16 May, 2013

Wow! I Did It!

Since taking up knitting again a few years back I have learnt a lot.  Now I am pretty impressed that I have managed an "in the round" & "seamless" knit!  Woohoo!  My Ravelry friends that I hang out with monthly are to blame of course!  They point me in the right direction when ever I get stuck or need help with something or even with more inspiration to make other stuff!  

So here is my Greyson!  Knitted in Buttons yarn.  Unfortunately it's going to be discontinued this yarn.  It's really cute for kids though.  & it's a reasonable price too really when knitting for kids.  lol  

Anyway, DJ wearing his jumper...  It was hard to get a shot that wasn't blurry.  He just doesn't stay still long enough...