15 October, 2017


This picture recently popped up on a page I follow. 

Gee, it was like a huge flashback.  It still is when I see it in my screen saver collage of pictures... 

THIS is the game we used to have.  The one game that I used to actually win! 

Just looking at the pictures of the game pieces is just so weird.  Ours was well worn.  One of our chimney stack pieces had a really big chew mark in it.  Guess that was my brother.  But these were such a cool variety of pictures. 

These days a game like this is most likely a licensed product with pictures following a theme of a current trend. I have tried to keep away from games like that now, but some days it's unavoidable... 

Did you have a favourite game as a child that you were good at?  Or remember because you weren't??? 

14 October, 2017

Scrap Socks

This is so far on the scrap socks.  This is one bit of scrap, having started at both ends of the ball I have got a lot further than I expected.   It's just about the length I need before I put the heel yarn in. 

So stay tuned for the next instalment of scraps.

12 October, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • School Holidays!  Yay!
  • Nice balance of holidays & extra work time.  
  • Learning new knitting techniques, even if I don't like them.
  • Running into friends in random places.  Some people are just meant to be in your lives aren't they?  
  • Family members that take care of one another at the drop of a hat.  
  • Grandparents who babysit the boys.  


Pillow Time

Another party! 

Another pillow!

Grandma Lyn came to play games with the boys.  I got to whip this one up. 

Pillow present #15

11 October, 2017


One of our favourite shops re-opened this week.  It burned down 2 years ago.  They were in temporary premises until the new place was done.  Which it is now.  

So we checked out the new store!   

Starting with Alice in Wonderland's little door!  

Humpty was a hit! 

The dragon was scary!  Tall too! 

10 October, 2017

Why Stop At One?

New challenge finally...

I gave this a try today.  Two at a time socks.  It's great.  Easy as.  I don't know that I would like to try it with some fancy pattern though. 

Also stash busting left over sock yarn while I go.  I have both socks started from either end of a left over ball.  So it will be interesting to see how far up this sock this one goes. 

Stay tuned...

09 October, 2017

Lego Play

The local library put on a Lego time in the school holidays.  It was quite good.  The boys have a lot of lego themselves but it is always nice to play with some different pieces & also to play with other people. 

It can become a little competitive in that sort of environment so it was interesting to watch. 

BJ made a marble maze.  All the kids were interested in it & had a turn of it.  He liked that.

08 October, 2017

Our Rocks

A good day to spend some time colouring rocks.  DJ got into it big time.  

BJ took a little longer & put more thought into each design. 
That's him I suppose.

Admittedly, I did it too. 

Lucky for me, the boys have some learn to draw books with step by step pictures.  I used those.  I had fun. 

 They just need to be sealed now.  That will happen in a few days. 

07 October, 2017

Tas Rocks!

So the current phase in the world here is rocks.  Yep, rocks. 

Pretty decorated rocks though.  It's a new phenomenon.  The boys had some time at the park over the last couple of days & found a few fancy rocks.  It's quite fun really!  You can rehide them for others.  But the boys wanted to keep these. 

Of course they wanted to do some of their own though! 

05 October, 2017

Gift Socks

A couple of birthdays still to come before the end of the year.  This is one pair of socks off the list. 

I love this yarn.  It's Opal.  I haven't used that brand before so it was nice to try a new one & the colours are pretty.  Hope the person likes them as much as I do. 

30 September, 2017

Taking Stock - September

Making : no much as I'm working heaps more than usual so not making as too tired!!!  lol  
Cooking :  as little as possible.
Drinking :  peppermint tea.
Reading: The Nightingale - Kristin Hannah
Trawling:  etsy
Watching:  Gilmore Girls - loving it.
Wanting:  a new series like Girlmore Girls to watch when I finish GG.
Looking:  at the rain.
Deciding:  what to do in the holidays.
Wishing:  my sore neck would get better.
Enjoying:  a couple of hours on my own.  
Waiting: for the boss to come home from holiday so things can be back to normal.  
Liking:  busy days at work.
Wondering:  about Christmas that is coming fast!
Loving:  lighter mornings, until next week & the clocks go forward!!!  
Pondering: what patterns to use my sock scraps for.
Listening:  to the constant sound of rain.
Considering:  a little holiday!
Buying:  trying not to buy too much sock yarn right now.
Hoping:  my boss has a terrific time on her trip.
Marvelling:  at my boy & his piano playing!
Cringing: at how it gets so cold all of a sudden!
Needing:  a holiday...  
Questioning: the creation of yet another coffee shop in our town.  
Smelling: coffee
Wearing:  still the hand knit socks.  Could still be for a few more weeks at this rate.
Noticing:  how long the evenings are.
Getting:  a new but old bookcase!  Yay!  
Bookmarking: "Connie Ray of Hope" crochet a long.  I would like to do this one!
Disliking:  all the sickness that is everywhere at the moment.
Opening:  birthday cards. 
Feeling: to tired to do much of anything except sleeping. 
Hearing:  BJ's piano practice coming along amazingly.  

29 September, 2017


I was bored.

That happens occasionally.

It's OK though.

I found something to do that suited my mood at that time.

I dug out some fabric that are some of my favourites.  I used to be an avid letter writer so anything with letters printed, especially vintage looking ones are pretty cool in my eyes.  Team it up with an Airmail stripe & you are set.  But lets have a think.

It's funny to recall the letters of the past.  Most children these days would have no clue.  I must educate my boys.

There were aerograms.  Those blue fold up & stick it shut letter sheets.  You could only write a letter as long as that.  That's all.  It would have been good value for those with not much to say. I remember Oma getting them with writing all over the outside as well as the inside...  never enough room!

An aerogram was never big enough for me & the letters my thoughts ended up putting down.  Plus I had a terrible stationery addiction too.  You can't write pretty letters without pretty paper can you.

I think I can even say when my paper addiction begun!  My Oma gave me a stationery set once.  I guess I was 6 or 7.  It had about 15 sheets of paper & 15 envelopes in a plastic folder type sleeve that held it all in place with a pretty picture on the front.  That picture indicated what that pictures on the paper & envelope would be like.  Well I loved it.  Of course I had no one to write letters too though.  So I do remember I used to write them to myself.  I put them in our mail box in our front yard too.  It was a whole other thrill getting mail out of the mail box!  We never had mail delivered to our home in those days.  We had a post office box.  So I never got to enjoy getting mail out except when I wrote to myself.

I think I was about 11 when I got my first penfriend though.  She lived in Queensland.  Funnily enough, we lost touch in our teens but since social media came into play, we have reconnected again!

At one stage I had about 30 penfriends from all over the world.  I used to send them all birthday & Christmas presents in the mail too!  Gee, you can barely do that anymore.  Postage prices are prohibitive!  I still have contact with a few.  It's pretty cool really.  I don't write the letters I once did.  It takes me ages to write still & I do hand write them.  My arm isn't used to it.  So I should do it more often & then I would be fine.  But it really does take me a while.  I write a lot!

Anyway, I am quite side tracked when all I wanted to do was show you the bag.  It's a pattern I have used a couple of times now for project bags.  These are a great size for my sock knitting.

28 September, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • A bit of extra work again.  
  • Busy days.
  • Great customers.
  • Fun days at work with my colleague.  
  • Lovely lunch out with like minded knitters.
  • Chickens & eggs they continue to give.
  • A bargain that is just meant!
  • A boy that seems to be taking well to learning piano.


27 September, 2017

Not Happy Socks

First pair that I am not entirely happy with. 

Why is that? 

The pattern is good. 

The yarn is beautiful & soft. 

But the colour changes bothered me.  These were meant to be gifted but I can't gift them I don't think.  Anyone else would think them mighty strange.  So I will have to save them for me for next winter I think. 

Back to the drawing board for a pair of socks to give... 

22 September, 2017

Ladybug Present

A pillow that is not quite the usual theme.  Ladybugs was the go for this one according to the mum.  Yay, something cute.  I did a fabric swap with a friend too which was cool.  She had cute ladybugs, I had some cool stuff that she could use for an eye-spy quilt.

Pillow present # 14

21 September, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • A boy that is finally grasping times tables.  The work we are doing with him is paying off.  Yay!
  • A littler boy that is learning to read & it's just crazy that this little kid can!  
  • Being able to do parent help in the little guy's class.  
  • Watching the faces of the little ones in class that glow when told they did well.  
  • Seeing my boys try so hard & taking on the extra work we do at home without too much complaint.  
  • Finding cool shows to watch.  No violence or bad language is refreshing!  

14 September, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • Some extra hours at work.
  • Birthday celebrations at home.
  • Nice customers that become friends out of work too!
  • Father's Day.

13 September, 2017

Party Time

Thank goodness these are quick to sew up now.  Trying to juggle more work & the rest of time is tricky right now.

Pillow present #13

07 September, 2017

Man Socks

A while back I got some Knit Picks sock yarn to try.  

Stuart is going to score a pair of socks in it.  These are his.  Yarn is called Coffee Shop.  Looks awesome.  Really is a good colour for him.  

Socks # 13 - 2017

04 September, 2017

Cool Cotton

Do you use cotton yarn often?  It's different.  

I have a lot of the stuff.  I use a lot for dishcloths.  Knitted or crochet dishclothes are terrific!  

We recently got some new cotton at work though.  It is perfect for a baby blanket for a baby that lives in Queensland.  So I had to make one.  After doing the massive fat acrylic knitted blanket I had to go with something lighter.  

So I had a very long browse at patterns & ended up with the Larksfoot design.  Look like little space invaders.  There is a good tutorial on Meet Me at Mike's if you want to try it out.  

It goes to it's new home soon so I hope they like it.  

03 September, 2017

Double Party?

Ok, it's Father's Day.

But funnily enough it is also my birthday!  Yay me!

02 September, 2017

New Techniques

I saw a blog recently with some cool ideas in something called "A Year of Techniques".

The first one was making striped socks in single rows & using a clever way of removing the "jog" on the change of colour.  You know!  That little step that the change creates with knitting in the round.

This is great as I used left overs from 2 yarns I have used before.  What a great way to use them up.  I am pleased with how they came out & hopefully they fit my friend!

Socks # 12 - 2017

31 August, 2017

Book Week 2017

Our school was late with this event this year.  But they did it.  

BJ - Ash from Pokemon.

DJ - Saucepan Man from The Enchanted Wood - Enid Blyton

& now the op shops can have all their pans & shirts back.  

25 August, 2017

Taking Stock - August

Making :  socks & socks.  Oh & Lego!
Cooking :  as little as possible & leaving it to Stuart.  
Drinking :  to much coffee.
Reading:  True Colors - Kristin Hannah
Trawling:  The e-magaine of sock patterns.
Wanting:  more hours in a day.
Looking:  at my stash to see which sock yarns suit some new patterns.
Deciding:  On Christmas gift making....  & some birthday gifts still to come this year.
Wishing:  I didn't get sick.
Enjoying: watching the calves playing over the road.
Pondering:  Scrap sock yarn.  Oh the potential...
Listening:  Zac Brown Band
Buying:  bins to sort a pile of Lego into.  We will see if the sorting lasts.
Watching:  Foyle's War starting over at season 1.
Hoping: I don't get sick again for ages.
Needing: a little more time to get my knitting ideas done!
Smelling:  all the washing trying to dry inside.
Wearing:  layers.   Lots of layers.
Noticing: spring is on the way.
Knowing:  It is going to rain on the weekend.  Again.  For about the 8th weekend in a row!
Thinking:  up ideas to use the scrap sock yarn.
Admiring:  some really talented knitters in the sock world & what they create without patterns.  
Bookmarking:  to many sock patterns.
Disliking:  that the year is flying by.

24 August, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • Getting better!
  • Some extra hours at work.
  • Good work days.
  • A boy that is getting to sleep better.
  • A new tactic for us to help him.
  • Reading Enid Blyton books to my own boys now!  Woohoo!
  • Fresh eggs that make a great egg & bacon pie for our tea.

21 August, 2017

Super Excited!

I just finished up my brick socks.

I'm also sulking as everyone in the house is asleep including the dog who is snoring behind me.  But she is colourblind anyway so won't appreciate the rainbows.  

They are King's Cross socks, inspired by Harry Potter's platform 9¾.  I left off that bit & just went with the brick work as for these, it's all about the colour isn't it!  

I'm just pleased they are done.  I had 3 days of no knitting as I was sick, but today wanted these over with.  

Now I've shown someone, I'm going to bed.  Happy now.  :-)


Socks # 11 - 2017

19 August, 2017

Pop Up Dig

Science Week has been on in our area for the last week or 2.  

I was excited to find an event in a brochure about a Pop up Dig for kids being put on by the Universities here.  

So booked the boys in & we went.  I managed to go too.  Fortunately there were seats so I could do lots of sitting after still getting over bugs.  

The boys had a great time though & learnt quite a bit & loved being hands on with the different parts they could be hands on with.  

Sorting out different types of "rubbish" that has been dug.  Listening to info on ageing it.

Aboriginal history too which in Australia is quite important as yes, if you find stuff it will probably go back to aboriginal times.  

Also learning to dig which isn't actually digging but scrapping!  Finding & sorting out different things they dug & sifted.  

All good fun!

13 August, 2017


What can I say really?

It's so pretty though.

Almost done, just the cuff to go.

Then the tough job of deciding where to start the colours on the next one as I don't want them the same of course!

10 August, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • Signs of spring.
  • Art in nature.
  • My chickens.
  • The eggs which my chickens give me.
  • Easy ideas for gifting to children.
  • BJ's effort in a bit of extra tutoring at home (with me!) .  It is helping & he is encouraged by that.
  • DJ's progress with his reading.
  • Stuart that does the reading with DJ.  
  • Great days at work.
  • Lovely customers that appreciate your helping them.
  • Not being too old to learn new things!


Sewing Again

Suddenly birthday season has come about again.  

A party for DJ to attend on the weekend.  He chose Star Wars fabric for his little friend.  I really like this one.  

BJ has been asked for a play date for a birthday friend.  Not a party so no presents but hey, what's a birthday without a little present.  This is today.  So I spent an hour doing both the pillows at once.  Quite an efficient use of time I suppose.  

Pillow Presents 11 & 12

09 August, 2017

Harry Potter Socks

Ok, so not Harry Potter exactly but certainly Harry Potter inspired.

I am in a facebook group that is all about knitting socks.  They published an e-magazine last week with 56 Harry Potter inspired socks in there.  I bought the magazine as I really really really needed the pattern for the ones they showed on the cover.

I started today.  I have been waiting all week & now I just did it.  This design is based on the train platform at 9¾ where you go through the wall.  So this design is basically a brick wall!  I'm looking forward to see the colours change.  Stay tuned.