07 December, 2013

Elf Antics

Day 3 - 7.  

Douglas pulled apart the popcorn strings.  Not want I want to find on the table & floor at 6.15am & have to sweep up.  Riding a cow no less...

Leading the parade of cars, trucks & trains.

Midnight feast with some of the boys toys.  BJ nearly caught me out when he said that the bear doesn't have a cup.  I almost blurted out that I couldn't find any more!!!  Phew, close call. 

Cutting off Christmas tree branches.  

He found the box of Trash Packs.  He played & then got stuck in the Sewer Dump.  


Bron said...

They are great....hope the boys have had some fun this week with Douglas. xxx

Anonymous said...

Douglas does like to get into a bit of mischief but the boys would love that.