05 March, 2016

Taking Stock - March

Making :  craft items for the school fair in March.
Cooking :  not much.  Stuart has been doing most of that.  
Drinking :  Good coffees at home & saving the change I am not spending on takeaway coffees.  
Reading:  Just about to start a new one for me.  But listening to audio books a lot at the moment too.  
Wanting:  The boys to fall asleep on time & not so late!!!
Looking:  at the weather forecast for sports day.
Playing:  Candy Crush at coffee times at home. lol
Deciding:  when I have done enough craft things for the fair...  It never seems enough does it but where do you stop?
Wishing:  I would fall asleep faster.
Enjoying:  the cooler weather.
Waiting:  for a massage.
Liking:  doing some cross stitch again.
Wondering:  what to do with the pile of crafting books that I sorted out to part with.
Loving: My 1.5 days home alone.  
Pondering:  life...
Considering: how to help others...  so many needs ....
Buying:  Nothing for me but some clothing for the 3 males in the house...  Boy was I good!  lol
Watching: nothing much.  Avoiding the reality TV shows at the moment & listening to books instead.
Hoping: BJ enjoys his new activity in piano lessons.
Wearing:  my Snoopy thongs everywhere.  
Noticing: the days are getting shorter.
Sorting: fabric out for crafts for the school fair.
Opening:  another power bill!  Darn that...
Giggling:  at the book "The 100 year old man who slimbed out the window & disappeared."
Feeling: sad for A...  
Snacking:  Speculaas cookies.
Helping: one of our Town & Country local quilters to trace her pictures.  
Hearing:  audio books.  Multi tasking at it's best.  

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Anonymous said...

My! What a long list of stock taking. I should have looked at all this before mowing the lawns. It would have given me lots to ponder about.