21 April, 2014

Eventually A Square

I did manage a square this week although I wasn't terribly in the mood for such things.  But I took the boys to a play place & thought I would try to get it done.  Note to self though, don't bother trying with a head cold.  Makes nutting out a simple pattern suddenly seem hard!  lol 
Pineapple Expression was the latest one from the CAL though so I do want to keep up where I can. 


Farm Gate Creations said...

Your square looks great....best not to try a lot with a head cold.

Bron said...

Oh no...hope you are back to health very soon....Great square. Xxx

Sally said...

Colds totally suck. I am SO OVER it!!! I have been hacking, sniffling and the like for over a month now. Go away already! It hasn't even started to get really cold yet. And the snail trails from the children... grosses me totally out!!!

Good on you for getting the square done. I forget about those play centres... but I really must take my little boys next time I need a bit of a breather.