11 March, 2018

Productive Day

The Rabbits are done!  I have an interesting breed in my garden.  Not angora or anything fancy like that.  I breed acrylic ones!  lol  

They have been a work in progress all week as I do pompoms of a night.  But today I just wanted them finished & out of the way.  

Another quick beanie too.  

10 March, 2018

Fat Yarn, Fast Yarn

So at work next we are having a beanie promotion.  These will even be for sale!  Winter will be here before we know it!  These were super fast knits.  But I hate knitting with such fat yarn.  

09 March, 2018

Birthday Girl

My girl Juneau is 12 today.

My shadow.  My furry kid, first born.

Or second born as there was Kayla the Elkhound before her.

04 March, 2018

New Things

A new cast-on for me.  It's not socks!  A new pattern that just came out on Ravelry & some very special yarn that I had stashed for just such a time as now.

Suddenly I needed something other than socks.  It's been a long slog of sock knitting to get enough for the window  display at work.

(It's been a success though, my washing line of socks.  A lot of interest created, & I could have sold them 10 times over I reckon.  Presuming everyone has the same size foot as Stuart or I that is!  Many asked if I had more sizes somewhere or children's socks somewhere to pick from too.  But nope, not for sale.  Having said that though I did sell one pair.  The lady was looking for things to send her soldier son.  He is currently serving in Afghanistan.  So, I have a pair of socks I knitted on the way to Afghanistan.  How cool is that then?)  

03 March, 2018

Pompom Production

March is that time of year when we have the upcoming school fair.  It's a big fair.  Huge!  Well known for a good day out.

We have been repurposing some yarn into pompoms.  It was a real family affair.  Even Stuart made a couple.

The boys & I spent some time making our assortment of colourful balls into Pomp-kins.  Hopefully a fun thing that the children at the fair can spend their change.  We have 51.  We'll see how they go...

Rabbit production is also on the way.  It is of course Easter soon so hopefully they are popular too.

26 February, 2018

Mashup Socks 2

I got these cool socks done.  Rather quickly!  They look good.  Really enjoyed them.

Pity they aren't for me!  Stuart has some spiffy new socks this year!

Socks #5 - 2018

13 February, 2018

Scrap Dash

I got so excited by my last scrap socks I had to keep going to use up some more...  

This is what we start with...  

Stay tuned...