01 October, 2014


Monday was a nice home day.  That was good.  No rushing off, getting the boys out the door in a hurry or anything...  

We made some gingerbread biscuits.  
They were so excited about picking which cookie cutters to use.  I mean, they went through them all picking & choosing for ages...  there were cutters every where!  They had fun though.  
DJ was happiest as that meant there was food at the end of this activity!  lol

29 September, 2014

Holiday Ideas

The holidays are here.  A much needed break from school & routines.  Ahhhh....  

But once again, we find ourselves on a serious budget.  For some reason it always lands on holiday times.  It's OK, as I don't think the holidays need to be spent doing stuff that cost money.  They don't need to be spent out & about a lot either.  Home is good too.  

I have been checking out some ideas for use at home though...  A bit of creativity on my part, to give them something else to try/play/do...  

Yesterday was chalk drawing.  We have a small patch on concrete to draw on.  I quickly did a rough road, river, a couple of houses & trees.  Put the cars & boats on it & I was done.  The boys spent a good hour there before lunch.  It was good.  They added to the drawing.  A haunted house?  Zombies?  Yes they are boys!!!  Fire in the trees!  But they drove cars & trucks & boats.  All good.  

It rained a bit more last night so our canvas should be clean & ready for a new one.  

Also I started a tub in the freezer full of farm animals.  HUH I hear you ask???  

Yeah I know, but I started with this layer in the freezer & slowly added another layer or water & animals over the course of yesterday.  I will have a giant lump of ice with toy crap in it basically!  

But later in the holidays I will get it out for the boys to chisel, hammer, whack, whatever it takes, to get those animals out of their iceberg.  Should be interesting fun.  They don't know about it.  I wasn't going to tell them because otherwise you get that continuous asking when it is going to be ready & when they can have it...  need some surprises for later on.  Hopefully we have a really nice warm day later on in the holidays.  

28 September, 2014


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

Some early holiday activity.  A chalk drawn town on the concrete with cars & boats, & the addition of any town features you both wanted to add!  Loads of fun!  

But just for the heck of it, my little girl too.  Juneau was looking particularly gorgeous!  

25 September, 2014

Cross Stitching Again

It's so nice to be doing a little of this again.  

I recently have sold an awful lot of my cross stitching stuff.  I mean, ummm... lots...  but I did buy some too.  I got the new 2014 Mill Hill Christmas ornaments.  This is 3 of them that I have stitched over this last week.  I do enjoy my stitching.  It's still hard though to do any bigger projects with this DJ around like he is, a whirlwind that I don't trust near my "special" stuff!  He still doesn't get it!  

Anyway, these are 3 of the new ornaments that I just made into hangers this morning.  

Just started another ornament.  BJ picked the next one to do & DJ picked the one after that.  They are older ones they picked.  They just looked through the ones I have.  Well some of them, I didn't delve too deep into the box of ones I have yet to do...  I think that quantity equals the ones that I have done!  So I need to stitch faster!  

22 September, 2014

Sunday Snapshot


What an awesome day it was.  I put up a sneak peak on the portraits yesterday, but needed to add a couple of others.  It was so much fun.  

I sent the boys out quite early.  About 9.30am.  Told them they had to get outside for a while.  TV off & play out.  Don't mind what you do but you are outside!  

It turned out to be nearly 5 hours worth of outside!  For BJ that was quite huge.  He is quite an inside kind of kid already.  Soooo...  having sent him out he wanted to do something to earn pocket money.  So Stuart took them both out front to wash the car.  Well of course they didn't actually get it finished but they had a lot of fun trying!  

Then they wanted to play with the sprinkler.  
Then the clam shell with water in it, so I put that under the sprinkler.  
Shed layers of clothes & put bathers on the bottoms at least.  
Smother them with sunscreen as that sun was hot & sure had some sting.  Lucky I did as I heard of others that got burnt yesterday & the boys were a little pink this morning.  (yes, when you get sun here you really burn, not just a little sun tan, but deep burn!)
Then one sprinkler was off & the other was on & sitting in the pool.  
Combine that with trampoline play, lunch outside on the deck & an icecream in a cone, it was a nice time spent outside & a nice relaxing day in readiness for a new crazy week.  

21 September, 2014


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

What an awesome day today.  Such awesome summer weather already!  For some reason the boys wanted to play under the sprinkler, which led to the paddling pool, which led to the other sprinkler, trampoline time with Dad and icecream in cones.  It was a lot of time outside, including lunch on the deck.  What a glorious start to a good summer with a bit of luck.

16 September, 2014

Amazing Moment

Do any of you have a child with anxiety?  

I do, BJ has it. ( He gets it from his mother!)  

So to see him get up in front of the school assembly & read his creative writing out, was quite something.  You have no idea.  Or maybe you do.  

I am still surprised he went through with it actually.  But he did & I was a very proud mum.  (a very proud mum who cried!)

On a side note but still relating to children with anxiety I recently bought the book "Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts!" for BJ.  We have read it a number of times.  Any time he has an issue we will sit & read it if he asks for it, even if we are running late for school.  It's usually school that is causing the issues, so we have to take the time to read.  It's a great, simple book to give kids some sort of empowerment & coping skills from an early age in a way they can understand.  

He also loves it as the author wrote his name in the front, to him, specially...  What a nice touch!  


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