29 January, 2010

I found Treasure! And I'm not even a Pirate!

Woohoo! I have been cleaning out some more of the stuff in the garage. This is the stuff that came out of the roof at the other house. There were a few things I had been looking for still.

Here is the first! Pinocchio! This is my first radio! Or maybe I can still call it a transistor! But It is pretty good. I never got rid of him even though it wasn't super appealing. It probably is more so now. I am so glad I kept it. I haven't tried it to see if it works yet. I need to get a square battery. He is pretty cute. I googled these a while back & found one online! Now there are 2!

Next we have my little cupboard. Now this isn't just any little cupboard. It stands about 18cms or 7 inches tall. So no not big. It was given to me by Oma (grandmother) when she came back from Holland once. I have to check it was her & not one of my great aunts. Could have been Oma's sister, Tante Annie. Must check. Anyway, keep going to see the hidden treasure in the cupboard...

What do you think? It is actually a cleaning cupboard. There is a broom, mop, dustpan & brush, bucket, soap box, scrubbing brush, cloth, foam sponge, & a soap dish. Isn't it terrific! It seems a funny gift for a child really, as I must have been under the age of 10 I am sure. It is still in terrific condition. I was very careful with treasures as a child. It really is beautiful though.

Next thing I was looking for was this little bag. The bag itself I sewed when I was also umm... under 10 I guess. Another treasure bag this one.

Inside are my swap cards! These were big to collect in the 70's. I don't know how I ever managed to collect as many as I did as I never bought them as I had no where to buy them from. But well, it is one little collection I really love. There are all the cute ones like the Holly Hobbie & Sarah Kay cards & then you get the animal cards & boring flowers & fruit pictures that always got relegated to the back of the pile. But you kept them all the same! Most of these are blank on the back to. That was always better than one that was from an actual set of playing cards. But they had some really cute sets of playing cards in those days! I guess people actually had to play solitaire with real cards as opposed to with a mouse & monitor!

One set of my favourite cards!

Dog cards were my favourites of the animal ones. So I have been a dog lover for a long time it seems - I just never knew it!

Wow! My set of Mark & Mandy books! How cute are they! They still look good as new too!

Ok, the next one isn't necessarily treasure but I did laugh when I found it! I didn't know I had kept it actually! But hey, for the kids of the 70's out there, do you remember these? I was a budding fashion designer with these on hand that is for sure! hahahahahaha... I really mustn't get them out to play with them though. Maybe I will get them out to give it a clean & dust but that is definitely all! (yeah sure!) Anyone want to come & help me give them a "clean & dust". We can put some nice new white paper out so we ahh... don't get the table dirty! Hahahahaha... I can hear you all flocking to the door now. Ok, Judy & Karen I know you will be here for a play really soon! Anyway, I was very proud of this. I didn't get many toys that were the rage in those days (don't worry Mum, I am not worried about that - except for Baby Alive cos I really, really, really wanted her! Oh & the Lemon twist thing that you put on your ankle & jumped over! ) but I was very lucky to have the Fashion Plates, so I was not a totally deprived child! I obviously loved them to have kept them.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me! Hey brothers & sister - I bet this was a blast from the past for you too!

Yo Ho Ho, A Pirate's life for me

We're beggars & blighters & ne-er do-well cads
Drink up me hearties, yo ho
Aye, but we're loved by our mummies & dads
Drink up me hearties, yo ho
Pirate's Life for Me - Soundtrack Pirates of the Carribean


Anonymous said...

Mandy your sister here, yes I do love it. I remember all of it, except the fashion thingy. I loved the little cupboard and I reckon the pinochio tranny would be worth a bit now. More for you with sentimental value. I remember the cards and the bag. We both tried to win the cute cards, over the boring ones. Great that you kept them, bye Judy

Lee-Ann said...

I still have my swap cards too, and some of your look very familiar, I loved the cat ones, and the holly hobbie ones..hey maybe we can meet and swap LOL

Sally said...

I LOVE fashion plates!!! I wish I had kept mine. So so so envious... if I lived closer I'd be at your place now with my colouring pencils designing my winter collection :)

Christopher said...

Wow.... i remeber all those things too.... i cant believe you still have them all...then again it is you so im not that surprised i guess.... pity i cant come and get it off you and give it to the dog to play with like you did with my stuffed toys.

plushka said...

Wow! Great treasures! I love those swap cards!

Karen said...

Hi Mandy

I'll have to find my Fashion Plates at mum's and then we can play together!!!!! I still have mine too:-)
Love all the swap cards and the tiny cupboard!

Miss Muggins said...

I have all my fave swap cards in 2 paper albums and I also have one of those fashion designers! AH the 70's - full of great childhood memories. I attribute being a great little home maker with the toy dishdrainer and mop I so loved as a child! Playing house was the best thing to do!

Catherine said...

Oh I love those Fashion Plates they were my favourite but I can't find mine for the life of me.:(