23 March, 2015

New Socks

I'm on a sock roll...  

Sorry about the picture.  It was really hard to get a decent picture with the colour showing up correctly.  It's hot pink.  Mostly it was showing up red!  

But these are my latest piece of work.  My My Kitchen Rules socks.  Mostly I worked on them of an evening while watching that.  Don't you have things that you make that relate to a show or a time?  But again, these are the After Thought Heel socks which are really cool too be able to play with colours.  It will be a great way to use up odd bits of sock yarn later on.  



Bron said...

I am guessing they are for you with the colours....I wish I had the patience ...sock knitting looks so much fun xxx

Janine said...

These socks look great! I've never tried afterthought heels.. I'll look up how to do them :)