07 October, 2012

Opinions Please!

Hey there everyone out there...  

The last couple of nights I've been playing with this jelly roll.  It's called Happy.  Pretty & bright!  I did this rather fast sewing of strips.  Easy peasy.  But what do you think?  Do you think I should put a sash between the rows or not?   Three rows on the left are next to each other to show it without.  Three on the right with space between.  What do you think?  I can't decide.  If I do, the next question is what colour?  I'm really undecided about this which is so unlike me.  I won't look at it for a bit & see what I think about it.  

Awesome day today.  An early start with the whole house awake at crazy stupid o'clock!  
I was at the market on time & spent ages setting up.  I ran out of room with all the baby clothes though so didn't even get it all out.  Oh well.  It was a very quiet market & I didn't sell much of anything.  I only ended up with 2 empty nappy boxes of all of them but that's better than nothing too.  On the crafty front, I sold one hat.  It was the really little one that I made first!  Some mums tried it on their babies & even that was too big!  lol  They were young babies!  When I got home though I couldn't find BJ's usual hat so we just used one from the stack then instead!  All good!  

We went to a local tree park.  An arboretum.  Basically that's a place with trees on display.  They have different sections that are trees from different countries.  Quite interesting.  They have a big Spring day there today with activities for the kids, music & other entertainment.  Stuart & BJ went to watch the reptile man.  I won't look at snakes voluntarily so I wasn't going there.  We watched different things, bought a huge cabbage for one dollar, ate ice-creams & bought raffle tickets!  

BJ also got his face painted for the first time ever!  He never wanted too before.  A couple of weeks ago he started going on about getting it done!  Don't know why or where he got the idea from, but today we waited & waited in line so he could.  Got to love things that are only a donation.  He wanted to be a pirate.  The painter also asked him his favourite colour hence the pink painted bandana on his forehead.  He is so rapt with it!  

There was also the activity of making dream catchers or wind chimes or things with sticks, yarn (that I really wanted!) & a number of things to hang on the like shells, gumnuts, seed pods of different kinds & who knows what else.  We were running out of time for this really as it was all ending so we whipped up a quick wind chime type thing which is hanging out side now!  He was quite enjoying the fun of picking & choosing stuff.  It was another fun day after a great one yesterday too, so all in all a great weekend!  

Did you have an awesome weekend too?  


Bron said...

I vote for without a space......

what fun you guys had out in the sunshine. xxx

Vicky said...

I vote for a space and would go hot pink or lime green :)