31 October, 2012

WIP Wednesday

What a week!  & it's only Wednesday!  

I don't know who is more exhausted?  The boys or I?  I could just go curl up in bed right now!  But no chance of that happening as we still have school this afternoon.  Tomorrow we can do nothing...  I think.  I had better check the calendar.  I think tomorrow is blank.  Fingers crossed it is!  

Yesterday was a huge day for all of us. We had an early drop off of the boys to the grandparents where they spent the day, while Stuart & I drove for 3.5 hrs to see someone.  OK, so I got to knit all the way there.  Job done & was a good time to go & spoil myself at the local wool shop!  Very excited!  I spent an hour there.  Fortunately Stuart & I are happy to meet up later & shop where we want to for a bit.  So I could browse all I liked among the wide range of yarns that I don't normally get to see.  I even treated myself to a couple!  So excited! 

But then another 3.5 hrs drive home.  OK, another 3.5 hrs to knit.  I got a lot done on the back of my cardi! Will see what I can fit in later today!  Quite enjoying it so far & I love the cotton!

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& wow!  This is the last day of Blogtoberfest!  & I did it!  I actually managed to blog everyday!  Amazing!  I think I will conk out tomorrow!  Thanks to the host of this one!  It's been a fun ride!  Thanks for visiting me during the month!  

30 October, 2012

Bit Of Crochet

I haven't done much crochet worth talking about lately.  But Monday I got this one done.  I am actually a fortnight behind in the crochet along squares.  This is called Majesty Square.  It looks right.  My head was full of cold & I really just wanted to sleep but that wasn't going to happen of course.  So I managed to hook this.  It matches the other ones on show at Ravelry.  I really didn't follow the pattern in the end as I just used a picture as a guide & just did it.  I kept forgetting which round I was up too & couldn't work out any more where I was even trying to work it out!  So I didn't bother.  I'm sure the pattern is good!  

Note to self - don't try to follow a pattern when you just feel like crap!  lol

29 October, 2012

The Many Faces Of ......

Didn't I say the other day that I was making hats?  Yeah loads of them!  
That seemed to be most of the down time of the weekend!  I got other things done too,  like washing, lawn mowing, playing, picnic & movie.  lol

Red Shark hat - there are actually 4 of these!  Yes 4!   Someone wants them all for her day care kids.  I guess they will be easy to see with these bright things on their heads.
The other 3 are all gifts someone wanted for their grandchildren.  Good idea really!  They will be easy to mail.  

One thing though - these fabrics are from Spotlight.  I am shocked at the amount of faults in Spotlight fabric! Each of these has a slub in the fabric if not a couple.  Also there was absolutely no give in this fabric.  I'm used to fabric that I can stretch a little to help fit when sewing.  This didn't do it!  Lesson learnt.  I get what I pay for for sure!  Shame as they do have some different designs that would have good potential for different projects.  

Have a good week!  Blogtoberfest is nearly over!  Wow!  Another month bites the dust!  

(do you have any idea how hard it was to get these pictures?  The really silly smiles are his good smiles I'm afraid!  That's how he smiles for a camera any time! Try & get him to look properly & he frowns instead!  lol )

28 October, 2012

Op Shops - What's Your Take?

Are you an op shopper?  I am!  I'm a convert!   There were times when I never even dreamed of stepping foot in one.  It's terrible but I really labeled an op shop as a place for poor people, of which I wasn't one.  I couldn't go in them when there are people out there that really need the cheap things.  It's quite embarrassing to say that really!  But...

The arrival of children really changed my thinking.  First it was the baby items that were needed.  There were some things that I just couldn't imagine having second hand.  Mostly fabric type things.  Unless I could really wash something I didn't want second hand.  But then as things were given, slowly but surely my mind seemed to change...  I was given clothing for the boys from friends.  Really good stuff too.   But really little kids don't wear stuff out in a hurry.  They grow out of it too quickly & baby clothes are almost brand new still!  I was then given larger sizes from a friend too.  I really like it.  Some of it is good stuff.  Sunday clothes is what we would have called them as kids!  lol  Other stuff is still good for playing in the yard & paddock!

Little by little the idea of not needing nice new clothes all the time was making me think about these op shops!  So I ventured in!  I started picking up play clothes for the boys.  Well, at the time it was only Boy!  Then ...  I started looking at stuff for me!  I would find some good deals.  You know, a Nike windcheater for a couple of dollars!  A couple of shirts that would be nice for work for a couple of dollars!  Then I even started to look at jeans!  I must try jeans on though!  There are so many variations on pants aren't there?  But hey, when I can find a pair of jeans for $4 I think, yep I can get $4 worth of wear out of them!  But you know what?  The op shop had a half price sale the other week so the jeans were only $2!  Yep, for sure I can get $2 worth of wear out of them...

So now, I actually have a few pairs of jeans!  There was a time when I only ever had maybe 2 pairs.  One for good & one not so...  lol  You know, you go & buy a new pair & relegate the old good pair to second best & the other pair are the really bad ones now for wearing while painting or something!  I am finding now I can have a bunch of jeans & not feel at all guilty about it!  In fact, I have made a donation to a worthy cause by supporting one of the mission stores in my purchase!

My mind has really done a turn around in the last few years?  For one thing there is the "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle" slogan.  I was really taking it on board with toys.  Picking up second hand toys in different places.  A wash & a clean & you wouldn't know the difference!   Some people won't buy plastic toys because of the landfill issue!  But reusing them & passing them around is good isn't it?  They will still end up in landfill anyway, but it is cutting down on the purchase of new ones to create more rubbish!  A couple of years ago I even got some Christmas presents on ebay.  Well BJ was only 2 or something.  Thomas Tank engine stuff is expensive new.  So I get a few different items to add to his train track for cheap.  I was lucky!  He certainly wouldn't know the difference!  Stuart gave a couple of the pieces a clean up with some new paint & we had a few new building to add interest to the tracks.  Good fun!

I now feel the same about jeans!  I don't know that I will buy new jeans again!  On a day when I am in the mood & can manage with 2 boys or if I get to shop on my own, I will try on jeans...  Maybe buy a pair or 2.  Sometimes I don't find any!  Sometimes I can't make up my mind so I will get a few!  Lucky me!  It's a win win all around isn't it?

I love second hand books!  I eventually realised that I don't need to keep every single book I love!  Major self analysing...  "Am I going to read it again?"  Most likely not.  So why does it need to sit on the shelf making me dust it?  (If I bothered to dust!)  So collecting dust at least?  Why not trade it in at a second hand book shop & grab some different ones?  Yay!  Why not!  I now read a book & make the decision immediately on to keep or not to keep.  Usually it is not.  I have a place I put them in readiness for the book shop, when I have a decent stack to take in.  It's fun leaving with different ones!

I recently went to a market that was targeted at kids stuff.  I actually had a stand there.  It wasn't very successful unfortunately.  I came home with most of it.  Must have been a busy day for other things.  An off season for that kind of stuff to sell.  Who knows?  So now I am still sitting on most of this baby stuff that I don't know what to do with yet.

Garage Sales are another good stop!  I don't go to many.  If I am about town & see one I may stop. I did this past Saturday.  I got 10 Golden Books for $2.  Bargain.  I don't get out while it is still dark to go hunt down a garage sale bargain.  Nope, not me!   The other week I stopped at one.  I don't know what makes me stop at the ones that do.  But recently I was very excited by this find...

They are pretty cool dinosaurs!  There are no tags or labels on them.  I don't know what brand or anything they are!  But they were only $5 for all 3!  Very cool!  They aren't really small either.  BJ uses them as pillows!  All of them!  He loves them.  

So are you an op shopper?  Do you visit garage sales?  Do you trade books?  Give old clothes to op shops?   Hold a market stall?

27 October, 2012

Movie Night

Do you do anything like a movie night at your place?  

After our recent trip to the cinema, I was astounded at the cost for a family.  Well, we were only 2 adults & a child, so anymore than that & I think I would have fainted at the price they told me.  It had been a long time since I had been at the cinema obviously!  So we decided movie nights were definitely the way to go.  We rarely even get movies from the rental place these days so this will be quite novel too.  The one advantage will be that I get to see some of the movies before I buy them later on.  I do like to buy some of the classics on DVD for the boys.  I don't know how often we will have our movie night but we will try to do it every few weeks or so.

Right, are we ready?

1. Popcorn?  Check.
2.  Chocolate?  Check.  (though I would prefer not having to share this as it's delicious!)
3.  Movie?  Check.  

26 October, 2012

My Baby Brother

This is him.  Christopher.  

He's 40 today!  

Thank goodness he doesn't fit in that green vest or hat anymore!  (actually it's a wonder he fit in that vest then!  He was a fatty that one!)  

Here I am with Chris being totally gorgeous at the caravan park where we went camping every summer!  (all the way on the other side of town where we lived!  )  

This isn't a good look but it is supposedly cute to see little kids drinking beer & stuff.  This is probably the moment that put him off beer forever as he doesn't drink it anymore!  Check out the antique high chair!  This would be so far from Australian Standards now!  lol   Look how red his arms are!  Uh oh!  No sunscreen in sight in those days!  

We have a few memorable moments!  

We had our own Kiss fan club for a while!  Yes, Kiss the music group!  Our fan club ran for a while, yes.  Maybe a whole afternoon!  We made badges & all you know.  On a piece of paper with a safety pin on the back.  

We used to hang out most of the school holidays at our grandparents place.  We played schools on the stairs a lot!  They were really cool stairs for sitting on & playing stuff!  

He has to thank me for reaching this milestone you know!  Apparently I saved him from drowning in the bath!  The story goes that I was screaming & screaming & holding him by his foot.  I think his face was in the water but well, the screaming obviously brought a parent into the bathroom in a hurry so he was saved! 

Here he is now!  This was actually his birthday last year.  (with the cake & candle for the sake of BJ!)  We won't see him until next week for his birthday when he gets back here.  In the meantime, have a Happy Birthday today Chris,  even if you are stuck at work in the back of nowhere!  

25 October, 2012

Looking Very Red Today

I had no intention of doing the advent calendar today, but I had to pick something from the pile while the big boy had a turn on the computer.  (there really are some good games for kids online!  & some not so good!)   I didn't actually feel like sewing hats!  Now there is a surprise.  So as this was on the machine table I decided to start putting pockets on.  Done!  Then I decided that although I didn't have my big quilting table out with the machine on the dining table, I would try to quilt it on the small space that is my Horn sewing cabinet.  Luckily this isn't all that big so it turned out to be quite manageable.  It's quilted & pocketed!  Woohoo!  The binding is ready to be pressed into folds & sewn on.  (After which comes that lovely job of hand stitching the binding on the other side... always something to dread, though at least it isn't big so I should get it done pretty quickly - but one step at a time...)

It seems everyone likes hats!   I have to make 8!  Yes, 8!  I had the boys out in their dinosaur hats yesterday.  Someone wants a dino one like it.  OK, if I can get more dino fabric.  Yes I can... so that makes 8.  These red shark ones there are 4 of all the same.  I didn't quite have enough for 3 of the brims though!  Darn that.  So I will just grab some plain blue tomorrow I think to do the brims all the same.  Will keep them a bit more interesting to have something under there a bit different.  I hope so anyway!  So that's all good.  Plus 3 ordered for Christmas gifts.  Who would have thought huh, when I started that one hat only 3 weeks ago or so that I would end up making about 20!  lol  

I have decided today though that I really need the insert for the top of the cabinet.  Would have been quite useful today.  Must measure up & put in an order I think.  

Don't forget about Blogtoberfest!  It's nearly done!  & I am still hanging in there!  Phew!   

24 October, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Something different for WIP Wednesday today.  I finally started (twice) the knitting I wanted to start earlier in the year so I could wear it this past Autumn.  Now I am finally picking it up & maybe it will be for Spring still but maybe I will end up wearing it next Autumn.  That is if I even wear it as usually happens when I make something for myself.  I don't like it when it is finished & am sick of looking at it.  We will see what happens. I had better finish it first.

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23 October, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

How About Orange blog bracelet tutorial
Image from How About Orange
Did you used to make friendship bracelets?  I remember the first one I got!  It was from my penfriend in New York.  It was really cool!  Such a long time ago.  At the time I used some of my mum's threads in a little tin (boy she didn't have many back then!) & pulled the end apart to figure out how it was made so I could make some!  Boy I turned out a few of those.  I also made a few other sorts in leather.  I don't remember where I got those patterns from now as we didn't have internet back then to show us stuff like that.  But I remember my boyfriend wore a few of them for an age too!  (he's now my husband!  I guess he really did love me if he was wearing my sad old creations back then!)  

Did you know you can now put fancy jewellry pieces on the ends of them?  That seems posh really!  Nothing like a good old knot in each end if you ask me!  

Little Gray Fox: Holiday DIY: Simple Filled and Painted Ornaments Tutorial
Image from Little Gray Fox
Christmas ornaments covered in sprinkles?  Who would have thought!  Looks quite pretty here, but I think if I did it it would be just plain daggy!  Why do my things always seem daggy after I make them but on here when I see other people's stuff they are really cool!  hmmm.... no idea! 

There are also some pretty painted ones baubles there.  I do have some plain ones in a box somewhere waiting to be decorated.  But I haven't found the perfect way I want to do them yet!   lol

Anne Claire Petit
Image from Anne Claire Petit
This picture is just fascinating to me!  Go to her page to see it a bit bigger.  

Gingerbread caravan
Image from Little Vintage Trailer
This is really fairytale stuff isn't it!  Would make a nice playhouse in the backyard!  Click on the link to see pictures of inside!  

Have a good day!  

22 October, 2012

Dinosaurs & Gerberas

Yes, we have a combination of dinosaurs & gerberas today.  Gerberas are my favourite flower.  They say Happy to me!  I had a little indulgent flower splurge the other day & got 2 of these giants pots of gerberas for only $10 each.  One in red, one in pink.  The brightest ones there.  Not every day you buy plants at a petrol station, but ours is a little country one where they sell things for locals sometimes too.  

Aside from that, BJ finally got his dinosaur hat yesterda.  He asked for dinosaurs recently.  We had this great fabric at work.  Plus the batik that I put on the reverse.   If you remember, the last lot of hats I made from the Oliver & S pattern were just a tad too small for BJ.  So I had to dig out the Lazy Day pattern that I have had for a couple of years.  I made one of the medium size for BJ.  It was a tad too small again.  But probably a little bigger than the last pattern.  So I did the large size for him.  He missed out on the blue reverse side that he picked but he doesn't mind I don't think as his favourite brother has it.  

Since then I have cut out 7 more.  But I have run out of pellon so can't do anything else much.  Will stock up on that tomorrow.  

21 October, 2012

Saturday's Efforts

You know that pile of scraps on the floor the other day?  Well it is slowly turning into 5" & 2.5" squares.  Oh & a few rectangles that I can't throw out yet.  I'm certainly making a dent.  But this is only the pile that consisted of stupid shapes of scraps because they have had chunks cut out of them that have curves or things from cutting hats & bags.  You know the type!  They are too small for anything decent but too big a chunk to actually toss out.  I had a couple of takers for 2.5" squares the other day so I am happy that some of these will be winging their way most likely around the world!  Cool!  Count so far is 89 5" squares!  That is a lot of fabric!  I won't count the 2.5" as there are probably 5 times as many.

I have had this advent calendar kicking around in the cupboard for ages now too.  So I added the borders today & have basted it on the floor.   I have got the pockets ready for sewing on when I get to the quilting bit.  I put them on with all layers together after the quilting.  That way they don't hang & sag off the front panel only.  That would be really annoying I think.  The only problem with these pockets is they aren't pleated so they sit very flat on the piece.  So there won't be much room for treats.  Pity.  Then I have to decide who of 2 people will get this one!  I have 2 more calendars to go.  Or maybe 3. We'll see if I get to them this year or not!  My bet is NOT!  lol  

20 October, 2012

I Hope The Sun Shines Again Soon

Here we are.  The last three squares for now. These are monthly squares based on the USA seasons & months.  When I do something with mine I won't put them in that order I don't think as it doesn't work for us here in Aussie!  I like them just for what they are.  To look at the water one originally I didn't like it, but now I have my version I am quite pleased with it.  I had fun sorting the scraps for that one.  The water was tricky!    But I like the way it has come up.  & I like my pole the bird it standing on!  Very wooden looking!  lol  

If you have looked at the patterns for these over at April's you will see the original spider only had 6 legs!  Well that makes it a bug doesn't it?  Not a spider.  I couldn't help myself.  I had to add the other 2 legs.  It would have really bugged (!!!) me otherwise!  Thank goodness the worm is only a worm & not a caterpillar! 

Now I have to wait about 2 more weeks for the November installment!  I don't want to rush the year but I can't wait to see them!  Hopefully I get the last 2 done in a timely manner.  Maybe I will leave them both till December!  

19 October, 2012

Snails Aren't Cute!

Or are they?  This one is!  I have only got one block to show you tonight.  The light isn't good enough now to take pictures of anymore so they will have to wait until tomorrow.  

Wishing you a sun shiney weekend!

18 October, 2012

So Much Sunshine

 Here are my next 3 squares from the Hello Sun quilt along.  They aren't taking long now.  I did these yesterday evening!  They didn't take long at all!  Now I have my groove happening...  The next 4 are almost done too.  They only need sewing!  I should get most of that knocked over tonight if I don't sit here doing nothing for too long.  Then I guess I can get back to the things I was going to do before these suns interrupted me!  

I have also tidied up the scrap pile that got another workout today with the boys.  I have sorted it out & will cut a bunch up into 5" squares.  I have a load of strips & loads of other little bits.  I'm not sure how small to cut them down too.  Do any of you collect 2.5" squares?   I'd be happy to send some to people.  Could fit a few in an envelope for minimal postage.  Yes I am offering squares up if anyone is interested.  Probably nobody though & that's fine...  I offered up vintage fabric recently & only had 2 takers on that of the 5 lots on offer.  Oh well.  But seriously, if you are interested in 2.5" squares, I will send some.  I need to clear some of these bits out.  I did toss out a few bits out of the scrap box too.  Those silly shaped bits that are virtually useless.  But I had fun going through it for these squares.   The boys playing with it helps mix it up so I could see more.  I would never have found that piece for the lady bird otherwise.  It was perfect.  

Yay!  Tomorrow is Friday!   

17 October, 2012

Cloudy With A Chance Of Rain(bow)

OK, whose fault is it?  I join in this WIP Wednesday & suddenly find myself starting a new project!  So here I am with square no. 3 in the Hello Sun quiltalong.  It's really quick actually.  I think I would get very impatient waiting all month for a new one!  I have been easily able to get these 3 done in the last few days!.  This latest one is cute.  I did end up with a bit too far to the left though darn it.  I will just have to trim it from the other side & bottom instead when it comes to squaring them up.  

We did have the most awesome rainbow last night!  It was one of the most vibrant coloured ones I have ever seen.  You could see the whole thing & not just patches.  Each colour was so clear in it too!  Very pretty!   So this square was great timing.  I managed to get most of it done before 9am today!  How did I manage that I will never know!  But the cookies were out of the oven before 8am so it's been quite a day already!

Here are the scraps that I am getting pieces from.  I didn't make this mess in my search.  I had help with that.  Well 2 little helpers in the end actually.  I have a bigger mess than this now.  They did have fun rolling in it & tossing it over their heads like confetti!  

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16 October, 2012

A Change In The Weather

Here we are with the January block from the Hello Sun quilt along. I managed by some small fluke to get this together tonight, what with putting the fusible webbing on the wrong side of the snow, the old fusible webbing falling off the paper, you know, just all those little things that tell you you probably really shouldn't be doing this right now & should leave it before you stuff up a whole lot more.  Well Mr Snow turned out OK I think. I really like his hat.  Got away with using a strip for it so if I fussy cut it just right it was the band & brim etc all in one piece.  Phew... saved some fiddling...  There is a print on the snow.  It was hard to find something that was going to show up enough on the back ground which is also white, but like all colours when it comes to matching fabrics etc, there are a lot of shades of white too!  

Well I'm happy with him.  Quite fun really!  (yes, even with the problems!)  You know how you are meant to colour between the lines?  Well this is the opposite!  You try to get the lines on after.  I quite enjoy the sketchy look of this applique!  

See you tomorrow!  I'm doing better than I imagined with Blogtoberfest!  

15 October, 2012

Sunshiney Day

It started off with a little bit of this!  
Remember yesterday I posted about this quilt along that I saw in the last week?  Well here is my first square.  I'm not doing them in order as this is the February block!  But who cares when I am only just starting in the third last month of the year!  It's good, I have been able to use some scraps out of the bin!  Woohoo!   But I didn't find anything for the snowman unfortunately so I will have to look for a smidgen at work tomorrow.  

After a busy morning with 2 swim lessons followed by getting most of my Santa shopping for the boys out of the way (even with them there!) we ended up in the garden for a couple of hours.  It started off with a bit of digging in the dirt.  They are lucky that Stuart did some weeding there to make dirt for them to dig in!  It was funny though as Juneau kept dropping the ball behind them waiting for them to throw it for her.  BJ did lots of rolling down the "hill" only to be rolled on by the little fella.  Looked like a crash tackle or a few wrestling moves at times.  

DJ also pinched the ball.  It was funny.  He wouldn't give it back to Juneau & she was barking at him madly. But he ignored her & just kept running around with it but smiling so much it would fall out of his mouth, but he would stop & pick it up & put it back in!  

You can see the smile in his eyes here...  (my fav pic of the day I think!  lol )

They were so enjoyable today.  Just loving each other with hugs & happy playtime.  Moments to savour...  

14 October, 2012

A New Project!

Uh Oh!  I have busy looking around all the blogs from WIP Wednesday &  I found the Hello Sun Quilt along! Ok, I am a bit late in the quilt along bit but it's still possible to make it even with out along-ing!  It's really quite cute & a bit different. 

I've already pulled out some scraps & started cutting & sewing strips.  

It's been a bit of a mixed day of crafting again.  I had lunch out with my Ravelry group of locals.  Lovely lunch again.  Did a bit of crochet while out.  I was intending to knit.  I started a cardigan yesterday.  Cast on what felt like fifty billion stitches.  Started row one of the lace edge of the cardi.  Got part way through row 2 & my needle snapped.  My lovely little knit pro needle tip!  So the stitches started falling off at the broken spot.  I didn't even have any straight needles to use in the size to try to save it.  But it was a lost cause.  With all the yarn overs & 2tog's I had no hope.  So undo it all!  Oh well, it's not meant to be yet!  

13 October, 2012

New Craft For Today

The other night in bed BJ got all upset because we hadn't done painting yet.  He wanted to do the one where you fold the page over & squash it.  He asked last weekend to do it & suddenly he remembers at bed time that he wants to do it still.  Not handy when you are trying to get him to bed...  So I got the paint out so we would remember it for the weekend.  

So that's what we did.  Well he did one painting.  I have 6 hanging up drying!  lol  He did that one all over page & then went to fold it to squash it.  OK, so he doesn't get that bit.  That's alright.  He had fun.  But that was it.  All that paint for one picture.  At least he has got it out of his system.  

I had fun doing my own fold over & squash pictures!  

Also, finally got around to squeezing lemons after Stuart pruned some branches the other week.  They finally ripened & then they rot very quickly so I had a truck load.  This pile of lemons is only half of it!  I ended up with over a litre of juice!  Made a batch of cordial & will have to freeze the rest or something.  It's rather a lot!  

Hope the sun is shining where you are & you have been able to do some fun kids crafts too!  It's a great chance to do some fun stuff that your inner child wants to play at once more!  

12 October, 2012

A Basting I Will Go

Or rather, basting I did!  I got the Happy quilt basted tonight!  Very happy about that!  I do the basting on the floor.  It's big, there's loads of room to move around, as long as I give it a sweep & a mop before hand it's not too bad.  The tiles are smooth to slide those basting pins in to.  It's all good.  As long as you use a cushion for your knees & don't stay down pinning for too long in one hit without getting up & moving.  Which I did do plenty of with a story in between too.  lol    Should have got around to doing this before I turned the floor heating off!  Darn that!  

2 layers...

3 layers

I had some supervision from the furry one out the door.  She was keeping a close eye on it wanting to get in there & rough it up to make it all comfy I think.  Or dance around on it like BJ was doing the other night after I put the border on.  He asked if he could walk on it.  I looked at him & he was dancing in circles around on it already.  The boys are always attracted to anything like this when it's on the floor.  

Well the weekend is here.  What's in store for you?  Not much for me except a Ravelry group meet up on Sunday which I am looking forward too!  For the rest it will be home stuff.  I don't think this will be quilted for probably another week unfortunately!  

Happy Weekend to You!

11 October, 2012

Crochet Is Back

I still have been pottering with the crochet hook as well lately... somehow!  

This square though I actually did a couple of weeks ago.  I finally finished off the ends & took a picture though!  It's a cute one with little sticky out bits in the middle!  It's called Wedding Day from the Melinda Miller group.  It was the August square I think. I was a bit slow for that so I bought it recently with a couple of other patterns of hers so I can work my way through them.  

This is the latest square from the crochet along on Ravelry too.  It's Starburst Flower square.  I enjoyed this one too.  They have all been quite different & I am still learning a bit from them all each time.  There is always something I have to figure out while doing these squares.  There are still some basics I am not sure about even but I figure it out on the way & they seem to turn out!  

So there you go!  It's been a crazy couple of weeks of swapping & changing crafts hasn't it!  Today I did a fabric stash sort again.  I found a backing for another quilt in the pile so I was excited about that.  So I have 2 ready to baste.  Almost 3 when I have got the backing pieces sewn together for another one!  Ekkk... basting & quilting galore!  But not all at once exactly!  We'll see.  Basting really needs to be done either during nap time for one or night time sleeping for two boys.  I have to baste on the floor so kid free is best!