31 March, 2015

Taking Stock - March

Making : socks
Cooking :  pasta
Drinking :  water
Reading:  In Falling Snow - Mary-Rose MacColl
Wanting:  to feel better
Looking:  forward to our family holiday in a few weeks
Playing:  Candy Crush still!!! 
Deciding: what to pack for a holiday & thinking I need to start my list.
Wishing:  more people would buy our apples!
Enjoying:  the pocket money from those that have been buying a few apples.
Waiting: for an appointment!
Liking:  the holidays are coming
Wondering: what we will do over Easter
Loving: the challenge of new knitting techniques
Pondering: what to make next
Considering: when to tell the boys our holiday is next week.  :-)
Buying:  only food stuff
Watching: MKR
Hoping: for good weather on our holiday
Marvelling: at how easy sock knitting can be.
Needing:  a massage
Smelling: the freshness after rain.
Wearing: hand knitted socks
Following: too many things that I don't have time to keep up to date with
Noticing:  the leaf mess in the garden
Knowing:  I don't have enough time to make all the things I want.
Thinking: it's time to unsubscribe to stuff again...
Admiring: many patterns on Ravelry!
Sorting: more stash for different things.
Getting: back the stuff I made for the fair...  not a great deal left so that was good.  Saving left overs for next year.  
Bookmarking: games for BJ
Opening: Woolworths dominoes.  
Giggling:  at my brother & the misunderstanding of our text conversation
Feeling: blah
Snacking:  watermelon
Helping: the boys make Easter baskets
Hearing:  the boys play together

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