22 November, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - hanging out with Dad a lot this weekend while comprehending accidents & doctor visits.  A bit out of sorts & needing reassurance.
DJ - impressive bandages to cover a bandage underneath that refuses to stick to the palm.  A very brave boy with a hole in his hand but requiring X-rays & medicine but no stitches.  

52 project is here...

21 November, 2015

To Do List

I haven't done well this year with my list of things that I wanted to see done on my craft list.  But finally there is another.  

I did these Happy Sun quilt blocks an age ago.  The quilt top was sewn.  It was basted.  All I needed to do was quilt & bind.  I did that the other day when I found the binding.  lol  It's done...  It is hanging in DJ's room.  I call him Sunshine & sing him the You are my Sunshine song.  So I kind of figured it would be perfect for him.  

20 November, 2015


I've got to stop looking at Pinterest at Christmas time.  I get too many ideas.

This is like something I saw, but it was a lot bigger.  Also not a place mat thing like this is...  this is my experimental version though.  I can simplify it a whole lot next time I think.  I do quite like it though.  Will avoid trying to make a round wheel this way in future.  It's tricky to get them round!  lol    It was fun playing around with it.  I have some corners to cut when I try another.  This one still needs some jazzing up but will concentrate on a couple of others first.

19 November, 2015

Thursday Thanks

  • Wellness again!
  • Spur of the moment fun times with friends.
  • Fun family games.
  • Knocking off the Christmas list.
  • Intense work around the work to eliminate safety risks to so many.
  • Kindness of strangers shown in the face of terror...  

18 November, 2015

Ticked Off

Some more done for Christmas.  Two more table runners.  Another couple of things ticked off the list.  Enjoying these.

Not sure how I have managed to get as much sewing done as I have lately.  Turns out I was a bit sicker than I thought.  Not just a cough & cold.  It's good that I haven't been stuck in bed though.  

I obviously do too much of this too...  

Picture drawn by DJ today of me playing Candy Crush.  Bwahahahaha...  I love it...  I like how he drew the lollies so well in rows.  

16 November, 2015


So I had a couple of pieces of the green fabric left.  So I used them.  As you do.  I used up some more of the cute Store front labels that I had cut out.  I added the Christmas tree fabric to the top & bottom of these.  I love them.  

15 November, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - building his new Lego.  Serious business.  Saved enough & had to spend the money!  
DJ - doing an awesome job of following the instruction book & building his new Lego himself.  Just a little help required.  Of course he had to spend his money too.  

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