02 March, 2015

Taking Stock - February

Making :  money from extra garden produce
Cooking :  stewed apples
Drinking : water, water, water
Reading:  Prep - Curtis Sittenfeld
Wanting:  to get well
Looking:  out for cash in the honesty jar.
Playing: Candy Crush still!
Deciding:  what to knit next
Enjoying:  the cooler nights
Waiting:  for time for DJ's school hour
Liking:  the cooler nights
Wondering:  how our holiday will go
Loving: my family
Pondering:  the strange sky 
Considering:  what to do with so many more apples still to come.
Buying:  not much, just essentials at the moment.  Yay!
Watching:  My Kitchen Rules 
Hoping:  that this week is normal!
Marvelling:  at DJ's sudden grasp of language
Cringing:  at all the wasted apples
Needing: motivation to do sewing for the school fair.
Questioning:  the weather
Smelling:  freshness after the rain.
Wearing:  windcheaters again
Following:   Maggie Dent
Noticing:  how much DJ is growing up before my eyes
Knowing:  I need to go & buy both boys new shoes
Thinking:  I need to strip & spray the first lemon tree.
Admiring:  BJ's braveness when he didn't have his reading book in his bag at school  
Sorting:  more fabric stash
Getting:  hungry
Bookmarking:  simple zucchini recipes 
Coveting:  anyone else's car that doesn't look terrible like mine does!  lol
Disliking: being sick
Opening:  messages from an old friend
Giggling:  at comments that kids make.  
Feeling: not quite as worn out
Snacking: not much at the moment 
Wishing:  for a stress free week
Helping:  people out with cheap fruit
Hearing:  too much about terror threats or possible threats...  do they need to keep pushing it so much?

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