18 December, 2017

It Was Going So Well!

Day 15

You remember how Douglas & Maggie ate the rest of the Krispy Kreme doughnuts last week?  Well they brought some more.  They were tiny but they brought us some all the same. 

Day 16

Okay, so the boys thought they were just boring, sitting up there on the curtain rail again.  
But umm... no, they drew all over the photos with paint.  
They very nearly got away with that one!  lol

Day 17

New pyjamas that were a little too big for them.

Day 18

Can you believe this?
I had spent that evening ironing until about 9.30pm.  Finished a stack of hankies but didn't bother to fold them yet as I just wanted to go to bed, so left it until the morning.  Well here are Douglas & Maggie playing checkers with BJ & DJ's toys.  One lot on each side.  Far out!  

(they did fold them the next night but still left them all on those places!)

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