21 March, 2016

Week 10 T&C

Woohoo...  I got the last of week 10 done.  Did a bit of extra stitching...  Well actually rather a lot on these which is why it too a little while.  The florist took days due to time constraints.  The little fountain was a bit more stitching than the original version of the corner hedge, as it didn't include a fountain.  The butcher is quite different.  I changed the roof & slightly changed the front & added the dog.  So that was fun.  Certainly challenging the mind on some where you don't like little bits of the original but coming up with something that works to suit me instead.  Plus the stitching, like the little flowers, they are all different & something I haven't tried for a while.  It was fun that is for sure.  I really like how my flowers turned out.  

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Anonymous said...

I can see that it was a lot of work. I love all the flowers and details on the others.