16 October, 2012

A Change In The Weather

Here we are with the January block from the Hello Sun quilt along. I managed by some small fluke to get this together tonight, what with putting the fusible webbing on the wrong side of the snow, the old fusible webbing falling off the paper, you know, just all those little things that tell you you probably really shouldn't be doing this right now & should leave it before you stuff up a whole lot more.  Well Mr Snow turned out OK I think. I really like his hat.  Got away with using a strip for it so if I fussy cut it just right it was the band & brim etc all in one piece.  Phew... saved some fiddling...  There is a print on the snow.  It was hard to find something that was going to show up enough on the back ground which is also white, but like all colours when it comes to matching fabrics etc, there are a lot of shades of white too!  

Well I'm happy with him.  Quite fun really!  (yes, even with the problems!)  You know how you are meant to colour between the lines?  Well this is the opposite!  You try to get the lines on after.  I quite enjoy the sketchy look of this applique!  

See you tomorrow!  I'm doing better than I imagined with Blogtoberfest!  


Sally said...

I like him too... and yes the hat is very good. Nice detail.

Bron said...

He is really fun..should be a great quilt when finished... yes you are doing great with Blogtoberfest...lovely to check in so often. x