31 January, 2010

Some more washcloths

I have more or less got the hang of these things. I have done a couple over the last couple of days in different stitches.

The green one is Grit Stitch. I couldn't quite get the hang of it & the shape isn't square. In fact it nearly ended up being pyramid shaped. Ekkk... I had trouble with the edges obviously. The rest I more or less got but didn't find the pattern showing up quite so well.

The cream one & brown one are Sedge Stitch. They look good if I do say so myself! I did the brown one first & it took a little while to do but this afternoon I did the cream one in no time. I really like the pattern in that one. I will give the Grit stitch one another go though & see if I can get it right.

I have been using my other cloths from the other day in the kitchen. They do actually make quite good kitchen sponges. I don't use it as a dish cloth exactly but just around the kitchen as I would a sponge. I go through a lot of sponges as I hate how stinky they get. I will try with the original clothes I made in the kitchen for a few weeks, changing them around & washing them as you do & see if that works well for me. Maybe I will use some of these for washers for us next. Does anyone have suggestions for a pattern for a washcloth?

Splish splash, I was taking a bath
Long about a Saturday night.
A rub-a-dub dub just relaxing in the tub,
Thinkin' everything was alright.
Splish Splash - Bobby Darin

My Place & Yours - Shoes

Cute theme this week over at Punky & Me as chosen by Gypsy. Shoes!
I don't have a shoe collection exactly. I buy sandshoes/sneakers occasionally when I see some nice ones on sale! I even feel remotely guilty then that I still haven't worn out the other pairs I already have! But then again, I wear them & enjoy them. Who really cares! I don't have as many pairs as the picture on the Punky & Me post about this!
My shoes really aren't that thrilling though. I don't really own that many pairs compared to some people & none of them are worthy of talking about.
Until these came along... Gumboots!

I live in the country now! I needed a pair of wellies for the coming winter of course! & who wants regular black or blue wellies? No, not I! So I found these online somewhere. They were my second choice but my first favourites vanished. I was devastated. Were any other pairs going to compare with those that I missed on? No... So well, we had to find some & these are the ones I got.
So when I am working in the garden in winter, I will have pretty cute feet at least! You won't miss me that is for sure! No doubt they will last me for years & years & years. (which can be unfortunate as I don't want to become a wellie collector really!)

These boots were made for walkin'
That's just what they'll do.
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.
These Boots - Nancy Sinatra

29 January, 2010

I found Treasure! And I'm not even a Pirate!

Woohoo! I have been cleaning out some more of the stuff in the garage. This is the stuff that came out of the roof at the other house. There were a few things I had been looking for still.

Here is the first! Pinocchio! This is my first radio! Or maybe I can still call it a transistor! But It is pretty good. I never got rid of him even though it wasn't super appealing. It probably is more so now. I am so glad I kept it. I haven't tried it to see if it works yet. I need to get a square battery. He is pretty cute. I googled these a while back & found one online! Now there are 2!

Next we have my little cupboard. Now this isn't just any little cupboard. It stands about 18cms or 7 inches tall. So no not big. It was given to me by Oma (grandmother) when she came back from Holland once. I have to check it was her & not one of my great aunts. Could have been Oma's sister, Tante Annie. Must check. Anyway, keep going to see the hidden treasure in the cupboard...

What do you think? It is actually a cleaning cupboard. There is a broom, mop, dustpan & brush, bucket, soap box, scrubbing brush, cloth, foam sponge, & a soap dish. Isn't it terrific! It seems a funny gift for a child really, as I must have been under the age of 10 I am sure. It is still in terrific condition. I was very careful with treasures as a child. It really is beautiful though.

Next thing I was looking for was this little bag. The bag itself I sewed when I was also umm... under 10 I guess. Another treasure bag this one.

Inside are my swap cards! These were big to collect in the 70's. I don't know how I ever managed to collect as many as I did as I never bought them as I had no where to buy them from. But well, it is one little collection I really love. There are all the cute ones like the Holly Hobbie & Sarah Kay cards & then you get the animal cards & boring flowers & fruit pictures that always got relegated to the back of the pile. But you kept them all the same! Most of these are blank on the back to. That was always better than one that was from an actual set of playing cards. But they had some really cute sets of playing cards in those days! I guess people actually had to play solitaire with real cards as opposed to with a mouse & monitor!

One set of my favourite cards!

Dog cards were my favourites of the animal ones. So I have been a dog lover for a long time it seems - I just never knew it!

Wow! My set of Mark & Mandy books! How cute are they! They still look good as new too!

Ok, the next one isn't necessarily treasure but I did laugh when I found it! I didn't know I had kept it actually! But hey, for the kids of the 70's out there, do you remember these? I was a budding fashion designer with these on hand that is for sure! hahahahahaha... I really mustn't get them out to play with them though. Maybe I will get them out to give it a clean & dust but that is definitely all! (yeah sure!) Anyone want to come & help me give them a "clean & dust". We can put some nice new white paper out so we ahh... don't get the table dirty! Hahahahaha... I can hear you all flocking to the door now. Ok, Judy & Karen I know you will be here for a play really soon! Anyway, I was very proud of this. I didn't get many toys that were the rage in those days (don't worry Mum, I am not worried about that - except for Baby Alive cos I really, really, really wanted her! Oh & the Lemon twist thing that you put on your ankle & jumped over! ) but I was very lucky to have the Fashion Plates, so I was not a totally deprived child! I obviously loved them to have kept them.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me! Hey brothers & sister - I bet this was a blast from the past for you too!

Yo Ho Ho, A Pirate's life for me

We're beggars & blighters & ne-er do-well cads
Drink up me hearties, yo ho
Aye, but we're loved by our mummies & dads
Drink up me hearties, yo ho
Pirate's Life for Me - Soundtrack Pirates of the Carribean

Celebrate the Boy!

This is going to be fun! A whole month of boy stuff! Craft, sewing & whatever else! It will be fun to see what Rae comes up with. Check out MadebyRae for more info! There are usually so many girl things out there. It will be nice to see boy things! Yay for boys!

Let's hear it for the boy,
Let's give the boy a hand,
Let's hear it for my baby,
You know you got to understand.
Let's hear it for the boy - Denise Williams

27 January, 2010

How Dishy...

I have been practicing my crochet a bit more since the purple dishcloth. Good thing these are good for practicing on. Nice size to play around with really. I started the green one on Sunday & boy did I have trouble! I started at least 5 times I think as I couldn't for the life of me get it to work. I was trying to figure out how it worked so easily on the purple one! Well it was good really as I was actually experimenting a bit with it too in the end trying to work out what I was doing properly. I think I can recognise the stitches more easily in a chain. I also have to not pull the chain tight as I do the chain. The green one is really tight on the bottom. Live & learn that is for sure. Then I realised that I must have done the purple one wrong in that I was only picking up half the stitch. I started picking up the whole stitch on the green one & yes it looked better. Not that the purple one looks wrong, I guess I just invented a new stitch is all! lol I persevered with the green one though & finally got it! Then Monday the rust coloured one, & Monday night the multi coloured one which I finished off yesterday after our big barbeque. It came up all right. I finally got it though & was pleased with how quickly they worked up. Now I have a couple of other patterns for cloths which I will try to decipher.

These really aren't my kind of colours - they go really well in the kitchen though as it turns out, but I had the yarn - it's cotton/acrylic, the stuff I talked about before that I got from Kmart & ended up getting a bunch of these dull colours for $1 & then 75 cents a ball. Bargain. They must be all gone by now! I will have to wait a little while to see what they stock for the coming winter. Then I must try not to buy any of it! hahahahaha... that's a good joke isn't it?

Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky-tacky,
Little boxes, little boxes,Little boxes, all the same.
There's a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one
And they're all made out of ticky-tacky
And they all look just the same.
Little Boxes - Malvina Reynolds

26 January, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

First off you have to read the daily news to see who won the Australia medals & so forth. Also important to catch up on tennis results from the night before while you were asleep!

Then it is time to get ready for an Australia Day barbeque with nearly everyone you know. It was lots of fun! This new house is perfect for entertaining as it turns out!

We have a string of crocheted stars in red, white & blue. The tablecloth is an Aussie flag fabric that I got at Spotlight & sewed hems on. Too easy. Plus it was reduced & reduced again so it ended up being cheap as anything which is always a nice surprise when you get to the checkout.

Then of course you have to have a beer & admire the views all around.

It was a really great day. Lots of family & friends, lots of good food, which we will still be eating tomorrow & the day after & probably the day after that! (well not the meat by then but the desserts yes!) Now we have one very overtired boy & a very tired dog. Dog was in a run along the other side of the house but BJ kept going back to feed her Salada biscuits as it turns out! She was one happy doggie! Those to sure hatch cunning plans between them. lol

Then of course Aussie did well in the cricket!

I hope you all had a terrific Australia Day too! If you aren't from Aussie & missed out, well that is a bummer, isn't it? :-)

Australians all let us rejoice,

For we are young & free, . . .

In joyful strains then let us sing,

Advance Australia Fair.

25 January, 2010

My Place & Yours - What I'm Reading

My Place & Yours has returned with a new home. You can find it here over at Punky & Me. This weeks theme is What I am Reading! Currently I am attempting this one!

I started it before the move, but then packed it & didn't find it right away, but it is found again. It is tranlated from French so I don't know if the original version is quite as difficult but I started it & thought I needed a dictionary to read along with it. Not fun when you just need something light for before sleep! Oh well, I will persevere & see if things improve a bit. You can find more info on it at Dymocks if you want an overview of the story. I'm sure it is a good book like they say it is.

I am going to read some more of the stuff on the bookshelf though as it is too full. I will read & then decide to put the books on Bookmooch or not to give away. I have a stack in a box now waiting to be mooched. If you love books & are after some you can't find, this is the place to start in your search. You only need to give some books away & you can mooch some that you want as well! All for the cost of postage to mail yours to someone who needs what you have. lol

Edited to add that I have given up on this book. It's too hard. I give myself persmission to stop reading books I am not enjoying these days. Too many books to waste time on them.

Paper back writer (paperback writer)

Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?

It took me years to write, will you take a look?
It's based on a novel by a man named Lear
And I need a job, so I want to be a paperback writer,
Paperback writer.
Paperback writer - The Beatles

24 January, 2010

Wings Wildlife Park

Today we took some family members to the park for their Christmas present. It was good fun. We saw a lot of animals.

Kangaroos & Wallabies

Teddy Bears
or better known as a
Koala Bear.
This one was just getting comfortable to go to sleep.

Mostly they were sleeping too but this one was just on his way to bed after some fruit for lunch.

Little horses that followed you up & down the fence line.

There were also other Australian animals like Tassie Devils, pademelons, quolls, a large variety of birds including horrid pecky emus. The pretty black cockatoo scared the heck out of us when he slamed itself right in front of us on the cage & gave its awful screech. It made Margaret & I jump, not to mention BJ that I was holding at the time. His lip dropped & then followed the howl for a good 5 mintues. Can't blame him really. We had to be careful of being too close to anything that could make sudden movements or make rotten noises. Like the goose!

There were also a lot of other animals, like the miniature horses, monkeys, goats, cows, sheep, pigs, camels, bison, Highland Cows (so cute!), buffalo, ostriches, geese, ducks, chooks, & other boring bird varieties! lol There was such a lot to see. We had a good wander around the animal enclosures first & then our very yummy picnic, thanks to the January 2010 Woolworths Good Taste magazine that had a picnic feature in it. We had 4 of the recipes included & they were all brilliant if I do say so myself! I was going to get pics of those but everyone ate the food too fast to take pictures.

So check out Wings Wildlife Park if you come to the area as it is worth a look for big & little folk!

If we could talk to the animals, just imagine it
Chatting to a chimp in chimpanzee
Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting to a cheetah
What a neat achievement that would be.
If I Could Talk to the Animals - Dr Doolittle

23 January, 2010

My Posh Cloth!

Hahahaha... Ok, maybe not really posh but it feels posh. I don't know if I will use it as a dishcloth or a potholder. Either way, I have made this today using the tutorial here at Design Sponge. Pretty easy to follow for a beginner like me so I am quite pleased with myself. My crochet internet buddy, Sally gave me the link for this one. Thanks Sally! It worked! (go check out her blog! It's great!) It isn't a granny square but it is a square! I will try to fit in a granny tonight! Between all the cooking & baking I have done today for our picnic tomorrow I am quite stuffed but managed to chill out with a little tennis & crochet! Yay! I will do more though. They are quite nice to do really. Ok, better go & see if the Egg & Bacon pie is ready (recipe in January Woolies Good Taste mag.)

Food, glorious food!
Hot sausage and mustard!
While we're in the mood --
Cold jelly and custard!
Pease pudding and saveloy!
What next is the question?
Rich gentlemen have it, boys --
Oliver the Musical

22 January, 2010

Just need to not think right now!!!

I'm sure we all have those days now & then, but today was mine. I decided I'd better get stuck into bookwork to get it to the accountant next week. Ok, slogging through that was one thing. Finding unpresented cheques from a little while back was another story. So phone them, ask about it. Phone bank, ask about it. Cancel cheque - at a cost of course. Too much money not too. Ring company, ask them how they want me to readvise allocation of money. Sort that out. Fix up a couple of other problems which I stuffed up earlier in the week. Ekkk... just to much going on to get things right lately! Ekkk... so I need to just sit & chill out & forget about it all.

I crocheted one star. I sewed some ends in. I watched the tennis. BJ woke up. End of tennis. Hi-5 is on now. Oh well. I am sitting here with my Bailey's now & some barbeque chips for my own little happy hour before dinner. Wow, I really haven't done such a thing in years! But have you tried the Bailey's Irish Cream with a Hint of Coffee? It's not bad at all!

Anyway for lack of anything better to post about & with the need for some happy stuff, I thought I would post these pics of BJ that sister Judy took last weekend when she was here. We put up BJ's train table in the rumpus room while he was asleep & his eyes fair lit up when he saw it complete with his Thomas train track on it. He is really enjoying it. We are enjoying having the room for it in the rumpus room. At the old place we put the table in the lounge room. I suggested to Stu then that we should just chuck out the furniture. There wasn't room for both over there. So BJ is lucky we moved as now he gets his table up. Or we get to keep the lounge furniture. Either way is good. lol

I really do laugh at the last picture. Juneau has taken to having good long rolls about on the grass. BJ has taken to copying her. It really is funny to watch. He even has his leg up in the air just like her in this picture.

Ok, happy days! Time to cook dinner.

Lay me down on a bed of gold
Roll me round ‘til the cows come home
Drive me wild in the soft sweet grass
Hillbillies……… like it like that!

Hot Apple Pie - Hillbillies

20 January, 2010

What do you think of this pattern?

Well what do you think? Interesting? Horrible? Definitely Retro!!!!

Another angle? Sort of

This is actually the tiles on our kitchen floor. Interesting huh? It was something that I really went ekkkk at the first time we came through the house, but the next time it wasn't so bad. Of course we don't even notice them so much anymore. I actually think they are probably the best bit of the kitchen now. The benches are so-so. But we will live with them for now. They could be worse & they aren't so bad that we need to rip them out & reno right away. So in the meantime I am thinking about just keeping the floor clean! It's huge compared to the old kitchen/dining. This actually goes to the right more where the dining table is. So it is nice & spacious for us right now. We are loving it. & there are 2 doors on the right of the picture. One of those is the pantry! Wow! Bliss! I am still quite befuddled about how I bit all that stuff in my last kitchen you know! I don't think I could do it in reverse!

Patterns all around you

Patterns everywhere

Patterns of behavior

Sometimes seem unfair

Can you recognize the patterns that you find?

Patterns - Devo

I just made my bed!

Finally at 10.30am today I got around to finishing making my bed! I don't just mean tucking it all back in after sleeping in it either. I actually made the bed covers this morning! I don't use a doona cover on my doona. They are too hard to get off & on for one thing & King size doona covers don't come cheap. So for a while now I have been using sheets. I needed a change of colour. I needed some brightness & variety from the dark red that has been on it for so long & went well with the old bedroom. I got new white sheets the other day. Then I got this striped Prints Charming fabric which was half price at the LNS. It is "Follow Your Imagination" by Prints Charming for Free Spirit. So I just folded the selvedges over & pressed them. Found the centre of fabric & sheet & pinned it on. Then sewed it on the sheet. Easy. Oh & then ironed it all! Very big when you have to iron a king sized sheet. Then I used the striped fabric I had left to make a couple of pillow cases & I had got the butterfly one as well but there wasn't much of that left. Only enough for one case so there it is front & centre to break up the stripes a little. The fabric is really soft. Not sure why or what it is that is different than regular cotton fabric but is has a really softness about it that will be nice in bed. Actually it is on the top of the bed only so shouldn't really sleep on it as such! Now my bedside cabinet needs a facelift too. That will have to wait for a bit though I think. It was fun to get the machine out & sew again after so long.

Sew, A needle pulling thread.
Do Re Mi - Sound of Music

19 January, 2010

A Granny A Day Challenge

Hey there! Anyone want to learn how to do a basic Granny Square in crochet? Click on the link on the right - the Granny a day picture & you will find Pip's cool tutorial. It gives you a good start in step by step crochet, from the first thing you need to know about creating a loop, then chain stitches, & then the first round. It's really well done. If you have thought about giving this a go then why not try now. There is no need to do a granny a day so don't be put off by that bit.

I am going to try the Granny a day Challenge though. So far for this year I have about 10 done so I am nearly up to date for the month so far. I don't know how many I have left to make for BJ's blue & white blanket as I will keep going until I run out of blue. I have one ball left. I will have to go & get hold of my squares & set them out to see how many I have & what sort of amount I will need for a complete row. It should look pretty good - once I learn how to sew them together but hey, I can do that now can't I! I told myself at the end of the year that I wasn't going to attempt it until I had moved & all that stuff, & since that is done now, well, I guess I can! The only problem will be finding some free time in a day to actually do it! Midnight might be free on the schedule as long as I don't want to sleep! I will have to put in less time on here again. I must say I really didn't miss the computer during the past week. It seemed kind of liberating. I still had to do the bookwork for the business but that was minimal but not having the Net to surf on was ok. We had plenty of time to get all those jobs done!

Ok, a bit side tracked there... so if you want to learn how to crochet, go & check out Pip's tute at Meet me at Mike's & give it a whirl! Or if you are local, come & visit me & I will try to show you if you get stuck! I do think I know what I am doing, though sometimes I don't think I do really! lol

Hey granny, let's go now
There's a nursing home waiting
Though you've been independent
Things are starting to slide
And you've lived through two world wars
But this battle you're losing
I'll visit each Sunday
Hold your hand with pride!!
Granny's Song - Kristof Robertson
(to the tune of Annie's song!)

18 January, 2010

We've Moved!

Well it is done! We have moved house! What an effort that is. I can't imagine how people do it regularly by choice or not! Far out it really sucks doesn't it. All that packing & moving stuff & cleaning up before & after yourself! The moving went well actually & we have been in our new place just over a week already & we really feel at home. That is good I guess. It was weird at first which is no suprise but it felt like home much more quickly than I could have imagined. It is all going well though in the new place. I have found homes for nearly everything. My craft stuff is currently filling a cupboard. The cupboard needs shelving in it though so that will be on the "to do as soon as possible" list. I did a couple of the other things on that list today. I was pleased with myself really. I got the drill out & made holes for the curtain in BJ's walk in wardrobe doorway. There aren't doors on the walk ins in the other bedrooms. Weird. They did have dangly cane type hanging things but we didn't really like them & thought it would be more of a danger to BJ than anything, so my friend & I took them down on the day we moved in. I found Thomas the Tank Engine curtains in Kmart last week. Actually BJ found them. His eyes manage to spot everything with Thomas on it, long before I do! These were the perfect size though & I couldn't have bought the fabric for it. So one of them is now hanging up in the room & looks quite spiffy. I will probably use the other one for on his bed later on when he goes into a big bed. So I have been a bit of the Handylady today. Also put up the hose holder for the vacuum cleaner. (Yes Judy, it is up now!)

It is great to be in the country! But can you believe we are only about 2kms away from our old house! This is a scene that is suddenly familiar - BJ with the horse in the paddock next door. Well the paddock next door is actually our paddock & the horse is actually from the paddock next door to that but we are letting him roam the paddocks. BJ is enjoying the horse there. We must find out the horses name. Juneau our dog is also enjoying the horse. She is quite excitable about the horse, but is now quite used to it & isn't quite to bad as she was thank goodness. It is all new & exciting. I just need to get excited about the possums that dance & party on the roof at night! But that will take a lot longer I think.

We are enjoying the vegetable garden that the previous owner was good enough to plant & maintain a bit before he moved out. We are very lucky. We have masses of beans in the freezer already. Zucchinis are breeding like rabbits I think. We even have potatoes fresh out of the dirt! Wow! I had never picked potatoes before! It's pretty good! We have loads of corn coming & shouldn't be too long now before we can pick them. It's just lovely. We are really going to be challenged now though when we have to start planting & maintaining it ourselves. That will be a whole different story. But we are keen & will certainly give it our best effort.

I haven't done a great deal of crafting lately. There are even less hours in the day suddenly. I have got a few granny squares done in the car on drives to Hobart & Launceston, but that is about all. I have looked at a bit as I have packed, unpacked & rehomed my loads of stuff. I still haven't quite unpacked it all, or placed it somewhere as it needs some thought on how to store it. That will be next. I will look at Howard's Storage World when we go to Hobart in 2 weeks again for BJ to see the doctors.

BJ's burns are healing very well. He is enjoying his feet being rubbed 3 times a day now that is for sure!

Ok, must go catching up on the Net. We are only just reconnected so it has been about 10 days without a computer & I must have lots to see.

I've been through the deserton a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert,you can't remember your name'
cause there ain't noone
for to give you no pain.
A Horse With No Name - America

03 January, 2010

My first attempt at the ripple pattern!

Here it is! I actually did this before Christmas when I had time to sit & play at the shop, but wasn't ready to do more stars & snowflakes as it felt a bit late by then. So I sat & worked through Lucy's terrific tutorial. It really is well done with good pictures & explanations. I am still not sure I did it quite right. I am guessing it will curl up to a certain degree. It is a bit tricky to do & like she says, the first row it quite hard. I'm not sure I ended up with the right amount of stitches either, even with counting so carefully at the start. I am not sure how to count how many are on there either, so I had better learn that a bit better before I go & attempt this ripple in a giant size like Lucy's. I really covet her beautiful ripple blankets! I want mine to look just like hers! lol It will be a miracle if it happens to even closely resemble the shape. Mine will probably end up rippled up the sides as well simply because I am not good at it! I will spend more time doing practice pieces like this though before I ever attempt the real thing.

How's the new year going for you? Kept those resolutions so far? I don't make them. No point. Waste of energy as I wouldn't keep them anyway! lol

We did get to move stuff to the new place yesterday. That was cool. We have access to the shed at least so that is a help plus we could put some in the dining room. That cleared out our place enough that we could start again & get to more of what we need to pack. So we are getting there & definitely feel like we are on the move now!

Got in your car, you never turned around
And I hope you're happy in your new town
And I hope you live where nothing goes wrong
And the bars stay open all night long

Hope you live where everyone's happy, and I
Hope you live where nothing gets crappy, and I
Hope the sidewalks and the streets are clean, and I
Hope you've got good weather and everything, this is

Just a phone call from the place you once lived
Where we're still waiting for the sleet and rain to give
It's just a line from you're old town
Where we're still drinking to the times when you were around

Days were we gave you good times and more
Enough for you to break down and call this town yours, you gave us
Remedies for everything shitty
Back when girls were pretty, yeah this is

Just a letter from this house you once blessed
Where I'm still waiting for the forwarding address
Just a note from the past we once shared
Where I'm still waiting on a present from the future to get me there

I know your new town is so far away
That I could maybe come and visit but could never stay
It's just me calling from a town so far
And I'm still waiting on directions to wherever you are

Times were I wouldn't hold your arm
For fear of letting go of the other one
Fears I had to kiss you
With my eyes closed I might miss you if you
Looked at me in some way I hadn't seen, if you
Took my words in some way I didn't mean
If your smile showed signs of some inner frown
Of thoughts of packing up and moving on to some new town

Some New Town - Slobberbone

01 January, 2010

New Year. New House.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope it is a great one!

Well here is THE House! Well the roof at least! & the sold sign. Lucky I took this when I did as the sign was gone soon after! The house has actually been ours for a couple of weeks now but the people in it are moving out this weekend. They are mostly out but are taking until the last little bits on Monday. We are excited but now it is getting very close to our moving I am getting quite nervous about it! Silly I know, but I am very much a home body & love my house & am getting sad about leaving this one as well. But it is still ours so if anything happens I could always move back here! :-) Don't think it will happen as we are going to have a terrific lot of space there & I don't imagine we will ever squash back in this one again! Not for another 20 odd years or so anyway.

Last night we went out there to water OUR vegetable garden. It is a very surreal idea that the place is OURS! I don't know when I will get used to that. We have a terrific vegie patch already so we are pretty lucky. We will be spoiled with fresh food for a while. It will be a hard act to follow next year when we will have to do it all ourselves from scratch! Hopefully we can manage it all though. I certainly plan too. It will be good for BJ too I think, having a vegie garden. He will soon get the hang of watering the garden I bet. lol

Enjoy the long weekend if you have one.

I come to the garden alone,
While the dew is still on the roses,
& the voice I hear, falling on my ear
The Son of God discloses.
In the Garden - Johnny Cash