22 August, 2013

August Is Nearly Over?

The time is just flying by...  We've been a crazy bunch this month.  I had every intention of blogging this jumper last month.  I actually finished it on the 30th July I think so I thought, I had the chance to get one more post in for July.  But nope, nothing...  I haven't touched this place all month almost!  Goodness, so slack.  

Anyway, ta-dah, I did knit myself a jumper & I do even wear it!  I thought I would be way too hot in it at times, but with the sudden cold we've had the last couple of weeks, it's been great.  All details here on Ravelry...

I must admit I spend more time on Ravelry these days than some places.  But also I am knitting yet another piece for myself so that is slow going.  Much slower knitting adult sizes than the kids ones...  But I need to stop knitting for the boys for now.  They have way too much.  In fact, mum is knitting something for them which they won't be in for maybe 2 years.  We had recycled yarn to use.  Found a good pattern at patternfish that I can't get here in Aussie & off she goes.  (it was a Sirdar pattern.   Sounds simple to get but nope, not all the patterns are made available in Australia.  They don't bring all of them in.  I see them in the catalogue at work & try to get them in but can't.  So I got a particular one online instead!)  

Live has been busy too.  School & work schedule isn't crazy but busy enough.  We've all been sick.  Having sick children is one of the most exhausting things ever I think.  It really is.  But they are both well now.  Us parents just take longer to get over the same things, probably because we are coughed & sneezed etc on from each of the kids!  

There has been a lot of this going on...

BJ is just obsessed...  the things he comes out with some days.  He has been using the camera to take pictures when he creates stuff.  It's fun to look at.  (got to love digital cameras!)  

Stay warm!  Winter is nearly over!  


Bron said...

Great jumper....who would have thought you would be to hot in your part of the world???? Glad to hear you are all on the mend...yes we have hints of spring around which makes my heart race a little...not sure about full on summertime though. xxxx

Sally said...

Love the jumper. ... and yes I'm with Bron - can't ever imagine being hot in Tassie.

Sick children is the pits. Being sick is the pits. It is just a major nuisance... a huge spanner in great laid plans. An inconvenience if nothing else. Glad to hear that you're all on the mend now.