06 December, 2017

Why! Just Why!

It happens of course, at the worst times...

DJ had to bring home the class bear.  Why now?  Why THIS week?  Far out.  For two nights too!

Well we didn't do anything interesting.  But apparently the bear wanted to try on the chicken suit for size.  Turned out DJ could fit it in easily.  Only he would think of such a thing!

If only it were that simple!  It's to do with school isn't it?  So no, it's not that simple.  We get a little whiteboard, card games & dominoes & a display folder as well.  This bear is apparently really into Maths.  So the well presumed intention is to include maths somewhere in the folder about what bear did at your house.

Cuddles (the bear) wanted to be a chicken.  One chicken.

Plus 2 chickens = 3 chickens...

Cuddles + 3 chickens = 4 chickens!

Day 6
Douglas & Maggie decided they wanted to be chickens too.  

05 December, 2017

Elf Moments

Day 2 - Some Christmas spirit

Day 3
Maggie cannot draw portraits.  
I do wish they would stop drawing on my windows though!

Day 4
 Hahaha...  they got our tablets during the night & took selfies & some other pictures.  But then they also changed the wall paper on our tablets & our lock screens!   Sure was a surprise to turn them on & find their pictures. 

Day 5
A very thoughtful person arrived the other day & passing through the airport picked up some fancy doughnuts.  Well umm... Stuart didn't get that last piece of his cos well, we found Douglas & Maggie in the fridge finishing it off.  

04 December, 2017

Quick Sewing

It's been such a long time since I have sewn a hat!  But I wanted to make one for my nephew.  Taking it to him this week!  Yay!

01 December, 2017

Here We Go Again

So December has landed.  I think it was only December last month though.  I think the calendars are playing tricks. 

I'm busy.  Busy with a few different projects.  The end of November was terribly hot.  We had crazy weather for here at this time of year.  So I didn't do much of the usual things.  I have been knitting yes, but not as much for some reason.  Days are long & full.  I guess as summer is here, it may continue to be so. 

But hey, Douglas & Maggie arrived! 

& why not go & draw & write all over the windows that have just had a good spring clean!  Far out!!! 

30 November, 2017

Taking Stock - November

Making :  lists for a little holiday.
Cooking :  do you cook salad?  
Drinking :  water.  Lots of water.  
Reading:  Delicious! by Ruth Reichl....  finished it really quickly.  Nicest book I've read in a long time.
Trawling:  knitting patterns.
Wanting:  it to cool off a bit.
Looking:  at the garden to decide which bit to do first
Deciding:  what to pack for our holiday.
Wishing:  it wasn't quite so hot already.
Waiting:  for calls back from techies on the phone..  so much time wasted...  
Wondering:  how the next couple of weeks will go for BJ before our holiday.
Pondering:  how fast Christmas will come after our little holiday.
Considering:  Christmas
Buying:  not much for Christmas yet.
Watching:  the temperature go up & possibly set new 130 year records.
Hoping:  it isn't tooooo hot on holiday.  
Needing:  lots & lots of bark for the garden.
Questioning: our sanity in buying this house all those years ago!  lol
Smelling:  a clean chook house.
Wearing:  summer clothing!
Feeling:  overwhelmed!
Pretending:  that Christmas isn't less than a month away...
Embracing:  Christmas preparations.

23 November, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • Garden finishes.
  • Garden goals.
  • Settled boys.
  • A friend for the big boy.
  • A holiday on the horizon!
  • Helpful call centre staff from a couple of different companies! 
  • Call centre staff that really know their business.
  • All is good on Fell Farm.

20 November, 2017

Finally A Finish

I have been knitting off & on, but not as much as before.  I don't know why.  Just different things going on I guess.

Anyhoo...  these are helical socks again.  So a round of 2 balls at a time.  A plain green & a very fun variegated though it does have long changes that one.

It's done anyway.  Not sure if they are keeps or not.  Will see next year.

Socks #18 - 2017