14 January, 2018

Unexpected Fun

This was fun!  Seven of us on the pedal buggies in the park on a lovely summer day.  What more could you want.  Oh yeah.  Icecream of course!

11 January, 2018


Three hours of swimming with their cousins was quite a feat...  They had fun.  They love hanging with them, on the rare occasions they are together.  

I get lots of a knitting done while they swim.  Unfortunately I can't go in pools.  It always looks so nice & I would love too.  But well, not worth it.  

Three hours of swimming exhausted them though.  Gee they got "crabby" later!  

08 January, 2018

Gorgeous Days

We've had some beaut days.  Lots of fun to be had.  We are so lucky to have a beach like this on our doorstep.  

Places you knit!  

06 January, 2018

Let's Bowl

A fun time bowling.  
Some kind souls gave us bowling vouchers for Christmas.  Terrific idea it is.  

03 January, 2018

New Year Break

The new year has started of quietly at our house.  

DJ finished his rather large Ninjago Lego set he got in Brisbane.  Yes, he built it himself.  The only thing Stuart or I have to do is either sort the blocks of push something on harder that he can't quite get.  But finally he put in the effort & followed the instructions & did it himself.  

My challenge for myself this year was to learn Brioche knitting techniques.  Well funnily enough it came up in a January challenge on a group I follow.  So well, here I am giving it a bash.   It's fun.  This is my practice piece.  

31 December, 2017

Last Day

Last day of the year.

Last pair of socks for the year.

That makes 19 pairs this year.  Not bad as I was aiming for 12.  

Happy New year to you all.  

Socks # 19 - 2017

30 December, 2017

Family Fun Day

It is funny how things happen.  Only the other week I said to Stuart that we should try a game of the 20/20 cricket sometime with the boys.  Sure enough, an advert turns up that says there is a game a little closer than it usually is.  So tickets are booked. 

So why not make a day of it. 

(Cast on & toe complete on the drive.)

An early start gave us a good full day ahead.  We had a look around the city first & were actually disappointed.  It seems that empty shop issue isn't only in smaller towns & cities, but the bigger ones too.  The whole place had changed a lot & the shops we used to love were either gone or reinvented & didn't have the quality we liked about them before, anymore.  Did buy a couple of little bits but nothing riveting! 

The cricket consisted of 2 games through the afternoon & evening.  It was going to be a push to get the boys to both, so I spent a few hours in the afternoon with the boys at a soft play place that of course we hadn't tried before.  So that was fun.  They had a blast there, & it catered nicely for a 9 year old where as our local one he is just getting a bit past. 

(sock progress)

Tea out & then off to the cricket.  We had bucket heads, thunder sticks, posters & a very late night.  BJ loved it & got into it.  DJ was over it about half an hour into it.  He sleeps...  in that noise!  Lucky him.  

(sock progress)

A fun day with some new experiences for the boys.  Oh & me too!