04 July, 2015

Superhero Days

It's crazy but the little DJ turned 4!  So quickly!  This time has passed so very quickly...

He was super over excited for days...  Everyone he saw, if they stood still for a second he was telling them it was nearly his birthday.  

All he ever wanted he got...  You would not believe the excitement!  Seriously!  So excited about his police house...  

It was a Super hero kind of day(s).  
Cake which scored him an extra toy!  & a whole lot of chocolate!  & a reasonably easy but effective cake for Mum to make!  (score for me!)

Being his birthday Friday, which only had the family for pizza tea that night.  Saturday was a little party play time with some invited friends.  

More cake!   (kids do not eat cake!  Icing yes.  Cake no. )  

An assortment of Super heros were in the house.  

Party bags!  
I love making these things.  You know they are all for my benefit!  
But it turns out they are an important part of a party these days...  the children ask wait for them.  They really do!  Lucky I enjoy finding that stuff.  Everything seems to just jump out at me though.  

Back is a smallish figurine.  An assortment of Avengers went in the bags.  DJ wanted the Hulk.  The box of Candy sticks, a couple of sheets of superhero stickers, a superman chocolate lollypop, a couple of Avengers lollipops, & the square Hulk thing on this is one of those facewashers that grows in water.  I was so excited when I found those.  I had 4 different ones I think.  DJ wanted Hulk again.  At least BJ has something different.  

We had one little girl at the party so instead of the little figure I found a Wonder Woman softie for her bag, & there was also a littler boy invited so he had a Superman one like this instead of the figure.  His big brother got a figure instead.  Oh cool, she got the Superman facewasher.  The one I thought she may at least know or have heard of.  For a very girly girl, something with Superman was going to be a bit of a change for their household I expect!  lol  

So there we have it.  The birthday is done.  A very excited boy has to come down from that high which I expect will happen with a crash probably on Monday!

But now the school holidays have begun so it's good.  Some very quiet times & lots of Lego building I expect!

02 July, 2015

Thursday Thanks

  • Successful operation for a friend.
  • Birthday preparations...
  • Busy work days.
  • Friends
  • A finished knit.

01 July, 2015

Taking Stock - May & June

Making :  party decorations
Cooking :  party food
Drinking :  less coffee
Reading:  Cloudstreet, at last.  Struggled, but enjoyed it in the end.
Wanting:  more time to read the other load of books sitting there
Looking:  at knitting patterns
Playing:  Candy Crush of course!
Deciding:  which knitting pattern I am in the mood for.
Wishing:  for a bit more time to make all the knitting things as well.
Enjoying:  listening/reading the Famous Five.
Waiting: for my friend to have her long awaited operation.
Liking: the spring like weather in the middle of winter.
Wondering: what little things I can do for my friend after her op.
Loving:  my work
Pondering:  Which cowl pattern will best enhance the colours in the yarn I want to use.
Considering:  what to do when in the coming school holidays.
Buying: so much fruit it's crazy!  These boys eat it all day.
Watching:  Masterchef!  Love it!
Hoping:  the little guy enjoys his birthday gifts!  Present pressure is terrible!  lol
Marvelling:  at how suddenly it seems my big boy can read!
Cringing: about present pressure!
Needing:  time...  so much more time...  to make stuff...  lol
Questioning:  the depths people must be in to take their own life.
Smelling:  mandarins after peeling them.
Wearing:  new jeans that fit properly!
Sorting:  more toys & clothing the boys grow out of ...  it's never ending really.
Getting:  good test results.
Bookmarking:  recipe ideas for different things the boys could try.
Coveting:cake decorator skills...
Disliking:  frosts.
Giggling:  at all the silly things I have found to send my friend while she is in hospital.
Feeling: like I need a massage
Snacking:  Cadbury Breakaway Hazelnut biscuits...  try them if you haven't!
Helping:  BJ with his reading & words.
Hearing:  some great singers on The Voice.


Don't you hate it when you hear something bad & you just can't shake the thought from your mind?

Well this morning I read some sad news online.  One of the blogs I follow, listed in "My Blogs I love to read" list on the right, has just rattled me this morning.

The writer of the blog A Creative Being took her own life the other day.  Depression.  Tragic.  Depression is hard to fathom - how bad must one feel to take that final step to end it & escape it.  It's hard to comprehend.

I have anxiety issues.  I don't know how far it goes before it turns into depression...  after having my boys I know I had it but now it's just more an anxiety issue.   But I have help.

There is so much help out there now for these things.  Please, don't ignore the signs...  take it on yourself to admit you don't feel right & seek the help from your GP.  Call an anonymous line like Beyond Blue & just talk a bit if you don't want to be face to face.  But don't be scared of what may come.  Be scared of what may come if you don't get the help you need.

Be brave.  Save yourself.  Talk to someone.

28 June, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - Minecraft time on a Sunday.
DJ - Has to have his turn too...  I know you are there .....

Linking up, late...

25 June, 2015

Thursday Thanks


  • Health checks with good results.
  • Great feedback at parent/teacher.
  • Friends who bring you a meal.
  • Busy work days.
  • Sunshine.

21 June, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - proud of his finished pirate ship!  It's huge!
DJ - excited about having a play with BJ's pirates that he gave to BJ.  

Linking up with the 52 project.