01 September, 2014

Ummm... New Stuff

So I am a sucker...  I had to change the schedule of all the other stuff I am in the middle of & do this one!  

I have done mine a little differently though with each picture a different colour.  I hope it works with my plan...  

31 August, 2014


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.  

Not your average pair of pictures.  

BJ - selfies again...  
DJ - with a co-star today.  It was one of those days...  

25 August, 2014

Slow Going Mystery

It's been going on but very slowly.  It wasn't a good week to do much of anything as just disrupted often.  So a couple of squares below took an eternity!  Also found I hadn't even printed up Clue 3 so that was another reason why I am all out of order!

Anyway, here are the latest.  Not long to go now!  

Clue 2B

Clue 3C 

Clue 3B 

Clue 5B 

Clue 3A 

24 August, 2014


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.  

BJ  - briefly fishing...
DJ - first time fishing where he was allowed to hold a rod!  It lasted 2 minutes.  But he was excited to try out his fishing chair at last that he got for his birthday!

21 August, 2014

Lego Man

Today was BJ's turn to dress up.  

Introducing Emmet from the Lego movie & books.  

19 August, 2014

My Little Robber

& an excited Robber he was!  

DJ only does "school" for an hour a week.  It's at the primary school where BJ already goes, but it's a programme for 0-5 year olds.  Being Book Week this week of course he had a dress up too.  He was so excited & was waiting ALL weekend to dress up like a robber.  Finally he did.  He walked up to the class room growling "I'm a robber"....  He got a few looks from the school kids that were still on lunch break & saw him.  Was quite funny & he typically enjoyed it all!  

They have half hour of playing & this time all the activities were involving books.  This was really cool & he enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs in the goo...  sort of like slime it was.  All based on a book "The Dirty Dinosaur" which was also the book the teacher read before we left.  

18 August, 2014




I know!!!!  

I don't do clothing!  Well not as a rule, it just doesn't suit me much!  lol  But it's that time of year again!  AGAIN!  I'm sure it happens more than once!  

What time of year???  

Book Week!  

Yep, dress ups.  
It's funny but it doesn't even occur to me to go & buy a costume!  I understand plenty do & that's cool.   But when I hear of dressing up stuff, my mind just thinks automatically that I have to make something!  

Cos that's how I roll I guess...  
My mind tells me so!  

(shhhh...  stop talking so much Mind!)


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