21 April, 2014

Eventually A Square

I did manage a square this week although I wasn't terribly in the mood for such things.  But I took the boys to a play place & thought I would try to get it done.  Note to self though, don't bother trying with a head cold.  Makes nutting out a simple pattern suddenly seem hard!  lol 
Pineapple Expression was the latest one from the CAL though so I do want to keep up where I can. 

20 April, 2014


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year. 

BJ - busy making an Easter basket for the eggs that the Bunny is apparently going leave in the garden.
DJ - this crafting is hard work...  tooooooo tired.........

Linking up with the 52 project...

19 April, 2014

Cartoons Are Nearly Done

Two more cartoons are done this week.  Seems you do get a lot done when you have no computer, hence extra lack of posts or blog browsing.  Sorry to those I read regularly! 
But here are the Archer & the Dragon Slayer. 
Only 3 to go now. 
I must admit I did take this to my Ravelry knitting group last week.  I wasn't in the least in the mood for knitting or crochet so I was rebellious & embroidered instead.  lol 


13 April, 2014


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - finding shells & interesting things while digging on the beach.
DJ - contemplating the rope climbing but still too little to manage it.  

Linking up with the 52 project.

07 April, 2014

Another Cartoon

Here is another one.   They are pretty cool!  

06 April, 2014


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year. 

BJ - all consumed with Lego again this week.  Spent so much time in his room playing & creating.
DJ - rare quiet time of sitting still for this one.  BJ is out & you get to watch what you want.  

Linking up with the 52 project.

02 April, 2014

Another Square

Finally did another spot of crochet.  Worked on this square for the CAL I am doing again.  
Sadie's Square.  Quite a nice square to work.  

Thought I had better get it posted.  Just backed up my photos.  Phew...