21 April, 2017

Taking Stock - April

Making :  pillows.
Cooking :  food gifts
Drinking :  less water now it's cooler.  That's bad.
Reading:  Book of Lost Threads - Tess Evans
Trawling:  pattern inspiration
Deciding:  what to make for a friends freezer.
Wishing:  I knew more stuff about stuff.
Enjoying: having chickens.
Waiting: for eggs still...
Liking:  challenging myself to try new things.
Wondering: whether I can do this "sewalong" or not...
Loving:  school holidays!
Pondering:  what to do over the holidays.
Listening: to audio books while I craft
Buying:  not much 
Watching: giving Mad Men a try.  (no, not quite into it at the moment!)
Needing:  some extra enthusiasm when I have the time to use it for the right things.
Wearing: my nice cozy hand knit slippers from last winter.
Noticing: how crisp the days are getting.
Disliking:  snap fasteners on stretch fabric.
Hearing:  some rain at last.
Celebrating:  will be celebrating a little next month so invitations have been written & mailed or delivered.  Yes!  Written invitations!  No facebook event for this one!  :-)  I'm going old style.  

20 April, 2017


Yes, it's finished!  Not well, but finished.  I tried a lot of new things which was interesting.  But really in the great scheme of all the sewing I have done, I have probably done it before but just never known it was a "thing with a name"!  lol    

So I learnt - 
  1.  Understitching.
  2. Top stitching.
  3. Twin top stitching but without a twin needle!   ( I now have a twin needle to experiment with!).
  4. Getting to know stretch fabrics.
  5. Re-learning how to read dress making patterns.
  6. Getting with the new pattern phase of PDF patterns!
  7. Snap fasteners are rotten.  
  8. The front panel isn't even, but I can see what I should have done to get it all matchy matchy. 
  9. This was a project for a sew-along, so lots of people were making it at the same time & it's very encouraging.  
  10. I definitely should have done the sleeves in plain black.  
  11. The collar in the picture isn't sitting right.  
  12. I have an overedge stitch on my regular sewing machine that makes a nice edge not unlike an overlocker.  It does a good job when someone is too scared to learn how to use an overlocker.  
  13. Snap fasteners come off & make holes in garment. 
Well that is good & bad.  But at least it wasn't some super expensive fabric.  I had it ready to learn with so that worked out ok.  I expect to make a lot more mistakes if I keep trying.  But that's ok, I have picked up some good remnants from Spotty so it's not going to make me cry if I ruin anything.  As I tell the boys, you have to keep trying so you learn & get better at something.  Once isn't enough.  

19 April, 2017

Getting Close

It's getting closer to finished.  I am learning a lot in the process.  

Main thing is that stretch sewing isn't so bad.

17 April, 2017


I did it.  

I had been putting off doing the tracing of this pattern.  It's a jacket for BJ maybe, if it works.  It's purely experimental at the moment.  I am not used to sewing with knit fabric for one thing.  Stretchy fabric has a mind of it's own.  

I was pleased to get this far anyway.  It looks right so far too.  That's a good sign.  I won't get any more done for a couple of days & do need to sit & concentrate.  It's all a fun challenge though.  

We'll see if I don't stuff it up later.  

15 April, 2017

Pillow Presents

I had another crazy idea.  You know how these things come to you at crazy times?  Usually when you have so many other things that should be done first.  

My brother & sister in law are here from New Zealand at the moment.  

My niece got engaged a few months back.  

After some chatting about things, my niece & her fiancee still love Marvel Comics.  

So what better than a couple of pillows with Marvel characters all over them.  I had to fussy cut to try to highlight different characters for one than the other.  It's a pain when the pattern repeat is only small.  Oh well, we got there & had two pillow covers done & ready.  I have actually got them off the inserts as I think that they may pack better.  We'll see how they go.   

09 April, 2017


We've had a lovely rainy weekend.  Some beaut rainbows & some awesome thunderstorms.  

Lots of time in there then to finish knitting my rainbow socks.  I love this wool, though it doesn't show as bright here as it really is.  Teamed with the black for highlights I love it.  Winter is coming & sock season with some new socks won't be far.  

This crazy chicken lady is loving hanging out with her chickens.  They dodged the rain today for some play time made themselves cozy in the dirt we filled in last weekend under the fence to keep them in.  It's worked at least.  My little buddy Snowy lets me pat her a bit now which is pretty cool.

05 April, 2017

Cushion 4

BJ was asked to another birthday the other day.  I shouldn't have got excited at the prospect should I?  I was though.

Only because I wanted to make another cushion!  

We went through the fabrics to see what we had that BJ would be happy enough with to give his friend.  Fortunately this large print of Star Wars comic covers was a winner.  I had actually purchased it recently with this child in mind.  So that was lucky.  

This time BJ wanted the name on it too.  So I went to print it up this morning while trying to work out where I would place it.  

A lightbulb moment!!!  

Sometimes those moments are good & sometimes they are bad.  

Fortunately for me, this wasn't such a bad one.  I needed a Star Wars font.  Google & Pinterest are my friends.  The only thing I couldn't remember was how to actually get them into Word.  Google my friend again!  

As you can see I have squeezed the name into the top piece of the comic.  It isn't obvious this time, not like the last Star Wars pillow.  The child was turning 6.  This child is turning 9.  So lets have a little play.  I am waiting now until after school to see if the boys pick the name out easily or not.  

ETA - This pillow was a hit. They were fascinated to find his name on it.  Kind of stopped them in their tracks I think!  lol