28 December, 2013

Christmas Snap Shot

Santa is clever to fit a trampoline in a sleigh.  

Lego heaven.

Watery heaven for the little guy.  

Some of the family...  L-R:  Me, Stuart, my sister Judy, her partner Jana, my brother Christopher, his fiancee Alexis.  They all came over for Christmas & leave today.  


Bron said...

What fun gifts the boys received ...nice to have all your family to celebrate with.
I guess it is Happy New Year now. Xxx

Sally said...

Trampolines are the best!!!

Such a fabulous way to get children to burn off excess energy. We don't have much space at our place so we just have a small one... but it so well loved. Brilliant. Love all the tinsel.

You're such a fabulous mother. It oozes out of all the wonderful things you do for your kids - all the activities you organise for them - gingerbread colouring games, cookie decorating, ornament making - such fabulous stuff.