19 January, 2010

A Granny A Day Challenge

Hey there! Anyone want to learn how to do a basic Granny Square in crochet? Click on the link on the right - the Granny a day picture & you will find Pip's cool tutorial. It gives you a good start in step by step crochet, from the first thing you need to know about creating a loop, then chain stitches, & then the first round. It's really well done. If you have thought about giving this a go then why not try now. There is no need to do a granny a day so don't be put off by that bit.

I am going to try the Granny a day Challenge though. So far for this year I have about 10 done so I am nearly up to date for the month so far. I don't know how many I have left to make for BJ's blue & white blanket as I will keep going until I run out of blue. I have one ball left. I will have to go & get hold of my squares & set them out to see how many I have & what sort of amount I will need for a complete row. It should look pretty good - once I learn how to sew them together but hey, I can do that now can't I! I told myself at the end of the year that I wasn't going to attempt it until I had moved & all that stuff, & since that is done now, well, I guess I can! The only problem will be finding some free time in a day to actually do it! Midnight might be free on the schedule as long as I don't want to sleep! I will have to put in less time on here again. I must say I really didn't miss the computer during the past week. It seemed kind of liberating. I still had to do the bookwork for the business but that was minimal but not having the Net to surf on was ok. We had plenty of time to get all those jobs done!

Ok, a bit side tracked there... so if you want to learn how to crochet, go & check out Pip's tute at Meet me at Mike's & give it a whirl! Or if you are local, come & visit me & I will try to show you if you get stuck! I do think I know what I am doing, though sometimes I don't think I do really! lol

Hey granny, let's go now
There's a nursing home waiting
Though you've been independent
Things are starting to slide
And you've lived through two world wars
But this battle you're losing
I'll visit each Sunday
Hold your hand with pride!!
Granny's Song - Kristof Robertson
(to the tune of Annie's song!)

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