25 December, 2018

24 December, 2018

Welcome Santa, Farewell Doug

Day 20

Day 21 & 22 hahahaha....

Day 23

Day 24

22 December, 2018

Last Socks 2018

Finishing off the year with one last pair of socks for Stuart.  Scrap socks again as they really are fun & a surprise the whole way. 

Socks # 14 2018

20 December, 2018

More Christmas Fun

I finished off this sneaky gift.  It is for a very good friend.   We are having our own little Christmas party, myself & 2 others.  I love these 2 girls.  (she loved her runner!)  

Day 16

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Day 18

Day 19

16 December, 2018

Grinch - mas

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15

12 December, 2018

End Of Year Gifts

Continuing on with handmade gifts for the end of year things, I made a few fun things.

First the tote bag for the boys piano teacher. ( Seems he was rather taken aback & pleased.)  It's probably a nice change from chocolate!  lol  It is cool though.  I love this fabric.  

A gorgeous cowl I knitted although this was finished some time ago.  It was a good thing I started early in the year on this.  But it looked lovely, & the colours suited BJ's teacher.  Hope she wears it! 

This is the one I had planned ages ago.  I was at work when we ordered this Dr Seuss fabric & I waited for it to come so I could do this for DJ's teachers.  It was perfect for them as they spent the first half of the year reading these books too.  (It seems both teachers were rapt with theirs.  I think I need to stock up on the fabric so I can continue to make them for future teachers. )

11 December, 2018

Douglas Is Chilled

Day 7

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