19 April, 2014

Cartoons Are Nearly Done

Two more cartoons are done this week.  Seems you do get a lot done when you have no computer, hence extra lack of posts or blog browsing.  Sorry to those I read regularly! 
But here are the Archer & the Dragon Slayer. 
Only 3 to go now. 
I must admit I did take this to my Ravelry knitting group last week.  I wasn't in the least in the mood for knitting or crochet so I was rebellious & embroidered instead.  lol 



Bron said...

Yes the computer can be a huge time robber....but look what you have achieved....they will look fabulous allot getter when they are done. Xxx

Sally said...

Still loving these cartoons as much as ever. Brilliant. Love how you've personalize it too.

Haven't missed anything on my blog... Lots of internal thinking not a lot of typing!!!