24 December, 2017

Bye Elf

Day 22

Douglas has been busy!  He & Maggie have made us some photo booth props.  A frame & a few different head pieces for some fun Christmas pictures.  We had a lot of fun with them.   I do wish they would stop creating a mess though in the process.  It is just more cleaning up each time...  

They wrote on the window - Again!!!  It said 
"Take some pictures, it will be fun.  
Take some pictures of everyone!"

So we did.

Day 24

I can't believe it is done.  These guys have left us 2 magic eggs with a note to sprinkle magic dust on them & to wait until the next day.  
So we did.

Edited to add this picture from Christmas morning...  
This is what happened to our chicken eggs!  
The boys were stoked.

It's always sad to see them go.  You get rather used to having them around.  They haven't been really naughty either which is nice.  Leaving mess around is one thing, but they have had fun & quite enjoyable.  They took their snow globe that the boys bought them in Queensland & left again. 

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