28 May, 2017

New Jumper

Finished my new jumper on Saturday.  Came up quite well.  Interesting in this multi colour too.  Finally something that isn't blue as I tend to go for all blue yarns.  This pattern is called "Tea with Jam & Bread".  A nice sloppy jumper for the cold days coming in winter.

27 May, 2017


Phoebe & Lotte.

Yes, it happened.  The crazy chicken lady that lives here wanted a couple more chickens.

These 2 pretty things are Leghorns.  In my mind they are Foghorn Leghorns.  Don't ask me in a hurry what they are as I will probably tell you Foghorn Leghorns.  

Stuart went to collect these from what turned out to be a breeder today.  These are faulty birds though that can't be shown.  Phoebe has a floppy comb.  Not sure what Lotte's problem is but we'll live with it.  They are still pretty stressed after the move but hopefully settle in soon & lay us some lunch.  

Doris is the boss though...  Doris & Hettie are both in charge around here it seems.  They don't care that they are smaller either!  

21 May, 2017

Quick Gifts

I had another quick present to make.  I had trouble finding soccer themed fabric though.  

This was the closest I could come up with!  (bargain fabric too!  Under $10 for this one!)

Pillow Present #9

20 May, 2017

Special Party

We had a bit of a party today to celebrate our wedding anniversary with a bunch of special people.  

Was a great day for all of us despite the 52mm of rain.  A little rain wasn't going to dampen the mood.  
Also an update of our wedding party from all that time ago.  One bridesmaid missing & the page boy.  But we aren't looking too bad for the rest of us!  

19 May, 2017

Taking Stock - May

Making :  lots of knitting things!
Cooking :  A few different things for 
Drinking :  coffee to warm me.
Reading:  The Beekeeper's Secret - Josephine Moon.  Enjoying this one.
Trawling:  Ravelry for blanket patterns.
Wanting:  it to rain so I can test my new wiper blades on the car!  hahahaha...    
Deciding:  on a plan of action for BJ's birthday.  It's tricky with this kid.  Think we have found a great solution that will be exciting for him.  
Enjoying: knitting a jumper again.
Waiting:  for my new niece/nephew...  can't wait.  About 6 weeks to go!  
Liking:  the cool educational history books I found at the second hand bookshop for BJ.
Loving:  my chickens & our first egg!  Woohoo!  
Pondering:  knitting patterns for a baby
Listening:  Lady Antebellum - 747
Considering:  birthday gifts for our 2 boys... 
Buying:  wool
Watching:  Chicago Fire season 1  - for the third time...  
Hoping:  for more great days at work with lovely customers & lots of patience for them.  lol
Marvelling:  at our 25 years of marriage!
Cringing: at the sudden coldness.
Smelling:  beautiful flowers that were given for our anniversary.
Wearing:  many layers
Noticing:  more people are knitting now it's getting colder.
Knowing: it's still getting colder & colder.
Disliking:  being sick last week, but recognise the need to take some time out.  
Opening:  cards given to us for our anniversary.
Feeling:  happy & excited for Chris & Lexi, having just moved into their own home!  
Hearing :  the chickens right behind me when I go out into the orchard.  Love it!
Celebrating:  Our 25th Wedding Anniversary this month!  Wow!  But Yay for us!
Pretending:  that Aunty Sheila isn't leaving soon.

18 May, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • 25th Wedding Anniversary.
  • Getting & feeling better.
  • A husband that is there "in sickness & in health".  lol
  • Special day for Mother's Day.

13 May, 2017

Pretty Presents

I've been unwell, but somehow have managed this one for a party that I miss out on going to.  Oh well.  At least Miss Penelope newly 3 liked it.  

Pillow Present #8

07 May, 2017


Four eggs means lunch for each of us to sample the joys of our own eggs.

Thanks to Doris!

05 May, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • Birthday celebrations.
  • Marshmallows!  lol
  • Good days at work.
  • Lovely customers.
  • Chickens.
  • Egg laying chook!  
  • Great neighbours.
  • Fun times with neighbour children.  Creating memories for them all I hope!
  • OK start to term 2.  
  • Good planning in advance for BJ's birthday to alleviate pressure & worry.  


04 May, 2017

Crazy Knitting Lady

I have really crossed over to the dark side...  the woolly dark side.  

I have always been a one thing at a time crafter.  I used to cross stitch flat out.  Always finished one before starting another.  

With my knitting over the last few years I have had 2 on the go at once as usually I have a small project like a cowl or socks that is travel sized for carrying with me.  

This week I have got rather over excited.  Mad even!  

Saturday I finally got started on a baby blanket for a gift after much umming & ahhing over what design to do.  It's coming along nicely.  

The sock yarns that I caked up last weekend I also finally made a decision.  I used the very technical way of asking BJ to hold 2 of the balls behind his back & I picked one hand.  That is a regular method of choosing in our house so why don't I get to actually use it myself.  I did!  I am even trying a new pattern for socks including cables!  

Crazy knitting lady is doing 2 cable knits at once!  

If that wasn't enough of a job with both of those, one of the pages I follow online has a May Sweater Challenge.  Ok, so I am in Australia & we don't wear sweaters!  Jumpers yes.  Sweaters no.  So after much umming & ahhing again over yarn colours I went with this & cast on this as well!  It got so cold this week suddenly that I needed some fresh new woollies to pull on.  I did actually bother to get the oldies out & give them a wash but there's always room for another.  

So stay tuned for updates!  I wonder which will be finished first!

Also I am pleased for Thimble-Its.  I have a hole in my finger from all this knitting so the thimble-its are saving me some pain...


A two year old's birthday present!

Pillow Present # 7

03 May, 2017


Yes, & it isn't even Easter!  

I found an egg today!  I am super rapt!  One little blue/green egg!  

Our first chicken egg from my girls.  

01 May, 2017

Man Size

I can't show these very well.

They are too big.

But I did a good job of stripe matching.

Some socks for Stuart from some stuff I had in the cupboard!  Yay!  Another skein bites the dust.

I have a great collection of sock oddments now though.

I am making up my mind on what to do with them all.

I would like to do something like a blanket but I also think that it would be a very LONG term project that I would get fed up with.

I think really I would be better off just doing scrap socks.  They would be fun too I think.  I could even try two at a time that way.

What have you done with sock left overs?

Sock count 7 - 2017