19 August, 2017

Pop Up Dig

Science Week has been on in our area for the last week or 2.  

I was excited to find an event in a brochure about a Pop up Dig for kids being put on by the Universities here.  

So booked the boys in & we went.  I managed to go too.  Fortunately there were seats so I could do lots of sitting after still getting over bugs.  

The boys had a great time though & learnt quite a bit & loved being hands on with the different parts they could be hands on with.  

Sorting out different types of "rubbish" that has been dug.  Listening to info on ageing it.

Aboriginal history too which in Australia is quite important as yes, if you find stuff it will probably go back to aboriginal times.  

Also learning to dig which isn't actually digging but scrapping!  Finding & sorting out different things they dug & sifted.  

All good fun!

13 August, 2017


What can I say really?

It's so pretty though.

Almost done, just the cuff to go.

Then the tough job of deciding where to start the colours on the next one as I don't want them the same of course!

10 August, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • Signs of spring.
  • Art in nature.
  • My chickens.
  • The eggs which my chickens give me.
  • Easy ideas for gifting to children.
  • BJ's effort in a bit of extra tutoring at home (with me!) .  It is helping & he is encouraged by that.
  • DJ's progress with his reading.
  • Stuart that does the reading with DJ.  
  • Great days at work.
  • Lovely customers that appreciate your helping them.
  • Not being too old to learn new things!


Sewing Again

Suddenly birthday season has come about again.  

A party for DJ to attend on the weekend.  He chose Star Wars fabric for his little friend.  I really like this one.  

BJ has been asked for a play date for a birthday friend.  Not a party so no presents but hey, what's a birthday without a little present.  This is today.  So I spent an hour doing both the pillows at once.  Quite an efficient use of time I suppose.  

Pillow Presents 11 & 12

09 August, 2017

Harry Potter Socks

Ok, so not Harry Potter exactly but certainly Harry Potter inspired.

I am in a facebook group that is all about knitting socks.  They published an e-magazine last week with 56 Harry Potter inspired socks in there.  I bought the magazine as I really really really needed the pattern for the ones they showed on the cover.

I started today.  I have been waiting all week & now I just did it.  This design is based on the train platform at 9¾ where you go through the wall.  So this design is basically a brick wall!  I'm looking forward to see the colours change.  Stay tuned.

06 August, 2017

More Knits

I'm still working on socks too.  I have started a pair for Stuart.  I counted mine & ummm... I have a few now.  But Stuart needs more.  So I will be kind & make him some.  Almost my usual pattern too but I have added a little rib in at intervals.  Looks quite interesting.The yarn is one I got from Knit Picks.  I really like it.  The colour I did buy with Stuart in mind so he's lucky he gets this Coffee Shop colourway.

05 August, 2017

Can't Beat Homemade

Pizza anyone?

We haven't had homemade pizza in ages.  It is actually BJ's favourite food at the moment & he can eat more of them than Stuart & I can.  BJ & DJ both topped their own & Stu & I had to share one.  But far out, they were so good.  Also not dripping in grease which is a bonus & not making you desperately thirsty either like many seem to do.

Must do it more often.  It's not difficult at all.  Plus we know what is in it.  We do the base from the Chef's Toolbox recipe but we put them in the oven this time so they all cooked together.  So good!

01 August, 2017

Hook In Hand

It's been ages since I have picked up a crochet hook.  Can't remember the last time I did actually.  Last year I think though as I can't recall anything but knitting & sewing this year so far.

After knitting the big thick blanket for my nephew I still wanted to do a light cotton one.  I ordered in the greys in the Heirloom 8ply cotton at work.  Yes, I did.  lol  I do most of the yarn ordering which is fun.

It took a little while to decide on a pattern & although I went with this one it still isn't quite what I had in mind even though I love it.  Meet Me At Mike's have a really good tutorial on this one if you want to give the Larksfoot design a go.  I do enjoy doing it & try to do a couple of stripes a day.  It won't be huge though & should be done shortly, with time to spare before the next visitor goes to visit Diesel & can deliver it.  

31 July, 2017

Unusual Finish

Crazy day that was yesterday with the painting had me finishing that today.

A quick trip to town to add a bit of paint as I wasn't going to quite make it with what I had left.

Third coat on the ceiling & third on the walls had that much complete.  Then it was on to moving the washing machine to do the little patch behind.  Of course, that meant a batch of cleaning too.  Lovely how it looks behind those things - NOT!

See what a pretty colour it was?  That was the colour of the whole room & the ceiling was too!  Really bad.  Anyway, it's really bright now.  Bright, white & clean.

 Instead of watching paint dry I did manage to get the last heel in this pair of socks.  Another of the Cascade Heritage Paints yarns from work.  These will be a Christmas gift I think.  

Socks #10 - 2017

30 July, 2017

Crazy What Rain Will Do

Yes!  Another weekend of rain.

It gets to the point when you don't really know what else to do inside.  I could easily spend all my time knitting or sewing or playing games.

I needed to do a little more today.  The other day I cleaned up the laundry & sorted & threw stuff out.  I had in mind that I wanted to sort it out & make it a little more usable other than a dumping ground for stuff.

So it got cleared out this morning & well, I started painting.  I had 2 little helpers briefly too.  They were so eager to help for a bit.  They were handy for doing some edges.

I just want to freshen the room up.  At least the orangey walls & ceiling are gone.  A few improvements with little money is what I am will try.  Just using what we have & that sort of thing.

Taking Stock - July

Making :  knitted socks of course!
Cooking :  home made muesli slice was a hit.
Drinking :  coffee to keep warm.
Reading:  some books that I can read & move out of the house.  Current one is Friday Night's by Joanna Trollope.  50c at the library a while back.  Ok, quit reading this one.  Moved on to "Girl on the Train".
Trawling: different sock patterns
Wanting:  the transition back to school after the holidays to go well.
Looking: at photos of my gorgeous new nephew.
Deciding:  what to make for pre-prepared lunches...  ugh...
Wishing: for a massage.
Enjoying:  Snowballs from Anvers chocolate factory.
Waiting:  for a weekend that isn't raining.
Liking:  winding skeins of yarn into cakes.
Loving: the school holidays.
Listening:  Zac Brown Band
Considering:  how to reduce plastics.
Buying: less.
Watching: Nashville from the start of season 1 again.  
Marvelling:  at the ok start to the school term.
Needing: to sit in the sun.
Questioning: my sanity doing all I did at work the other day.  Need a massage now.  
Smelling:  coffee
Wearing:  lots of hand knits.
Bookmarking: recipes for homemade muesli bars.  
Disliking:  the pesky rooster that has virtually moved in.
Opening:  Lots of boxes of new wool at work!

29 July, 2017


I tried something new in the socks.  

July challenge on a knitting page was "Stash Dive".  So yes, I can do that.  Why not!  Find some yarn I have had for a long time & use it.  Yes, I can definitely do that.  

I pulled out this Patons Stretch Sock yarn that I have had for probably about 10 years.  I didn't look to figure out how long exactly.  But long enough.  So now I have a new pair of Circle socks!  Really pleased with them actually.  I thought they were going to be too tight but I adjusted the heel to give it a little more room & it worked perfectly.   

I didn't do the heel on the pattern but went with an afterthought heel like I usually do.  I did start the one on  the pattern but didn't like it.  I also did these from the cuff down which I haven't tried for a long time.  I don't like that either.  Turns out that the circles could have been done toe up too as the pattern for those wouldn't make any difference.  

Socks # 9  - 2017

20 July, 2017

Wet Weather Craft

It pays to buy things when you see them.  

A while back I saw these Shrinky Dinks online.  

We had lots of fun colouring them in.  Yes, me too.  I wasn't missing out!!!  

They were fun to colour & the boys did some fun colouring patterns.  I was impressed with DJ & the time he took colouring in so well.  

A couple of minutes in the oven & they all shrink!

To about a quarter of their original size.

The pack included the pipe cleaners for the legs & a couple of key chains too.  The boys have their key chains on their school bags already.  I have to find something to attach mine to my keyring still.  They aren't having all the fun that is for sure!

19 July, 2017


Finally the holidays brought us a day of sunshine.  Both the boys are well & we managed to escape for a bit of a drive about towns to some fun shops & then a good play at the park with some lunch in the sun.

16 July, 2017

New Slippers

BJ needed new slippers.

Back to the mukluk pattern from last year.  It is oddly enough, about a year since I started some of these as he got his first pair while he was in hospital.

He picked the colours for these out of my stash.  He wanted orange again, but we added a colour with it.

Hopefully they last him longer than most of his other pairs have done!  I really don't know how he does it!

15 July, 2017

Forgot This...

I have finally taken a picture of this.  It's a cowl I did the other week before I finished that blanket. I've worn it a bit but still hadn't taken pictures.  It's an unusual design in that it's really basic to knit, but twists itself onto the bias so sits really fun & collapses around your neck making a warm & cosy piece with a different appearance when using variegated yarn.  

It's called Wolkig & is a free pattern on Ravelry so check it out!  

13 July, 2017

At Last...

My baby blanket for my new nephew is complete.  It's just a Basketweave design which is good as it gives it lots of texture so looks a little thicker maybe than it really is.  I'm pleased with it, but will not be knitting with bulky yarn again any time soon.  It's hard work.  I'd rather knit a sock any day!  lol

I got the last row & cast off finished this morning & sewed in all the ends while I had some friends over for a holiday catch up. It's a great way to not think about sewing the ends in.

Thursday Thanks

  • A 6 year old.
  • An enjoyable party for the 6 year old & his friends.
  • The fun I get from doing the party!  lol  
  • Getting through the last week of school.
  • Boys that are better again.
  • A boy who got an award at school for "Respect".  Can't ask for better than that.  


04 July, 2017

He's 6!!!

It was a VERY early start as I am sure most can imagine.  I did have to get him back to bed at 3am, 3.30 & 4.  Not sure if he wasn't already feeling a bit off at this point.  

School day for him though.  The first time he had his birthday on a school day.  

Also his first party with school friends.  So he was very excited.  

If you remember from my preparations the other week I was working on Pokemon things for it.  Well the theme continued. 

Pokeball lanterns.  White lanterns that we coloured in.  Used these instead of balloons.  (I am really starting to hate balloons.)  


Pikachu fruit boxes.  Free printable on line.  

There are a lot of cool ideas on Pinterest so I made some food labels.   

Parties these days need fruit.  So a Pokeball it is.  Handy serving dish from the cheap shop for $2.

We coloured in 24 table tennis balls & Stuart hid them in the back yard.  They had a good time running around finding them all.

I had prepared a pile of Pokemon eggs.  Found this idea on Pinterest too of course.  What a perfect thing for 5 & 6 year olds.  I even labeled an egg carton specially.

They spent ages doing this.  So lucky it was warmish.  Sun was shining so we could do it outside at least.  Each egg had one of those little plastic Pokemon instead.  So they were excited to do this.

Lots of food, & then some cake.  At this point I could see DJ was crashing out.  His eyes were glazing & he wasn't his usual crazy loud fun self.

A Pokemon cake & some Diglett Dirt cakes.  Children don't eat cake really.  So I tried the little chocolate coconut slice.  Most of them were demolished.  Only a couple weren't I noticed but the worms in the top of the dirt had gone.

The children left & the grandparents came for tea.  DJ had zoned out completely by this point.  We had obligatory cake pics with him & sang to him & then we enjoyed his birthday tea of sausages, mashed potato & gravy while he went to bed with a temp.  Poor kid.  Had a day home today feeling miserable.  Oh well, these things happen.  He still enjoyed it & was very spoilt.

29 June, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • The safe arrival of my new nephew!  
  • A very happy & excited new mum & dad already thriving on parenthood.
  • A bit more extra work.
  • Busy days at work.
  • More eggs from my chickens.
  • Fun party planning.

27 June, 2017

Secret Party Business

Some bias tape making.  

Bias tape turned into lanyards, thanks to hunting down plastic card holders.  I didn't want to have to fork out more for the ready made lanyards or belt clips which weren't cheap.  At least not for a kids party...  lol  So well, after looking at options I just sewed the lanyard to the card holder.  Done.

I was really excited to find this website with Pokemon Trainer Cards.   Personalised & printed & glued to a thick card makes a really fun treat for the kids I think.  I hope DJ loves them.  He hasn't seen these yet.  I have to try to keep something as a surprise I think.  

26 June, 2017

Work Knitting!

I realised I didn't post this last week.

I had been knitting this for the previous 2 weeks for at work.  This is a "kit" consisting of 6 25g balls of yarns graded in colour & a pattern for a simple shawl.

Hopefully now that it's hanging at work it might help sell some of the yarn packs.  They are pretty.  Not many people here wear shawls like it though which is a shame.

Guess we have to lead the way!

25 June, 2017

Lolly Free Bags!

Let's get the party started!

Or at least the party bags!  Got to love ebay!

  • Pokeball stress ball.  
  • Pikachu keyring.
  • Pencil.
  • 2 packs stickers.
  • Some mini figures.  
Ok, that's not bad really!  Lots of crappy bits that aren't totally useless.  Not the sort of thing that will be broken & binned in an hour.  Mostly useful & fun.  

Not a lolly in sight!  Yay!  The kids will all be devastated.  Mind you, DJ hasn't complained about no lollies in there.  

Taking Stock - June

Making :  party things
Cooking :  as little as possible.  But eggs.  Need some new egg dish ideas. 
Drinking :  not enough water, too much coffee.  Apple cider vinegar at night with honey.
Reading:  Major Pettigrew's Last Stand.
Trawling: ideas for a Pokemon party.
Wanting: lolly free party bags.
Looking:  at ideas for things to go in a party bag.
Deciding:  who to invite!
Wishing: that yes, we could invite the whole class!  
Enjoying:  my little chicken flock.
Waiting:  to win Lotto...  
Liking:  my new yarn pattern.
Wondering: how all those people in London are coping with the wait to find & identify their loved ones. 
Loving:  that we have passed the shortest day!  lol
Pondering: the minds of those that choose to become a terrorist/suicide bomber.  It's unfathomable.
Listening:  to the boys fight!!!  
Considering:  birthday ideas...  
Buying:  birthday presents hopefully.
Watching:  War on Waste - ABC.  New Tricks.
Hoping:  the boys grow up to be good friends of each other.
Marvelling: at going to Spotlight & only buying the one thing I went for!  hahaha
Cringing: at the cold
Needing:  not as much as some people do so I won't & shouldn't complain.
Wearing: lots of hand knits.  
Knowing: the fights are coming over the Ipad usage.
Getting: a bit more work for a few weeks.
Disliking: birthday balloons.
Feeling: clever, having treated a chook so far successfully all by myself!  Go ME!
Celebrating: BJ's birthday
Embracing: celebrating birthday's at a museum!  

24 June, 2017

Party Prep

The almost 6 year old has had a Pokemon party in mind for some time now.  Lucky I had some warning as I have been able to source some cool Pokemon things in time.

First things first though & that is the party bag to put them in.  I didn't have enough fabric so had to make a quite trip to Spotty for more.  Lucky there was some waiting for me.  I took all of what was left.  (impressed too as I only bought that while there!  Nothing else!  Not even a pin! )

Party bags are "The" thing!  I think that's all the kids wait for.   They could be disappointed with these then.

I may need to do a couple more.  Depending on the RSVP situation.  There is still a day to go.   So I am waiting on hearing from 3 more.  If it was me & I wasn't going to a party I would advise them of such things.  But I think these days if they aren't going they think they don't have to bother.  Mind you, we have had it also in the past where they haven't said either way & turned up too.  So I may need to have one on hand all the same.  Darn it.  It's tricky though when manners are a thing of the past.

22 June, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • Gifts of handed down clothing for the boys.
  • More extra work.
  • Good work days.
  • Nice customers.  
  • A boy that is willing to have extra help from mum & dad to learn more stuff.