31 March, 2015

Taking Stock - March

Making : socks
Cooking :  pasta
Drinking :  water
Reading:  In Falling Snow - Mary-Rose MacColl
Wanting:  to feel better
Looking:  forward to our family holiday in a few weeks
Playing:  Candy Crush still!!! 
Deciding: what to pack for a holiday & thinking I need to start my list.
Wishing:  more people would buy our apples!
Enjoying:  the pocket money from those that have been buying a few apples.
Waiting: for an appointment!
Liking:  the holidays are coming
Wondering: what we will do over Easter
Loving: the challenge of new knitting techniques
Pondering: what to make next
Considering: when to tell the boys our holiday is next week.  :-)
Buying:  only food stuff
Watching: MKR
Hoping: for good weather on our holiday
Marvelling: at how easy sock knitting can be.
Needing:  a massage
Smelling: the freshness after rain.
Wearing: hand knitted socks
Following: too many things that I don't have time to keep up to date with
Noticing:  the leaf mess in the garden
Knowing:  I don't have enough time to make all the things I want.
Thinking: it's time to unsubscribe to stuff again...
Admiring: many patterns on Ravelry!
Sorting: more stash for different things.
Getting: back the stuff I made for the fair...  not a great deal left so that was good.  Saving left overs for next year.  
Bookmarking: games for BJ
Opening: Woolworths dominoes.  
Giggling:  at my brother & the misunderstanding of our text conversation
Feeling: blah
Snacking:  watermelon
Helping: the boys make Easter baskets
Hearing:  the boys play together

30 March, 2015

Sock Addiction

I have knitted a new pair of socks this week.  I am really excited about learning & challenging myself with these things at the moment.  

These socks are toe up!  Wow!  Talk about easy!  Combined with the After thought heel there is no excuse now not to knit these things!  

I am so excited with how well I got these to match too!  I am giving them away so I thought I should make them as near to perfectly matched as possible.  

Ravelled for notes...  

29 March, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - getting ready to jump in.  A fun swim time instead of lessons.
DJ - Anyone would think you grew all the veggies yourself.  You sure think so!

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26 March, 2015

Thursday Thanks

  • A Golden Wedding to celebrate!  
  • Catching up with old family friends for the celebrations.
  • Beautiful weather for such things.
  • Beaut weather to cater for all the activities over the whole weekend.
  • Successful school fair.


23 March, 2015

New Socks

I'm on a sock roll...  

Sorry about the picture.  It was really hard to get a decent picture with the colour showing up correctly.  It's hot pink.  Mostly it was showing up red!  

But these are my latest piece of work.  My My Kitchen Rules socks.  Mostly I worked on them of an evening while watching that.  Don't you have things that you make that relate to a show or a time?  But again, these are the After Thought Heel socks which are really cool too be able to play with colours.  It will be a great way to use up odd bits of sock yarn later on.  


22 March, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - taking selfies.  Always nice to find a surprise like that when you load your pictures.
DJ - playing a game of "Guess What This Is".  

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19 March, 2015

Thursday Thanks

  • Good day of selling our produce.
  • Grandparents that can baby sit again at short notice.
  • Birthday parties!
  • Catching up with relatives.
  • Rain!

18 March, 2015

Easter Bags

Like I said yesterday, I shouldn't go to work before the fair.  

I was cutting up the ends of these "Guess How Much I Love You" fabrics yesterday at work & umm...  well, it is rabbits, & it is cute & it is nearly Easter.  So what else can you do in a hurry but turn out some drawstring bags.  So that's happened this morning.  16 of them.  They are about 25cm square so not tiny, but not huge either.  There was a request for Easter themed things so I guess this fits that.  

That's enough now.  I don't have time for anything else....  

17 March, 2015


I really shouldn't go to work for at least 2 weeks before the school fair is on.  I keep getting ideas.  

Friday I had the idea to make these owls up.  A bit of brown drill, fabric scraps & felt bits & done!  Of course I ran out of stuffing & had to wait until I was at work again, but here they are.   They aren't too bad & slightly different than the original but that is a sewers prerogative isn't it!  Patterns are only suggestions...  

15 March, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - Concentration.
DJ - Clown.

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12 March, 2015

Thursday Thanks

  • More pocket money from excess fruit!
  • Grandma's that can babysit at a moments notice.
  • Settling at school.
  • Long weekends.
  • Boys that are happy for swimming lessons.
  • Enough be-botheredness to sew for the school fair.


11 March, 2015

Sew Done!

Well the week is nearly over.  I have been head down, bum up, at the sewing machine.  You know how it is.  School Fair & all...  

I shouldn't be scared of working with zips any more should I?  

50 of these little bitty ones.  Doesn't look like 50, but trust me...  there's 50!  (we sold out of these last year!)

39 zippered pouches/pencil cases.  39 actually annoys me.  I almost made another.  But nah, done enough now I think.  Top ones are a larger size which are good for nappy & wipe extras or even project bags for hand work.  Bottom ones are a good pencil case size.  

Really happy to have them done.  

Even happier to have some of my oldest fabric stash used up!  

The "Fair stash box" doesn't actually look like it has a dent in it.  Oh & I stocked up on zips this week as the local habby shop had a sale.  So I am set for next year as well now as having used half of them here.  

Think that is enough.  

10 March, 2015

Fastest Socks Ever!

The last time I knitted a pair of socks it took me a year & a half to finish the second one.  I stopped at the time on the heel turning.  I don't like it.  It looked rough all the time.

Well, here I have finally tried the After Thought Heel Sock!  Wow!  It has changed sock knitting forever!  No heel turns in sight.  The heel it done last!  Wow!  These were totally mindless really as it is just knitting in circles for basically the whole sock.  A bit of measuring is included but they are the best fitting hand knit socks I own.  So impressed I am that I have started another pair.


09 March, 2015


Got to love a long weekend.  Mine has been spent sewing.

Pencil cases / zipper pouches...  I'm stuck for a moment though.  I don't have enough long zips.  Darn that.   (mine you, how many will be enough!)

Also this is good as it is using some scrap & fat quarter stash of mine!  Yay!  (OK, so the boys have scored a pirate one each.  But well, it's rather cool fabric I had with map fabric on the inside.)

So, what's next?

How are you spending your long weekend if you have one today?

08 March, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - Finally got you on the scooter again.  You asked to go scootering sometime!  That hasn't happened in ages!  

DJ - Ready, set, slide!

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07 March, 2015

Sewing Up A Storm

It's that time of year again.  School Fair...

Need I say more.

Sewing this week, somehow, was this stack.  A tidy little sum of 93... yep, 93 hankies.

My back hurts...

05 March, 2015

Thursday Thanks

  • Road side produce making a little cash.
  • Safe travelling on a couple of big drives.
  • Wellness.
  • Success for mum's little op.
  • A good start on fair sewing.

02 March, 2015

Taking Stock - February

Making :  money from extra garden produce
Cooking :  stewed apples
Drinking : water, water, water
Reading:  Prep - Curtis Sittenfeld
Wanting:  to get well
Looking:  out for cash in the honesty jar.
Playing: Candy Crush still!
Deciding:  what to knit next
Enjoying:  the cooler nights
Waiting:  for time for DJ's school hour
Liking:  the cooler nights
Wondering:  how our holiday will go
Loving: my family
Pondering:  the strange sky 
Considering:  what to do with so many more apples still to come.
Buying:  not much, just essentials at the moment.  Yay!
Watching:  My Kitchen Rules 
Hoping:  that this week is normal!
Marvelling:  at DJ's sudden grasp of language
Cringing:  at all the wasted apples
Needing: motivation to do sewing for the school fair.
Questioning:  the weather
Smelling:  freshness after the rain.
Wearing:  windcheaters again
Following:   Maggie Dent
Noticing:  how much DJ is growing up before my eyes
Knowing:  I need to go & buy both boys new shoes
Thinking:  I need to strip & spray the first lemon tree.
Admiring:  BJ's braveness when he didn't have his reading book in his bag at school  
Sorting:  more fabric stash
Getting:  hungry
Bookmarking:  simple zucchini recipes 
Coveting:  anyone else's car that doesn't look terrible like mine does!  lol
Disliking: being sick
Opening:  messages from an old friend
Giggling:  at comments that kids make.  
Feeling: not quite as worn out
Snacking: not much at the moment 
Wishing:  for a stress free week
Helping:  people out with cheap fruit
Hearing:  too much about terror threats or possible threats...  do they need to keep pushing it so much?

01 March, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ  - Takes a bit to get you outside but you ventured out to the paddock today to play in the mud.  

DJ - No problem getting you outside.  You were desperate to help dad harvest something from the garden & you got to cut the rhubarb yourself!  (of course you wouldn't accept help anyway!)

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