25 August, 2013

Colourful Stashbusting

I decided the other day to just use up some cotton yarns.  Needed to replenish my kitchen cloths with some new ones.  So here they are...  well actually there are some missing as mum has them already.  I had fun using up stuff.  In fact, I go to the point of just using till it runs out regardless of whether it goes along the whole row or now.  There are a couple of narrow ones, a couple with some shorter rows on the end.  

Yarns there are Lily Sugar'n'Cream, Anchor Magic Line & Mission Falls.  There were full balls of the Painted Desert Sugar'n'Cream & that did 2.5 cloths.  Not bad.  I edged the one in the front with some plain boring cotton that I had that kind of matched.  I had a couple of partial balls of that stuff too & the Magicline which I just used till it ran out.  Easy.  & who cares about the size or stitches missing when they are for me anyway!  I don't care.  I don't reckon any of the boys in this house will notice anything odd about them!  

& now I feel good as I have used up stuff again.  It doesn't like there is anything gone but I know there is at least!  lol

24 August, 2013

Storms All Round

I don't know about where you are but we have had some crazy wet weather for a few weeks now.  Weird stormy weather often just little thunder & lightning, but lots & lots of rain...  & I mean lots.  The water is receding I think finally, all around town.  It wasn't flooded here but it was wet.  Sodden.  To be expected.  It's going to be strange to see the paddocks & ditches not full of water!  

As a result of the indoor days, I have been knitting up a storm too!  So much so that I had to have a little break in between.  I was over doing it on my shoulders of course.  So make myself feel ill & need of massage the knots out.  Also I had poked a bunch of holes in my finger with the knitting needles.  Yeah tragic I know.  But gee, it just wasn't going away cos I just kept stabbing myself in the same spot over & over again.  Keeps you awake anyway!  :-)  

I did get a bit of crochet done for a change.  I had got well behind in the CAL squares recently.  I did one square in my new colours & really wasn't loving it.  So I was reluctant to do more.  But I just decided one day to just get on with it as some of the CAL girls really liked the colours.  So I did another.  

Manny Anne's Square - not my favourite & a lot of fussy pattern writing for little effect as far as I was concerned. 

Harriett's Square - I liked this one - well the centre anyhow.  It was after the grey edge that I realised that is was the light green that I didn't like.  But since I had a few done with green already I thought I had better keep it going.  

Simple 10 petal square - like this one.  I did get a bit befuddled over reading the pattern for the bit on top of the centre (the grey bit!).  I was over thinking again.  If that is at all possible for me to do!  

Shells & Waves - Nah, didn't fancy this at all.  Too fussy a pattern again for what it is.  

Ok, so I have a hand full done now.  Will do a few more.  It doesn't need to be a big blanket.  I am hoping the black edges & joining will make a difference to it.  But the point of the CAL is to do some that others suggest & often it is what you wouldn't pick to do yourself so it is nice to try out some other stuff.  I have enjoyed it all the same.  

Currently sidetracked on to a little stash busting on small stuff which is good fun too.  

Happy Weekend!

22 August, 2013

August Is Nearly Over?

The time is just flying by...  We've been a crazy bunch this month.  I had every intention of blogging this jumper last month.  I actually finished it on the 30th July I think so I thought, I had the chance to get one more post in for July.  But nope, nothing...  I haven't touched this place all month almost!  Goodness, so slack.  

Anyway, ta-dah, I did knit myself a jumper & I do even wear it!  I thought I would be way too hot in it at times, but with the sudden cold we've had the last couple of weeks, it's been great.  All details here on Ravelry...

I must admit I spend more time on Ravelry these days than some places.  But also I am knitting yet another piece for myself so that is slow going.  Much slower knitting adult sizes than the kids ones...  But I need to stop knitting for the boys for now.  They have way too much.  In fact, mum is knitting something for them which they won't be in for maybe 2 years.  We had recycled yarn to use.  Found a good pattern at patternfish that I can't get here in Aussie & off she goes.  (it was a Sirdar pattern.   Sounds simple to get but nope, not all the patterns are made available in Australia.  They don't bring all of them in.  I see them in the catalogue at work & try to get them in but can't.  So I got a particular one online instead!)  

Live has been busy too.  School & work schedule isn't crazy but busy enough.  We've all been sick.  Having sick children is one of the most exhausting things ever I think.  It really is.  But they are both well now.  Us parents just take longer to get over the same things, probably because we are coughed & sneezed etc on from each of the kids!  

There has been a lot of this going on...

BJ is just obsessed...  the things he comes out with some days.  He has been using the camera to take pictures when he creates stuff.  It's fun to look at.  (got to love digital cameras!)  

Stay warm!  Winter is nearly over!