31 March, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Cool nights, better sleep.
  • Snuggly beds.  
  • Supermarkets full of food that we can buy on a whim & put in our cupboards for "later on".
  • Caring teachers.
  • Snuggles with my boys.
  • Cuddles with my Juneau.
  • Birthday celebrations all week.
  • More time with family visiting.
  • Taking a seemingly successful risk on a CD for BJ to help him relax & sleep at bedtime.  
  • A few chances taken for the boys to get to know an Aunt & Uncle that they didn't remember or hadn't even met yet!
  • BJ finding his feet with different playmates that make him happy.


27 March, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - keeping an eye on DJ while winding up the propeller on his little plane.
DJ - in the motions of vrooming & zooming all over with his paper plane.  

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26 March, 2016

Sock Season Begins

Ok, so I will admit I haven't knitted these all just recently.  They have been in the process for a few months, becoming my travelling project.  So not much has really happened on them at all but finally got them done this week.  Nice to have a new pair lined up ready for the cold days.  The yarn is Schoppell Wolle Crazy Zauberball.  One of our most popular ranges at work now.  There are so many shades in these available it's hard to decide!

24 March, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Relieving massage...  
  • So much good food in the cupboard.
  • Garden produce kept for winter.
  • Easter bunny treats just for me, found in my car  =  Special Friend..  
  • Catching up with brother & sister that I haven't seen in an age...

22 March, 2016

Round Complete

Week 12 squares, which are these 4 that finish off the round.  So Yay!  4 more done & all joined to make a complete square.  

81 squares done...  284 to go!  Not even a quarter of the way yet.

21 March, 2016

Week 10 T&C

Woohoo...  I got the last of week 10 done.  Did a bit of extra stitching...  Well actually rather a lot on these which is why it too a little while.  The florist took days due to time constraints.  The little fountain was a bit more stitching than the original version of the corner hedge, as it didn't include a fountain.  The butcher is quite different.  I changed the roof & slightly changed the front & added the dog.  So that was fun.  Certainly challenging the mind on some where you don't like little bits of the original but coming up with something that works to suit me instead.  Plus the stitching, like the little flowers, they are all different & something I haven't tried for a while.  It was fun that is for sure.  I really like how my flowers turned out.  

20 March, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - keen as anything to practice piano at the moment.
DJ - spending a lot of time drawing pictures for EVERYONE!

19 March, 2016

Week 11 T & C

So I have been working on week 10 & 11 at once due to time lately.  I was working on trying to get week 10 done but it turns out week 11 is done first.  So here they are.  I really like these 3 shops.

18 March, 2016

Thursday Thanks Late Again!

  • Bit of rain.
  • Cooler weather resulting in better sleep for us all.
  • A long weekend of Summer weather to end off Summer in Autumn!
  • Lots of busy days & fun at work.

13 March, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - spur of the moment play at the beach, splashing DJ when he's close enough.
DJ - racing in & out of the waves & running away from BJ.  Not that being splashed is an issue as they are both soaked through.

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10 March, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • A better week.
  • Calmness in the big boy.
  • Nice evening catching up with extended family.
  • Meeting international cousin.
  • Caring friends.
  • Excitement & great news for A.
  • Babysitting to help a friend.  Precious little boy that he is...
  • An over due finish in DJ's birth sampler.

09 March, 2016

A Bit Late but...

he's still been born.  lol

I have finally finished DJ's birth sampler.  I did start it about 2 years ago & really, it should never have been left of course, but well, stitching like this hurts a bit, without constant massaging in my neck & shoulders.  But having chipped away a little at a time over the last couple of weeks I have got it finished!  Woohoo!

Now a wash & off to the framer.

07 March, 2016

Town & Country Week 9

I finally got the next set done.  These were last weeks.  No chance last week at all...

Another 7 & another side on so it's not square anymore & won't be completely square again for another 3 weeks I guess.

06 March, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - picking apples to earn some pocket money.  When the motivation has set in he will actually get stuck in to earn a little extra.  It was rewarding for him to see the apples he was picking were selling out the front of our house.

DJ - also getting in on the act though when it suited him, helping pick a few more tomatoes.  

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05 March, 2016

Taking Stock - March

Making :  craft items for the school fair in March.
Cooking :  not much.  Stuart has been doing most of that.  
Drinking :  Good coffees at home & saving the change I am not spending on takeaway coffees.  
Reading:  Just about to start a new one for me.  But listening to audio books a lot at the moment too.  
Wanting:  The boys to fall asleep on time & not so late!!!
Looking:  at the weather forecast for sports day.
Playing:  Candy Crush at coffee times at home. lol
Deciding:  when I have done enough craft things for the fair...  It never seems enough does it but where do you stop?
Wishing:  I would fall asleep faster.
Enjoying:  the cooler weather.
Waiting:  for a massage.
Liking:  doing some cross stitch again.
Wondering:  what to do with the pile of crafting books that I sorted out to part with.
Loving: My 1.5 days home alone.  
Pondering:  life...
Considering: how to help others...  so many needs ....
Buying:  Nothing for me but some clothing for the 3 males in the house...  Boy was I good!  lol
Watching: nothing much.  Avoiding the reality TV shows at the moment & listening to books instead.
Hoping: BJ enjoys his new activity in piano lessons.
Wearing:  my Snoopy thongs everywhere.  
Noticing: the days are getting shorter.
Sorting: fabric out for crafts for the school fair.
Opening:  another power bill!  Darn that...
Giggling:  at the book "The 100 year old man who slimbed out the window & disappeared."
Feeling: sad for A...  
Snacking:  Speculaas cookies.
Helping: one of our Town & Country local quilters to trace her pictures.  
Hearing:  audio books.  Multi tasking at it's best.  

04 March, 2016

Thursday Thanks Late

  • Got through the week.