trout.
DJ - Practising at Milo Cricket.  Loving it.

25 November, 2016

24 November, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Sewing mood, sort of, but enough to get something done.
  • A couple of cool nights again as boy it was getting hot already.
  • Beaut days.
  • A couple of spectacular storms!
  • Another coming summer camping trip which we are already looking forward too.  
  • Creating our own memories like the one above...  (me on the left, sister & brother)

23 November, 2016

Nearly Caught

A bunch of very dull coloured pictures this time.  In a very odd order.

21 November, 2016

Playing Catch Up

Just getting a bit of stitching down in a few of these.  It's terrible to get so many weeks behind & then multiply that by 7 & goodness there is quite a stack.  There are so many things to get on with though that these have been neglected & I'm still not really into it as I should be but getting there.  Not long to go.  Just had week 47!  Wow!

20 November, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - I had told BJ after lunch that he had to get dressed & go outside for while.  This is where he went.   With a book no less.

DJ - apparently this is how you sunbake.  After I took this one he was headed inside telling me he was going to do it properly.  I said he wasn't to get a towel!  lol

18 November, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Organised for Christmas!  
  • Progress on the garden at last for spring.
  • A handy hubby who can build chicken houses!
  • A successful attempt at a knitted toy.  Phew...
  • Hanging out with DJ on a Monday - only a few more to go before he is at school full time & we can't...

17 November, 2016

New Pet Rabbit

I did it.  I got him together.  I got his hoodie knitted & together with a bit of trouble but it's done.  I even got a face on it.  It's pretty cute.  Now he will live at work though for a while to help sell the kits there.  Pretty please with Walkworth.

16 November, 2016

Taking Stock - November

Making : a rabbit & a whole bunch of other stuff that is currently being ignored.
Cooking :  date loaf, lemon drizzle cakes...  they keep disappearing.
Drinking :  water with lemon
Reading:  Christmas at Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop
Trawling:  Pinterest
Wanting:  things to work out.
Looking:  forward to festivities.
Deciding:  on many things for the Christmas season.
Wishing:  Christmas wasn't quite so close yet.  
Enjoying:  so many things right now.
Waiting:  for motivation to come to finish off some things.
Liking:  what I have achieved for Christmas so far.  😀
Wondering:  If Santa will do a good job this year.  😉
Loving:  that the boys are enjoying Milo cricket so much.
Pondering: you know I can't really say I ponder much...  have to have a think...
Listening:  Pentatonix new Christmas album.
Considering:  Christmas
Buying:  surprises...
Watching:  Downton Abbey right through...
Hoping:   that work gets busier!
Cringing: at how fast time is flying...  won't be long at it will be the new school year!
Needing:  more time.
Smelling: freshly mown grass
Wearing: some summer things!  Finally...
Noticing:  so many weeds
Knowing:  summer will come eventually
Thinking: about the list for holiday supplies
Disliking:  such a lot of rain always on the weekends.  
Opening:  lots of parcels in the mail.  
Giggling: a t the birds trying to eat the bugs in the webs on the outside of the windows.
Feeling: organised
Hearing:  Christmas music on Pandora radio...  🎅

14 November, 2016

Rainy Day Knits

Our weekends have been so wet.  It's amazing what you can get done on a day like it.  At work we got these gorgeous kits in with all you need to make this rabbit.  It was just beautiful the one I saw previously.  So I had to give one a go.  It hasn't taken too long to knit his parts & get it together.  Stay tuned...

13 November, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - with his Picasso Cow that his class were lucky enough to get to paint.  He was also one of the lucky few to get to go to the presentation with the other 9 schools from the area that had one.

DJ - Apparently this is how married people dance, with a rose in their mouth.

12 November, 2016

Few Finishes

This is a knitted scarf with some new yarn at work.  Interest slubs in it.  It's a nice cotton so would be lovely for summer or spring garments.

A cowl just off the blocking table.  Really enjoyed doing this.  I think it will be a teacher gift.  Boy the teachers have earned their pressies this year.   I do this from me, not so much from the boys...  Showing my appreciation.  Some don't like this idea.  Some say teacher gifts should be from & made by the children.  Oh well.  

I also finished my book really really late, so it was a good day for finishing a few things.

Weather has been frightful of a weekend, so it's been good to do things like this.

10 November, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Smooth weeks.
  • Birthday celebrations.
  • Busier work days.
  • Travellers returned safely.
  • An opportunity for me to go on a school excursion.
  • Christmas progress.
  • Summer holiday sorted.
  • Great neighbours.

07 November, 2016

More Making

Another rainy day meant making inside.  The gardening was on hold again & the main gardener here was back in the garage building a bit more.  Our chicken house is progressing well.  

More lemons were picked by little people so I bothered with the lemon cordial.  This is the one I make each summer.  I do less sugar though than it says.  I think it have it down to about 500g which still seems like a lot.  

Also made one of these Lemon Drizzle cakes on Sunday but it didn't last 2 hours!  So another one today.  It's so very good.  

Plus, a Ginger sponge which is good.  We have made 5 of those in the last 2 weeks.  I have given 4 of them away though.  Today's went up the hill.  

A Pokemon Battle which I lost this time.  

A busy day where it felt like I did nothing really.  But it was busy all day.  Felt like I spent most of the time washing dishes!  I hate days like that.  But all in all a good long weekend.

06 November, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - his dinosaur that he mostly made by himself.  Very proud of him.

DJ - had to make him one too of course.  BJ sewed the body on it though.  Pretty cool though.  

05 November, 2016


BJ said the other week he wanted to make a bear.  I said I don't have bear patterns or fur.  I did tell him that we were getting new toy patterns in at work & one of them was a dinosaur if he wanted to wait.  

Well they arrived this past week & lucky for me, the dino pattern was a good beginner pattern.  So today we started on a dino.  He got into it that is for sure.

03 November, 2016

New Runner

Had this sitting around waiting for me to do something other than sort the squares into colours.  

Got it done...  well the top anyway.  It's nice in the greys, reds & white.  Scandinavian colours...  pretty...  

Have been doing knitting on the side too.  So not much to show this week!