15 October, 2012

Sunshiney Day

It started off with a little bit of this!  
Remember yesterday I posted about this quilt along that I saw in the last week?  Well here is my first square.  I'm not doing them in order as this is the February block!  But who cares when I am only just starting in the third last month of the year!  It's good, I have been able to use some scraps out of the bin!  Woohoo!   But I didn't find anything for the snowman unfortunately so I will have to look for a smidgen at work tomorrow.  

After a busy morning with 2 swim lessons followed by getting most of my Santa shopping for the boys out of the way (even with them there!) we ended up in the garden for a couple of hours.  It started off with a bit of digging in the dirt.  They are lucky that Stuart did some weeding there to make dirt for them to dig in!  It was funny though as Juneau kept dropping the ball behind them waiting for them to throw it for her.  BJ did lots of rolling down the "hill" only to be rolled on by the little fella.  Looked like a crash tackle or a few wrestling moves at times.  

DJ also pinched the ball.  It was funny.  He wouldn't give it back to Juneau & she was barking at him madly. But he ignored her & just kept running around with it but smiling so much it would fall out of his mouth, but he would stop & pick it up & put it back in!  

You can see the smile in his eyes here...  (my fav pic of the day I think!  lol )

They were so enjoyable today.  Just loving each other with hugs & happy playtime.  Moments to savour...  


Bron said...

Christmas shopping done with boys in toe....impressive...

Love the fun photos of the boys. x

Sally said...

Yes. That is an awesome photo of DJ. There sure is a cheeky smile in those gorgeous eyes. Wonderful.
Loving the sun-shiney block. So happy and cheery.

Sara said...

Is that an Elkhound? He/she is beautiful. I had one growing up. Best dog ever! And yes, I would love your 2.5in. squares!