18 March, 2015

Easter Bags

Like I said yesterday, I shouldn't go to work before the fair.  

I was cutting up the ends of these "Guess How Much I Love You" fabrics yesterday at work & umm...  well, it is rabbits, & it is cute & it is nearly Easter.  So what else can you do in a hurry but turn out some drawstring bags.  So that's happened this morning.  16 of them.  They are about 25cm square so not tiny, but not huge either.  There was a request for Easter themed things so I guess this fits that.  

That's enough now.  I don't have time for anything else....  


Anonymous said...

They are sooo cute. Just as well you don't have more time to sew more.

Bron said...

Very sweet are they going to be filled with eggs????