22 October, 2012

Dinosaurs & Gerberas

Yes, we have a combination of dinosaurs & gerberas today.  Gerberas are my favourite flower.  They say Happy to me!  I had a little indulgent flower splurge the other day & got 2 of these giants pots of gerberas for only $10 each.  One in red, one in pink.  The brightest ones there.  Not every day you buy plants at a petrol station, but ours is a little country one where they sell things for locals sometimes too.  

Aside from that, BJ finally got his dinosaur hat yesterda.  He asked for dinosaurs recently.  We had this great fabric at work.  Plus the batik that I put on the reverse.   If you remember, the last lot of hats I made from the Oliver & S pattern were just a tad too small for BJ.  So I had to dig out the Lazy Day pattern that I have had for a couple of years.  I made one of the medium size for BJ.  It was a tad too small again.  But probably a little bigger than the last pattern.  So I did the large size for him.  He missed out on the blue reverse side that he picked but he doesn't mind I don't think as his favourite brother has it.  

Since then I have cut out 7 more.  But I have run out of pellon so can't do anything else much.  Will stock up on that tomorrow.  


Bron said...

Dinosaurs and gerberas are a happy combination especially as it looks like the sun is shining xx

Sally said...

Yes - Gerberas say happy to me too. Sunflowers are my favourite though - they say I am VERY happy :)

You are making so many wonderful hats... I'm getting all inspired - no excuse for your children to get sunburnt this summer.