26 July, 2018

Birthday Party Socks

I adore these.   The colour is stunning.  But I made them for a non-knitter who loved them too.

Sock #11 - 2018

07 July, 2018

Harry Potter In the House

So a Harry Potter party. 

Pinterest to the rescue thank goodness.

We had Hogwarts mail hanging from the ceiling along with a few owls in the room.  A Nimbus 2000 was a fun thing we whipped up thanks to the sticks on the beach.  Looks cool too. 

Ollivander's Wand shop was a hit.  The kids loved the wands.  I had fun making them too I must say.  We had Hogwarts house team ties that I had made.  Each child wore one & took it home.  A few of the kids don't know anything about HP yet so it didn't mean much to them but it was fun all the same. 

Some bottles of potions were sitting about on the table. 

A lot of lollies.  Dumbledore Lemon Drops, Jelly Slugs, Huffle Puffs, Ghost Drops, Wands, Broomsticks, Chocolate Frogs, Every Flavour Jelly Bean & some Dragon Claws.  Finish that off with some Butterbeer & Pumpkin Juice & we were set. 

The kids had inside games of sort of quidditch, & also out in the paddock games of it, although that proved very difficult as it was a little bit windier than hoped. 

The kids took home a wand, a tie, a spell/potion book & a herb for Herbology class. 

It was good fun.

03 July, 2018

And He's 7!

Well this kid turned 7!  Crazy really! 

A little family gathering for tea & cake! 

The cake!  Yeah. well what can I say?  He wanted a Harry Potter theme birthday. So what better to include the Harry cake like Hagrid made for him in the first book.  DJ was very impressed especially with my spelling mistakes.   (it's tricky to spell wrong on purpose!)    Not the finest of cakes but he loved it.  I guess I got off lightly this time! 

30 June, 2018

Something Different

I branched out a little with these socks.  Couldn't settle into a pattern easily when I started with the yarn but was told about this pattern by my friend Angela.  Started it & it worked out okay & didn't take much thinking.

So much for this yarn being for Stuart.  He's missing out on this pair.

Socks #10 - 2018

28 June, 2018

Taking Stock - June

Making :  party stuff
Cooking :  as little as possible but a bit of soup.
Drinking :  coffee
Reading:  The Secrets of Midwives - Sally Hepworth
Trawling:  pinterest for Harry Potter party ideas.
Wanting:  the holidays to come!
Looking:  at party ideas.
Deciding:  on birthday presents.
Enjoying:  party preparations.  
Waiting: for the internet date to change over... hate dial up speed.  
Listening: to strange requests at work.  
Buying:  birthday presents.  First one, then another...  
Watching:  Hart of Dixie again.
Hoping:  my knitty mojo comes back fast.
Cringing: at the idea of school swimming in the middle of winter.
Needing:  present ideas for both boys.
Wearing:  lots of my hand knits.
Noticing:  DJ is growing up.
Disliking: that DJ is growing up & leaving behind his bedtime snuggle things.  
Feeling:  sadness for the horses...
Celebrating:  BJ's birthday.
Pretending: the chopsticks I bought are actually for us to try eating with.  They have been turned into wands for a party.
Embracing:  all things Harry Potter...

25 June, 2018

It's Cold

The boys asked for mittens for the mornings.  These fingerless ones work up quite quickly.  They are only miniature really so it wasn't too much of a struggle.  They picked their colours.  Seems DJ has started a trend in his class. 

15 June, 2018


Love you Mintie!