12 October, 2012

A Basting I Will Go

Or rather, basting I did!  I got the Happy quilt basted tonight!  Very happy about that!  I do the basting on the floor.  It's big, there's loads of room to move around, as long as I give it a sweep & a mop before hand it's not too bad.  The tiles are smooth to slide those basting pins in to.  It's all good.  As long as you use a cushion for your knees & don't stay down pinning for too long in one hit without getting up & moving.  Which I did do plenty of with a story in between too.  lol    Should have got around to doing this before I turned the floor heating off!  Darn that!  

2 layers...

3 layers

I had some supervision from the furry one out the door.  She was keeping a close eye on it wanting to get in there & rough it up to make it all comfy I think.  Or dance around on it like BJ was doing the other night after I put the border on.  He asked if he could walk on it.  I looked at him & he was dancing in circles around on it already.  The boys are always attracted to anything like this when it's on the floor.  

Well the weekend is here.  What's in store for you?  Not much for me except a Ravelry group meet up on Sunday which I am looking forward too!  For the rest it will be home stuff.  I don't think this will be quilted for probably another week unfortunately!  

Happy Weekend to You!

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It looks so nice and bright,really lovely. Have an enjoyable weekend.1