31 January, 2015

Taking Stock - January

Making :  Coleslaw - amazing as both boys are eating it without complaint, even with it mixed up & with dressing!  
Cooking :  Crumble burgers...  I can't seem to make them stay in one piece.  lol  
Drinking :  Water with cut lemons in it.  
Reading:  Life after Life - Kate Atkinson
Wanting:  cool nights so I can sleep!  
Looking: at different patterns for my next knitting project
Playing:  Candy Crush..  sigh...
Deciding:  what colours to do the next crochet blanket squares in my group.
Wishing:  the summer holidays were longer.
Enjoying:  Knitting this cardigan thing.  It might even work out!  
Waiting:  For Easter holidays.
Liking:  making strawberry spiders at home for us.  
Wondering:  If BJ is going to find the start of school difficult or not
Loving: the laziness of the holidays from school & routines.
Pondering:  the effort needed next week in making school lunches again...  
Considering:  What interesting things I can include in a school lunch that doesn't come in a packet!  
Watching:  Revenge season 3.  Almost finished.  
Hoping:  that work gets busier soon.
Marvelling: at how DJ is growing up & comprehending so many new things...
Needing:  to cover school books.
Smelling:  Partylite candles  - White Cedar & Cinnamon Sparkle are favourites right now.
Wearing:  new bras by Intimo!  Get yourself these!  Awesome comfort!  lol
Following:  My 2 blog friends & watching their children grow up so quickly...
Noticing:  how outside it seems to have signs of Autumn already!  ekkkk...
Knowing:  the first day of school is going to be hard for BJ. 
Thinking: quite a number of days after the first day at school will probably be just as hard.
Admiring:  Rosie Batty, Australian of the Year.  Can't imagine doing what she is doing after losing a child.  
Sorting:  toys, craft, stuff to sell, give away or throw away.  
Buying:  as little as possible
Getting:  new yarns at work, can't wait!  There is more to come! 
Bookmarking:  new patterns to knit
Disliking:  too hot.  Mild summer days are good.  
Opening:  parcels of yarn this week at work, new ones & old ones.  Such fun coming into new season knitting.
Giggling: at my friend's auto-correct error.  lol  Can't tell you sorry.  
Feeling:  tired
Snacking:  chocolate & treats from Christmas
Coveting:  All the beautiful yarns out there in the world that I don't have any of!
Helping:  DJ learn to write his name
Hearing:  Tennis

30 January, 2015

Special Holiday Times

My sister came for a holiday over the last week.  She comes to see the boys really.  lol

They were excited.  A couple of toys.  
Reading bed time stories. 
Coffee out.  

Happy Days.

29 January, 2015

Thursday Thanks

  • Overtime for Stuart.
  • The "Gardening Fairies"
  • The grandparents that are available for some babysitting stints in the holidays.
  • Movies for the big little guy with his Grandad.
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Australia Day barbeque with lots of people
  • 9 kids playing so well together.
  • The boys Aunt coming to hang out with them.  
  • Sleep in/lay in before the madness of school term begins.  
  • No rushing about to places.  
  • New books to spark a wee bit of school interest.

# 53/1000 of my little moments of thanks...

28 January, 2015

Uh Oh... School Is Coming

Do you have a child with anxiety issues?  

Last year I got BJ this book by Nicky Johnston.  
It's good.  It has helped him out.  We read it any time he wants, even if it is at a most inconvenient time...  He likes the book.  For one thing, it has his name in it.  Nicky signs it to a person you choose, request for on her order form.  

I think this book will be getting a workout in the coming weeks...

We just picked up his school books so the reality is coming soon.  Hard to not talk about it now.  Slowly, gently... 

Best wishes to you if you have an anxious child too...  

27 January, 2015

Australia Day Fun

The yearly Aussie Day barbeque at Fell Farm was another beautiful day which we were very surprised about.  A group of 25 in the end, which was nice.  Some new friends came along this year which was interesting too.  It can be difficult to integrate new people into a mix & I'm still not sure how it went, but the kids had a great time.   They all played so well together both inside & out.  I think on the whole it went well, & everyone had a good time with lots of good food & company.  

Hope your Australia Day was a fun one if you are an Aussie celebrating all things Australian!  

25 January, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - Busy day including a movie with Grandad.  Worn out...

DJ - just the clown as usual.  Can't get a sensible  pic of him much!  lol

Linking up with the 52 project.

22 January, 2015

Thursday Thanks

  • Over night rain
  • Beautiful days
  • Play times with little friends from far away & from school
  • Much excitement swimming at the pool again
  • Lazy times at home
  • Customers that are so happy with the help you give that they give you hugs!  
  • Ability to pay bill before over due!  
  • Times at an indoor play centre