30 December, 2013

My List For 2013

  • DJ's Birth Sampler
  • DJ's Cross Stitch Stocking
  • Fairy Cross Stitch
  • Quilt & Bind Happy Quilt
  • Quilt & Bind Birdie Quilt
  • Quilt & Bind Stu's quilt
  • Ripple Blanket
  • DONE - Last 2 Happy Sun Quilt Squares
  • DONE - 13 Mill Hill Ornaments
  • DONE - Knitted Cardigan
  • DONE - Greyson Knitted Jumper - x 2!
  • DONE - Crochet Sampler Blanket
  • DONE - Tree Advent Calendar
  • DONE - 5 Hats For Cousins
  • DONE - Mantel Advent Calendar

Well that was the list I have had sitting staring at me for the year.  I got more done than I thought I would.  I am quite pleased.  Of course I did other things on top of what is there, but this was a list of things that I really would like to have seen done.  Of course it is the really big jobs that are still waiting.  Finishing off those 3 quilts!!!  Hmmm...  so they will make a reappearance on the new list.  It is quite good having that in front of me.  I didn't stress about it though.  It was a mental list in writing.  Saved me having to store that little bit of info in my head to make way for other rubbish instead.  I wasn't going to put myself under pressure to achieve it all before the end of the year though.  The fact that those things didn't get done was just a sign of my ability to work those things around the family.  

So I have a new list coming for 2014.  I have a couple of other big things to add to it, but I like that too.  Will see where the year takes me.  What comes along.  

I also have a commitment to the school fair crafts.  I have a stack of stuff sitting here waiting for my attention.  It might get it soon.  

Have you got a plan or ideas on what you may like to achieve?  Not resolutions or that sort of crap.  I don't do those.  This isn't a list of resolutions I make.  Nope, not going there.  It's just a list & I like lists.  Like I said above, it's saving space in my head!  

29 December, 2013

More Shopping - Bags

The 4 fold up bags were a hit for the recipients over Christmas.  They seemed quite excited over something so ordinary!  So that was good of course!  Plus I had matched the fabric up to the people really, you know, what suited each person & I think I did a good job of picking that too.  

I had cut out a couple of others on Monday but hadn't stressed about getting them sewn up yet.  My sister & her partner were both impressed with them so I said I would finish off the others for them.  So Boxing Day I sewed.  Not a big job at least.  They really are quick to sew.  I haven't been able to time it as I get constantly interrupted so if I ever got a chance to just sew one from start to finish I think maybe about 45 minutes tops!  So anyway, Judy & Jana were able to go home with their Mandy made fold away shopping bags.  Phew...  & that's another thing off my sewing table.  I really didn't want to leave them sitting there partly done.  Oh & bonus again - more fabric stashed used!  Yay!  I am thinking I still have a particular fabric I love in one of my boxes that I need to dig out to make one of these bags for me.  I have used some of it, but think there might be some left...  fingers crossed.  

I really need to sort the stuff sitting in the way before I do much else.  Might make that today's project.  

28 December, 2013

Christmas Snap Shot

Santa is clever to fit a trampoline in a sleigh.  

Lego heaven.

Watery heaven for the little guy.  

Some of the family...  L-R:  Me, Stuart, my sister Judy, her partner Jana, my brother Christopher, his fiancee Alexis.  They all came over for Christmas & leave today.  

26 December, 2013

Douglas's Last Days

Days 19 - 24

Quick game of Connect 4 with Ted.

I think Douglas has been reading the book "Aliens Love Panta Claus".  Undies in the tree no less!  Oh & nappies too!  

Spot of baking.  

Trying to hide or swim in marshmallows & candy canes. 

I think the Lego men were sick of Douglas.  

The night before Douglas left he made us some snowflakes!  They looked so pretty hanging up with the dark night sky behind him!  

& then quite pretty by morning light too!  

He didn't make much mess while making snowflakes.  
I think he might be homesick.  

Thanks for following on with Douglas's adventures.  I think our parents had just as much enjoyment out of our elf Douglas as the boys did.  

25 December, 2013

Merry Christmas

From my house to yours...

24 December, 2013

Shopping Bags

Our little state recently became "plastic bag free", although in the true sense of that title, it's not entirely true.  
Anyway, regardless of what is or isn't, more people are now very concious of shopping with a bag tucked away.  I have seen many a shopper in the supermarket get caught out with a pile of groceries & then having to purchase this other thicker plastic bag.  What a nuisance.  At work the other week we got this new pattern in for this shopping bag that folds up into a little purse size thing.  Not small enough really to hide away nicely in a handbag (well not to me it isn't!) but handy to have maybe in the glove box or something for an emergency shop.  I had a crash course at work while a couple of samples were being made up.  That was handy as that meant I didn't really need to read the pattern & could just sew.  That's my kind of pattern.  Plus they didn't take long to sew at all.  I even learnt French seams!  Posh!  lol  But so easy!  Gee, I didn't think something so easy could have such a fancy pants name!  Anyway, I quite like the results of these quick & handy gifts.   The postcard one in the bottom picture is the only one that I got the fabric for specially.  It was just appropriate for the recipient.  Stash busting for the other three in the process of gifting is a win win!  

BJ had the hat on almost all day!  DJ just had to stand there for a picture cos he has to do whatever the big boy does!  

23 December, 2013

New Ornaments

Got a bit excited this week when I had a visit to the scrap book shop.  Ahhh... I like to look there even though I don't scrap book.  I do buy paper from there too though I don't actually use the stuff really!  Well not for scrap booking at least!  

I had to make the boys a Santa letter each.  Pretty simple & quick.  Couple coats of red paint.  Some protective covering over that.  I made a white felt buckle & added some grey & sparkle glue to that.  Then threaded through some black ribbon & glued on & done!  Oh & a glued on hanger which I hope stays, but oh well...  That's that!  

19 December, 2013

Elf Is At It Again

Days 13 - 18

Christmas wrapped the mirror & vanity basin in the bathroom.  Also tried the toothpaste...

Yes, he went fishing in the loo!!!  Scary thing is that he caught a fish!  (Lucky I don't like to eat fish then isn't it!)

Playing with & having a ride on Thomas the Tank engine.  

Douglas is really enjoying playing with all the toys lately!  

He found the gingerbread cookies that were decorated & made a mess with his icing!  Looks quite pleased with himself!

He found the candy canes in the cupboard & hung them along the sliding door curtain rail.  Actually looks quite pretty & I don't want to take them down yet!  

18 December, 2013

Love Letters

Last night when I went to bed I found 2 letters on my pillow.  Awww...  they were both folded the same.  Both had 2 hearts drawn on the front with those little corners folded in.  

This one is so adorable.  It has a big heart inside & BJ drew him & me.  I am holding a bucket of love.  Awwww...  that's a bit cute isn't it?  Makes me smile.  

OK, this is probably the last one of these for this Christmas.  13 isn't so bad!  That's more than one a month!  Nice to have a few done though & out of the box waiting to be done!  Now they just transfer to the box full of ornaments.  But that's all good.  They look pretty all together.  

16 December, 2013

Cookie Decorating

Don't really need to say much about cookie decorating do I?  

It's become a bit of a thing though over the last 3 Christmases.  BJ had a friend come over this afternoon so they could decorate together.  DJ also had a go.  He actually only decorated one cookie, but about 5 times so we got maximum value from him!  Made use of the ninja-bread men cookie cutters that we were given too!  BJ is all into ninjas for some reason!  

15 December, 2013

TV Shows

A new show is coming to us down here I believe!  It's called Chicago Fire.  I have seen it advertised on our local station so maybe next year.  But if you are like me & you cheat & watch stuff online then you may have seen it already too!  If you are in North America you are probably waiting to see the rest of the second series.

Anyway, what ever the case is, if you haven't seen it you should watch it when you can.  It's good.  I have really enjoyed it & am almost up to date with what is online, darn that!  lol  But it's good.  No swearing or violence for one thing!  Just nice easy to watch drama.  There is even an Aussie actor in there!  Not that I ever saw what he was in before but he's actually pretty good in this.

Also in watching this I have found my ultimate TV moment.  Yep, that's saying something.  But definitely the end scene of season 1, episode 19.  Yes, I remember what, when, where as I watched it a couple of times. Just that bit.  It's the best piece ever in TV.  I put it on the other night when Stuart was watching.  I cried again! -  & he wasn't far off it!  It's quite something.  They did this bit so well & beautifully.

Another favourite is Hart of Dixie.  I am up to date with that one too.  I haven't seen it on TV here at all.  But I did find the first series on DVD at Kmart recently for a good price considering it's a 5 disc set for all 22 episodes.  So I have that in my hot little hands.  I actually loved that first series!  As cheesy as it is.  I think it just got more & more cheesy as time went on but still an enjoyable chick show!  lol

I also got into Homeland.  Bit slow I know, but it is nice to watch them all quickly in succession.  I enjoyed the first 2 series of that & the third is getting a bit weird on me, but I will still check it out to see what happens...

Have you got any other recommendations for good shows?  On the line of the first 2???  There is so much out there & mostly not worth my time.  I feel like I have watched a lot lately.  But it's my down time of a night for a quick break before bed!  Most episodes don't last more than 50 minutes usually so not even an hours rest!!!!  lol

14 December, 2013

Some New Elves

I found this cute idea on pinterest!  You know how it is.  See something & have to make it now!  Well actually I did see if the other week but had to get some darker green felt first!  

This page has the template for you to print to make your own little elf ornaments.  It didn't take long.  I sewed the circles on the machine & glued the rest on.  I just have to get some proper photos printed as these are just computer printed pictures & will not last I don't expect.  

But wait...  another bead ornament.  Yes it's not the prettiest of them either.   It is one of the original series of Christmas ornaments going by it's code number.  So they were quite simplistic really back then in 1990.  

This ornament however comes with a little story.  I had done from the bottom up.  Was a couple of rows into the face.  DJ found it.  He wanted to experiment with the snippers.  It was chopped up.  As was most of the sheet of perforated paper that it was stitched on.  OK.  I stayed calm.  Not the end of the world.  I trimmed off the ruined part.  Threw it in the rubbish.  BJ then had a melt down.  HUH???  He blubbered something about loving all the things I make & that I shouldn't throw it in the rubbish.  Well it was wrecked I told him.  The beads were falling off, being that it was a bead only ornament.  No point trying to save it or the beads.  lol  I told him it was OK because I would start it over again.  Ahhh... peace at last.  So I finished it last night.  Showed him this morning.  I said it's not a very nice one like some of the others & he informed me that it was still very pretty & he loved it.  Awwww...  nice...  

My prickly conifer outside it actually being useful as my hanging tree for pictures!  

12 December, 2013

Douglas the Elf

Day 8 - 12

Super Elf

After a busy first week he needed a rest.  

Hanging out building with Bob the Builder & Wendy & their gang.  

Yes, he toilet papered the tree...  

Playing Schools with the toys...  

11 December, 2013

Christmas Games

A few weeks ago I found this game to play.  Gingerbread men no less.  Perfect for Christmas time.  I printed it then & there & have saved it for a night when we had time to play, not knowing how long it may take.  Perfect for the grown up that loves to colour - ME.  Perfect for a 5 year old that is learning to colour, learning numbers & can by now read a dice quite well.  We play games regularly here so this was fun!  I lost.  Little guy won.  Big guy came second.  

Yes, one more Santa.  

Have you got any more ideas for some games with a Christmas feel to them?  

09 December, 2013

Cruising To Christmas

Trying to get in the festive spirit with some Christmas pancakes on the weekend!  They were rather rapt!  lol  Remember the big boy is only 5 so everything is pretty cool right now.  

On a side note - I love my pan!  Yep, love it!  Everything we have cooked in it has been fabulous!  It's from Chefs Toolbox.  They are a party plan thing.   I never spend much on cookware.  I don't usually need to.  But this time I did, & boy was it worth it.  (actually it was partially with birthday money!)  It's a great saute pan that goes in the oven too which has been terrific!  Plus it takes no effort to clean.  Someone asked me if it can go in the dishwasher.  I said it doesn't need to.  It is quicker to wash than a dinner plate!  

Oh & another Christmas ornament...  Not a pretty Santa but it's done.  Another to add to the collection.  

07 December, 2013

Elf Antics

Day 3 - 7.  

Douglas pulled apart the popcorn strings.  Not want I want to find on the table & floor at 6.15am & have to sweep up.  Riding a cow no less...

Leading the parade of cars, trucks & trains.

Midnight feast with some of the boys toys.  BJ nearly caught me out when he said that the bear doesn't have a cup.  I almost blurted out that I couldn't find any more!!!  Phew, close call. 

Cutting off Christmas tree branches.  

He found the box of Trash Packs.  He played & then got stuck in the Sewer Dump.